Tuesday, September 08, 2009

X, just X.

One reason why the X-Games suck:


Andy Mac met Jesus?

No comment.

Not only did this guy rape the best song in the world, he ... I can´t go on. Really look at the flip trick at 1:05.

X-Pogo?! Great song too guys.

Please go down Filbert street on these:


I just to have one of these, I was an idiot.


Kuske Productions said...


Jag tror jag dör..

Ska man skratta eller gråta!?
Det blir någon slags mellanting tror jag..

Cody said...

thought you might find this funny/entertaining. Myself and some friends worked at Windells camp all summer and this company, Shred Sled, gave us a ton of these weird ripstick knockoffs to ride and give input. We started jokingly making a video but three of them got really, really good at it. So good that they emailed the CEO and he was stoked on it. By the end of the summer they had checks coming in and i recently heard that they had a huge poster at the florida tradeshow not to long ago. Not bad for a joke with some am snowboarders

here are the links