Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three famous people to bring with you to a deserted island for a week?

I just responded to this scenario on a friends Facebook wall and I´d like to know who you guys would choose, and maybe with a short description why.

Well over 1,000 people read what I type here every weekend, so I´m expecting at least 10 people to make comments. That´s less than 1%.

Without too much thought I came up with:

Fredrik Härén.
He´s a very good public speaker and has single handedly changed how I view the industrialized western world more than anyone else. After hearing him the first time a few years ago I felt empty for days. It was the trippiest / greatest feeling.
I know for a fact if he would have spoken to me (at a school or on tv / radio) when I was in high school my life would have turned out differently, which it still might...

You can read about Fredrik´s project "The Idea Book" here:
Here are some Youtube links on what I´m talking about. Sorry, only in Swedish. But I´m almost compelled to translate the clips with English subtitles. He´s that good.
Part 1 here.
Part 2 here.
Part 3 here.
If you´ve missed his radio show from Swedish "Sommarpratare" in 2008, here it is:

Spike Jonze.
For those who know me this comes as no surprise.
To describe who he is and what he does / has done is overwhelming. Basically the best creative person within music videos, skateboard videos and other creative visual media.
This short clip only touches on his talent:

Stacy Peralta:
He was a very talented skater in the 70´s and was part of the Dogtown & Z-Boys.
He also founded and did great things within the skateboard world with Powell Peralta in the 80´s and 90´s.
He´s also a filmmaker. His four biggest releases are Dogtown & Z-Boyz, Lords Of Dogtown (writer), Riding Giants and Made In America.
But it´s through the legendary Powell Peralta skatevideos I´ve seen his work the most. I´ve spent probably over a thousand hours watching them in the 90´s.

I was considering President Obama as well. Hmm, maybe Leif GW Persson (Swedish know it all guy) ..?
Dalai Lama...?
Or maybe George W Bush, Bin Laden and Kim Jong-Il and leave them there...?

Who are your three?


Johannes said...

Leonardo Da Vinci.
- obviously far ahead of everyone else in his time, and probably still would be. Interesting to hear his comments on todays technology.

Megan Fox.
- assuming that I'm better looking than Da Vinci and Gervais...

Ricky Gervais.
- He could write a comedy series on the whole thing.

Michael said...

Jeremy Clarkson:
-would be entartaining and someone to get drunk with

David Attenborough:
-knows lots of stuff about the world, gazillion stories to tell I assume, soothing voice to boot.

Natalie Portman:
-not because of a sexual thing, but you definitely need a female voice of reason, Jodie Foster would be another contender there. Basically a smart and attractive woman so the men keep themselves in check.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Nice, two comments within 30 min of each other.

I see your point of view about women being present. But this is just one week..

I´m sure Megan would prefer you Johannes over Ricky or the dead corpse. But I´m also sure she wouldn´t need to you to hit on her. A week is a short time.

Now if we were talking 1 year... different thing.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Izzard -Funniest man alive

Then I dont need anyone else.

Michael said...

I thought of this like a camping trip, and so far every camping trip I've been to where there were just guys ended up being one giant binge-drinking contest. Now I do like drinking, it's not like there is much to do on a deserted island, but with a girl in the mix the drinking happens way more civilized. Staying classy and all that.

Oh and as an avid reader of your blog I had to comment when you asked for it, only time I do not feel like an idiot commenting on a blog by a guy I never ever even talked to...uhm anyway, I like reading your blog.

kay nuts said...

Hey dude... thanks so much for putting up the link to the swedish dude, that lecture was so sick.

You should check out Milton Friedman´s lectures too, they are really good and have the same vibes...



Tiger tiger woods ya´ll

and Boyz to Men for some background music

Al said...

George W. I believe he is most misundertood leader. So I'll learn his story of past 8 years.

konrad said...

1. Chef Ramsey, for cooking
2. Dave Chappelle, for entertainment
3. Jenna Jameson, for pleasure

P.S the sweetest spike video

Pat said...

Travis Parker (Idk if hes really famous, but he is to me)

Megan Fox- Duh

Randall Muroe- XKCD author