Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So this dude did a bs 1620. That´s more than anyone else has ever spun. But the grab? Omg that was ugly.
I don´t know if it was a bs 1620 or ss bs 1620. So the grab could be either a nute or a tindy which are big no no´s.

Impressive twirl though.

No embedded version of the video. You have to go here:


Karl Kurtti said...

Sjukt sant Pierre! Forbiddengrabs som man säger ;) Diggar din blogg enormt!

Kika in min blogg om du har lust :)

Anonymous said...

hey i thought it was pretty sick?

Pierre Wikberg said...

Grabbing nute is never sick.

nkls said...

it's a slob. nothing else.

Pierre said...

It's not a slob. You can only do slobs while spinning frontside, like an Indy can only be backside.
It looks lame, end of story.

Anonymous said...

looks very similar to 1:58 and 3:52 in this video
i don't think it looks lame. not saying you have to agree with me

Pierre Wikberg said...

It looks similar so, I think it is Gigi´s, fs spins. But Gigi grabs between his bindings. He wouldn´t get caught grabbing nute or tindy.

Only person I´ve seen grab nute is Travis Rice and I made a blog post about that too. He won the US Open or something with it. It was so ugly I almost threw up.