Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Sweden

I made it to Sweden. Feels great to be here. I didn´t have time to clean my apartment though.. I needed another 4 hours, but I didn´t have it...

Tired now.., smell ya later.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

X-mas party in OC and last weekend in California

Been mega busy wrapping things up here. Finding storage for my stuff, my car etc. Such a mission.
Who could have thought that a 3.5x7 meter storage space would cost $400 a month? Not me.

I found a cheaper one a little inland, well 30 min away. But that´s almost considered around the corner in these parts.

I also sold my mega annoying (although it has potential) pc based phone today. It was pretty sweet. I posted on Craigslist that I wanted to trade mine with another phone or $250. This guy just called me, payed $260 and left, pretty sweet. Can´t wait to get a new one when I get back after x-mas.

So me and Hjalmar teamed up with some finnish pro shreds and friends in Newport for some good snacks and some laughs.
I drove home after a few hours and haven´t slept since. As I´m typing this I´ve been awake 39 hours... sleeping for a while now and then of to a short shoot. Then Sweden on wednesday!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving out.

Been stessful packing and stuff, still is. Should be out of here before the monday..

I can´t believe all the stuff I have here. And I came with nothing in january.

Gotta go.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Last week in California coming up.

I´m probably moving out this week, before I go to Sweden. To probably move back here in the summer. After X-mas I´m moving to Park City Utah again. At least until the summer. Damn it´s hard for me to stay put.

And yeah, no Hawaii trip. Not enough time...

If the layout of the blog looks lame it´s because I have a new updated version, but so far it´s just giving me problems.

Here are some pics I downloaded from my cameras...

My friend Ryan on my couch after DC´s x-mas party from a week ago. Hjalle was also in town for that party.

Went to see Primus the other day here in La Jolla.

Renee Renee was along for the ride too. We had dinner with the band before the show, but I showed up late and didn´t realize who I was sitting next to, pretty funny I thought.
If it wasn´t for Pat Duffy´s skate part from this 1992 video I would´ve never heard of this band.

Here´s another part with the same skater and same band form circa 1994:

Pat by the way is in his 30´s and from what I hear skating better than ever. Check for more about Pat. The first 7 min of this clip will show you aome background about Pat:

Here´s a video with Primus, unique sound:

Here´s a pic from my sweet ride. She´s gonna go into hibernation soon.

Yesterday my friend Nate had a x-mas party. I went there for a sec, but I had a long day yesterday so I wasn´t really in saturday mode. I wanna go to Sweden! Almost there, can´t wait.

Here are some pics I took at the beach yesterday. Waves were HUGE during the day. This one was right below my house was like 1.5-2 km wide and maybe 6-8 meters high. Sketchy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Taco bell calorie counter.
So I´m hungry. Almost out of food here. All the IKEA snacks are gone too.

I want Taco Bell, but I´m too lazy. Having this stiff neck is NOT fun. I have some meetings tomorrow. If they go well I might
go to Maui for 3 days with some friends who already staying here:

But it´s gonna be stressful to clean out my place here when I come back... so maybe I´m dreaming a little.
And I have a chiropractor appointment on monday.. and this doctor is hard to get an appointment at. For what he´s charging
he better do miracles.

I want swedish food. Can´t wait.

Friday, December 01, 2006

stiff neck

I´ve been in bed for like 1.5 days with a stiff neck. It hurts so bad... I had to lift my head out of the bed using
both my hands. It really sucks.
Had a craving for swedish snacks yesterday so I drove to IKEA and shopped glögg, paradis box, gifflar, polarbröd, etc for 90$.
I can´t wait to have swedish food at home.

The Sounds are playing tonight in San Diego, but DC are having their x-mas party too... can´t do both, lame.

Gotta run.
Funny skating, check it

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another ninja


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving pictures

So here are some pics... from last weekend.

Hjalle at Duke´s house. Her dog Lolo is pretty wild. We surfed (or I watched the waves when Hjalle paddled around)

The nacho plate was awesome at Denny´s. The fish was lame. Didn´t even try it.

Hjalle waiting for some food. We were heartbroken when Taco Bell was closed..:(

Me and Windz

Don´t know what´s going on here

Windy, Hjalle and me at one of the bars she was kind enough to drive us around to.

The surf below my house. I was on the beach listening to "Mammas Nya Kille".

Hjalle post surf

Balcony sunset.

On saturday Hjalle went back to LA as I hung out and watched some snowboarders rode plastic boxes on the beach. Then we tried to go out in Pacific Beach, but they didn´t allow me in without a passport so we went north to Encinitas where it was dull. They wouldn´t let us in at 1.10.. only girls. I biked back to Del Mar at 2 in the morning. It was 9 miles / 15km. I didn´t think it was that far. It was ok because I haven´t exercised in days.

Been working like a mad man since then.

Later / Pierre

Hoppas ni har det bra mam & pap! Klaga inte på att vatten är för varmt!

Hoppas tentan gick bra Stina. Jag tror du klarar den... håller tummarna

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving day

Me and Hjalmar surfed for a sec. Well he surfed (said he has top 10 cali waves ever) as I was standing on the beach being scared of the waves for 45 min...

Then we shopped some wine coolers and looked for a place to eat dinner. Everything was closed so we went to the local Taco Bell for thanksgiving dinner... And it was CLOSED! What the fuck?!

So we had some food at Denny's, the only place that was open. Lotsa families there for some reason.

Then we went to my place and played some songs and looked for pics from Hjalles's recent trip to Sweden.

As I'm typing we are drinkinf Bailey's Mint and wine coolers and listening to 80's tunes and "Leende Guldbruna Ögon"... weird mix.

Cali is pretty ok today. But I rather be in Ume...

Parents are going to Thailand tomorrow! Sounds awesome.

Trevlig resa Mamma och Pappa!

Going out tonight.. doubt someone is out tonight though... I wish I had loved ones close by on these holidays. But I´m dealing with it.

AIK won the hockey game today too. Awesome!

Talk to you all later. Sweden needs more holidays... let´s make some up.

I hope the new government will come up with some new ones. The left wing suckers just figured out that national day should be a vacation day.

Heja nya regeringen!

Tja ba

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So this week is thanksgiving. People meet up with their family and eat turkey.
Don´t know what I´m doing... don´t like this holiday.

Me and Hjalle will come up with a plan though.

AIK, värd vinst.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just a clip of Pastrana and Streetbike Tommy

Forward to 5 min and 10 sec you´ll see Tommy in action...

Colin´s (RIP) stunt at 4 min and 15 sec isn´t that comfortable either...

Rob & Big

My friends Rob Dyrdek and Big Black are all over the place now. They have a show on MTV that you can check out on itunes or online at
Youtube probably have some clips of them too.

Anyhow.., they are all over magazines and tv. They were on TRL in NYC a week or two ago... mad. And they got to meet BORAT!

The show is pretty funny, but it´s even funnier that they are celebreties now. Who could have thought?

Here´s a random pic of a sick Volvo P 1800 wagon. I want one! How could Volvo design such a sick car and then just blow it?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

nov 18th

So yeah.., I´ve been working a lot. 15+ hours days so Bloggin haven´t been a priority.

Last week I went to LA with the boss in his new car. It´s a sweet ride. Fast and looks like a stealth fighter that easily could have missiles or something under the hood.
We saw the new Travis Pastrana video, it had some crazy stunts in. Lots of pain and broken bones in that movie.

Last weekend I wacthed some tv, went on some walks and listen to "Mammas Nya Kille" på sveriges radio, kul som attan.

There was also a Nixon watches artshow last weekend and it was pretty cool. Met my friend Patrick "Brusti" Armbruster who I made a snowboard film with in 2000. He´s a cool dude.

Then more work.

Today I chilled a lot and slept weird hours. I´ve been going to bed around 7-8 in the mornings lately so my hours are a little crazy. Then I went and picked up some friends and looked at an Adio/Holden artshow before going out. I was sober and driving so I was a little dull.

Going to sleep now. Tired


With Brusti. Cool swiss dude. He also makes snowboard films.

In front of the Chinese Mann Theatre in Hollywood, some film premier / red carpet event was happening. Didn´t see any celebs

Baja Fresh makes awesome mexi foot. I love it.

Boss´ new car. It´s sweet

My boss Ken and motocross / rally champion Travis Pastrana at his film premier.

"Streetbike Tommy"

Me and Engelsman enjoying some tasty bubbel water.

It´s been real foggy here lately.