Friday, September 29, 2006

La Jolla birthday party

So my friend Kale turned 29 and our mutual friend Jason Ford´s wife turned 30 (I´m almost there, yiiiakes)

Here´s a pic of Ford. Kind of spring break-ish?

Me with a sweet cocktail, tasty with a flower.


Amy and birthday boy.

Birthday girl and happy husband, not as spring break-ish here.

Billy said he´s shaving it of tomorrow. This is a real beard, impressive.

They had a skatepark gathering in my hometown of Piteå today too. I hope they had a blast. I was there in spirit.
Oh.. and I didn´t win the lottery... not even close. If I only had a timemachine... just one day back in time and I´d have a few millions...
On a positive note: Nate drove me past Taco Bell on the way home and bought me a taco supreme and nachos bell grande (no beans). Next time I´ll have the crunchwrap supreme! TASTY!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Nothing new. Ordered a wetsuit so maybe I´ll pick up surfing.., just in time for the water to get cold.

I got the G5 computer back. Hopefully it works now.., if it doesn´t it´s flying of my balcony.

Haven´t had Taco Bell in days.., oh I miss it.

I have nothing funny to say, nothing interesting... Maybe in a few days.

Gotta go check my lottery ticket...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Before I go to sleep I had the urge to post some random pictures. I just had to.

I like looking at this image.


Nice again

Why wouldn´t you want to take the escalator up 15 stairs when you´re going to the gym?

This is a sick pic of Torstein from Norway shot in NZ a week or so ago. I took this pic from

This is what I call paradise, maybe trade the car for a miniramp... I´d love to live on an lighthouse/island. At least for a few weeks here and there.


Even more reason why I don´t like Connecticut

Monday, September 25, 2006


Went to the social security office today, what a place! The lines where insane! So I left for a while just to
come back to a even crazier line. The people who work there are complete idiots too, well at least the people I met. 99% of
the people there speak spanish and I didn´t see one person with blue eyes there... so I was quite the minority.
Anyhow, I need to go there to get a social security number which you need for... everything. Cellphone, drivers licence, renting an apartment.. yeah anything. The fact that I´ve made it for years without one is pretty amazing. I should get a medal for
dealing with all things here without one. It´s hard to imagine if you haven´t lived here without one.. anyway, it sucked standing in line. And I have to go back tomorrow! And probably again after that... american institutions are a joke. ANd they have patriotic pictures EVERYWERE in these places and pictures of the retard aka the president. The room I was in today showed what america really is. No solidarity.

Today was just a little uphill...

Then I bought a 4$ coffe and called 4 people with voicemail... and now Prison Break is starting, NOT lame.

Dull update again, I know.

I´ll try and write just positive things this week. I´m trying to be positive, but there are so many bumps in the road.

Here´s a link with ALL Simpsons episodes! I wish I had time to see all of them.

New issue of Dwell is waitng for me in the bathroom. I wonder if I can make it before Prison Break starts in 18 minutes? I´ll try.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Didnothing exiting this weekend. Went out for a few minutes with my friend Nate, but north county San Diego is dead and boring. On the other hand downtown San Diego is too much and too expensive.
I exercised some and went to the grocery store, that´s about it. Oh, Jussi and Zoe had a baby (Gabriel). Lucky kid will have three passports.

Tomorrow I have to go to the social security office and the DMV (car crap), boring.

Back to work. Sorry about the dull update.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Went to see Jackass 2 yesterday and it was pretty crazy. I felt sick a couple of times and looked down quite a bit, crazy guys. Check out the trailer:
I guess you had to be 18 to see it so all these kids were trying to sneak in. It was funny seeing the security looking for kids with flashligths in the theatre. It´s kind of weird that you can´t watch Jackass (or Janet Jackson´s breast for 1/2 a sec) but the kids can go home and play Metal Gear on their comp and kill 30 people a minute... Although I have to say that there are a few things in the movie that are not suited for young teens.

Right noe I´m making Ikea meatballs and trying to figure out if I wanna drive to LA for a WE party... I need to work though and
it´s quite the drive. So I´ll probably stay here.

Not a very exiting saturday. Except the fact that I found my ipod!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

utah filming

So I filmed a little bit of rally yesterday. It was bad weather, but still got a lot of stuff done. Ken (my boss) has a square mile of land in Utah where he built a private 10 mile (16km) rally track... pretty crazy.

I stayed at the DC Mtn Lab (I did a film about this house, check§ion=map ) and it felt good to see it again. Me and Ken´s co-driver Alex took the minibikes for a spin, fun.

I had some bad luck with my tripod, so I taped the 110.000 $ camera to the tripod, almost dropped it once. That would have been lame.

Now back in San Diego, trying to get a new computer and eat a lot of tacos. And I´ll try and watch Commando (with Arnold) and Hard To Kill (Seagal) tonight. Or at least listen to in the background.

Oh and it´s baby season. My friend Markus just had his first baby "Siri". Jussi´s wife went into labor this morning and the boss´s wife is due this weekend.

Monday, September 18, 2006

No more weekend

My computer didn´t want to work that much. So I need to get a new one, this one has done its time.
It was a mellow weekend.

Sweden voted in a new government on sunday. I was pretty happy about that, I should have celebrated with going to Ikea.., but I didn´t.

Speaking of politics. I saw this really good movie about global warming directed by Al Gore. It´s called
"An Inconvenient Truth" and I think everyone should watch it. EVERYONE!
Here´s a link for the trailer:
And their website:

Here are some cool links that made I got sent to me/found this weekend:

Funny. I miss Japan.

The french came up with som esweet things, The metric system being the best one I think. This this is awesome too.

Good style.

I wish I did business in the arab world. Look at this plane!

There´s NO way a soldier would leave this stuff behind, especially an american soldier in Iraq.

Super funny, poor kid.

Here are some good skateboard links:

Jason Lee

Kris Markovich

Ray Barbee


One of my fav sections ever. Mack Dawg put this together. It had a huge inpact on my filmmaking.
From the video Hokus Pokus.

And I got a new camera, just took like a couple of pics to try it out. It has a stich mode built in to the camera, pretty sweet. You can make panoramic pics, I like it.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Did go out for an hour or so yesterday. I didn´t have that weekend spirit. My to-do list is too long for me to relax.
I did meet Mathias Ringstöm who is a skater from Sweden who lives in the area. I haven´t been to that bar in months and neither has he. So we chatted about switch stance backside tailslides and stuff.

Here´s some funny pics for no reason:

And here´s the "Property" that´s for sale here in Del Mar. It´s pretty small... sandwiched in between these two houses..

Here are some more pics of narrow houses. It would be pretty cool to get into the Guiness Book Of Records. Just throw up a 5 foot version of a house like this. I would have a sweet ocean view. If anyone is an architect don´t hesitate to send me some ideas.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

All work day

Did get some funny links over the www.

And this one too... on a sad note. It´s the clip of when Steve Irwin got stung by the stingray...
It´s a pretty short clip, but if you have the volume up you can hear the cameraman´s reaction.

I Need to work. And clean.

I haven´t really looked for a new apt today, but I did find this piece of land for sale here in Del Mar:
It´s 5x105 feet! (1.5x32 meter) I can afford that, it´s in a good hood too. But if the inside can only be 4 feet wide where to I put a 50 inch tv? Now that´s a problem.
If anyone has plans / ideas on how to build a house on 5x105 feet i´d like to see them.

Oh, I found the world´s narrowest house. And it´s wider that 5 feet! So this could be a world record. Maybe I should talk to the city about this?!
Here´s a link:

Here are some pics of narrow houses.

Does anyone have a timemachine? Britney seems to think they´re real. If they are, I want one.
She gets into it at around 2min and 35sec.