Sunday, October 17, 2010

Met David again today.

Got a call around 11 yesterday morning (yes I was still sleeping) from my friends Vincent and Åsa who wondered if I can shoot an interview with David Lynch in about an hour.
I said yes.

He´s in town to talk about Transcendental Meditation and I must say it was quite intriguing to listen to him talk about it.
Charismatic man indeed.

Vince snapped some photos as well, good day.

I am a huge Twin Peaks fan and I loved his movie Straight Story (top 10 I´ve ever seen). The rest of his work is good too, but those are my favs.
Straight Story made a real impact on me. I had never heard of it and a Swiss friend happened to have the dvd with him while we had cabin fever on a mountain in Norway. He didn´t even recommend it, just said: "I bought it at some airport and it was kinda slow, but you can watch if you like".
Two hours later I had this feeling within that I´ve never had from watching a movie. That´s why I rather not know too much about a movie when I see one. Trailers and reviews kinda ruin the experience for me. I never read the back of dvd where some Warner Bros dude tries to sell me the movie in 10 rows of text.
Go watch it, preferably with your phone off and no Facebooking during the movie:)

This clip with where Angelo Badalamenti explains the workflow between him and Mr Lynch gave me goosebumps. Truly amazing.

Today he came by the Veda House (which happens to be 100 meters from my place) to raise a flag to celebrate that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came to Sweden 50 years ago to teach Transcendental Meditation and some casual meet and greet.

There was a small crowd loitering around and no press which I thought was pretty cool.

I helped my friend Åsa (her parents run Veda) to film a short interview for the Veda House website.

Yesterdays interview was for an upcoming tv documentary / show by Annika Dopping.

I must say that I´m quite intrigued by this meditation stuff. The way he speaks about it makes me want to try and learn it.
Who wouldn´t want to have more creative thoughts and excelled intuition?

Here´s a clip Swedish TV4 did on him yesterday:

Swedish public tv´s version:

Mr Lynch has a great website as well:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I like this camera commerial.

It´s true. You don´t have to be a technial photographer to take good pictures.