Monday, February 26, 2007

Utah feb 26th (I think)

So it´s sunny and about a foot of pow in the mtns... what am I doing inside? I don´t know.. catching up?

Gotta run to the bank again... need to make sure this one wire went through (buying a new camera). I also need to check up on the fraud on my visa card...

I have a film transfer waiting at the mailbox too. I want to see it so bad. But I kinda want to digitize it too.. but I need a new comp for that. So there goes another 3.000$...
Maybe I should wait until Apple does some sort of update and then buy one. I hate buying something and then Apple releases something new the week after.

My boss won a rally this weekend, stoked for him. Check out his website ""
I did a few of the videos he´s got up on the site. Also check out the new video on "" Pastrana has a new clip on there.

I´m waiting for the cleaner to show up. I´m by myself at the condo. Feels weird. It´s always been a bunch of people here. But everyone left this past week / weekend.

Watching Warren Miller´s film "The Storm" on tv as I´m cleaning. Some really cool shots here and there, but the film is so lame it´s not even funny. Sometimes it gets so cheesy I just want to smash the tv. But I still keep watching it. Don´t know why...

Ok, gotta run.

I´ll try and fill the last months blog-gap with some pics soon.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

NYC pictures

This is a pic from the DC store in NYC. It´s in a sweet part of town called SOHO. Lots of cool shops here. I help shoot an interview for a DC "Artist Project". I´ll post a link when DC posts the video.

This is where I filmed the snowboard contest from. It was super cold outside, and crowded. So I figured posting up inside of the bookstore would be a good plan. And it was. Met a random friend at the coffee shop on the level under me. So random.

My filming style.

Eddie Wall won the contest, so that was awesome. He won a bunch of money and we had a tasty dinner afterwards.

A view toards Central Park

A view towards south Manhattan.

Me getting drunk. We got late to this dumb bar where a lot of my friends were. We stood outside freezing for like an hour to get it. Stupid bitch for a bouncer.

Once we were in it was fun.

The pond/lake in Central Park.

The lobby of the Guggenheim museum.

Got to see a Rangers game. Scalped tickets for 20$ a piece, good deal.
it was a good game. They won over Tampa with like 5-0. Henrik got MVP, so that was cool.

Times Square.

Me and Stina.

No 1. Famous painting. Lame art, but cool to see though. NYC has lots of art. I love art.


Ground Zero. 5 1/2 years after the attack. Still a lot to do there.

X-games pics

I was thinking about flying to Colorado, but that flight + the 2-5 hours shuttle sucks. So I lucked out and got a ride with my friend Neir. The drive is mega scenic too.
On the drive back I was trying I learned thet my Visa card was being used for fraud, so I had to cancel it. That sucked... takes forever to get a new one. Oh the paperwork.

Yes, DC are making boards.

Big air contest. People spun a lot.. spin to win. Chas (a DC am) did pretty good. Andreas Wiig won and Rice came in 2nd.

Renee Renee and me getting X-treme in the pipe.

Target (huge chain of mega store in the US) had a house party with the flying tomato later that night. It was sorta fun, huge mansion with coktails.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New York

So I´m in NYC this week. Should be fun. Filming some snowboarding at Union Square on thursday.

Sorry for the lack of bloggin... been mega busy.

Going back to Utah on Sunday. Maybe The Rangers are playing...