Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Made a clip about Ken Block's new rally car.

I went to Wales a few weeks ago to make a clip for Monster World Rally Team.

To quote Ken:
"Despite the fundamental similarities between stage rally, rallycross and gymkhana, my World Rally championship Ford Fiesta just can't do what my gymkhana Fiesta can, and vice versa. But running three cars is a logistical nightmare, so we built one car that can be transformed to suit each discipline."

MWRT thought stop motion would be a suitable technic to show the car.
The stuff was shot in three days, with less than 30 min (might have been 15) to shoot the car in action.
My thought was to shoot the action on film to compliment the stop motion roots instead of HD video. And I like film so why not?
Many ideas we had for this clip weren't possible to shoot, we had next to zero sleep for 2-3 days and it was one of the most gruesome experiences of my life. If only we had another 1-2 days to shoot it.. the reason for only having a very limited time was technical issues / engines etc that were late and what not.

But here's the result. Not close to what we had envisioned, but it's still serves it's purpose. Hope you like it.
Ken picked out the tune from the Scott Pilgrim movie.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Might dust this one off..

I started a Tumblr blog a few weeks ago but it has turned into a iPhone photo blog more than anything.
I´m also trying to maintain some bloggin at Spatziba but I miss the random outlet that this blog used to be.

Today I´m in Stockholm after a brief trip to Wales, Denmark and Austria. Been filming rally with Ken Block as well as doing a little bit of sightseeing.

Noticed that these songs have been on heavy rotation in my iTunes.
The Arcade Fire one has 1437 plays.. retarded.