Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another ninja


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving pictures

So here are some pics... from last weekend.

Hjalle at Duke´s house. Her dog Lolo is pretty wild. We surfed (or I watched the waves when Hjalle paddled around)

The nacho plate was awesome at Denny´s. The fish was lame. Didn´t even try it.

Hjalle waiting for some food. We were heartbroken when Taco Bell was closed..:(

Me and Windz

Don´t know what´s going on here

Windy, Hjalle and me at one of the bars she was kind enough to drive us around to.

The surf below my house. I was on the beach listening to "Mammas Nya Kille".

Hjalle post surf

Balcony sunset.

On saturday Hjalle went back to LA as I hung out and watched some snowboarders rode plastic boxes on the beach. Then we tried to go out in Pacific Beach, but they didn´t allow me in without a passport so we went north to Encinitas where it was dull. They wouldn´t let us in at 1.10.. only girls. I biked back to Del Mar at 2 in the morning. It was 9 miles / 15km. I didn´t think it was that far. It was ok because I haven´t exercised in days.

Been working like a mad man since then.

Later / Pierre

Hoppas ni har det bra mam & pap! Klaga inte på att vatten är för varmt!

Hoppas tentan gick bra Stina. Jag tror du klarar den... håller tummarna

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving day

Me and Hjalmar surfed for a sec. Well he surfed (said he has top 10 cali waves ever) as I was standing on the beach being scared of the waves for 45 min...

Then we shopped some wine coolers and looked for a place to eat dinner. Everything was closed so we went to the local Taco Bell for thanksgiving dinner... And it was CLOSED! What the fuck?!

So we had some food at Denny's, the only place that was open. Lotsa families there for some reason.

Then we went to my place and played some songs and looked for pics from Hjalles's recent trip to Sweden.

As I'm typing we are drinkinf Bailey's Mint and wine coolers and listening to 80's tunes and "Leende Guldbruna Ögon"... weird mix.

Cali is pretty ok today. But I rather be in Ume...

Parents are going to Thailand tomorrow! Sounds awesome.

Trevlig resa Mamma och Pappa!

Going out tonight.. doubt someone is out tonight though... I wish I had loved ones close by on these holidays. But I´m dealing with it.

AIK won the hockey game today too. Awesome!

Talk to you all later. Sweden needs more holidays... let´s make some up.

I hope the new government will come up with some new ones. The left wing suckers just figured out that national day should be a vacation day.

Heja nya regeringen!

Tja ba

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So this week is thanksgiving. People meet up with their family and eat turkey.
Don´t know what I´m doing... don´t like this holiday.

Me and Hjalle will come up with a plan though.

AIK, värd vinst.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just a clip of Pastrana and Streetbike Tommy

Forward to 5 min and 10 sec you´ll see Tommy in action...

Colin´s (RIP) stunt at 4 min and 15 sec isn´t that comfortable either...

Rob & Big

My friends Rob Dyrdek and Big Black are all over the place now. They have a show on MTV that you can check out on itunes or online at
Youtube probably have some clips of them too.

Anyhow.., they are all over magazines and tv. They were on TRL in NYC a week or two ago... mad. And they got to meet BORAT!

The show is pretty funny, but it´s even funnier that they are celebreties now. Who could have thought?

Here´s a random pic of a sick Volvo P 1800 wagon. I want one! How could Volvo design such a sick car and then just blow it?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

nov 18th

So yeah.., I´ve been working a lot. 15+ hours days so Bloggin haven´t been a priority.

Last week I went to LA with the boss in his new car. It´s a sweet ride. Fast and looks like a stealth fighter that easily could have missiles or something under the hood.
We saw the new Travis Pastrana video, it had some crazy stunts in. Lots of pain and broken bones in that movie.

Last weekend I wacthed some tv, went on some walks and listen to "Mammas Nya Kille" på sveriges radio, kul som attan.

There was also a Nixon watches artshow last weekend and it was pretty cool. Met my friend Patrick "Brusti" Armbruster who I made a snowboard film with in 2000. He´s a cool dude.

Then more work.

Today I chilled a lot and slept weird hours. I´ve been going to bed around 7-8 in the mornings lately so my hours are a little crazy. Then I went and picked up some friends and looked at an Adio/Holden artshow before going out. I was sober and driving so I was a little dull.

Going to sleep now. Tired


With Brusti. Cool swiss dude. He also makes snowboard films.

In front of the Chinese Mann Theatre in Hollywood, some film premier / red carpet event was happening. Didn´t see any celebs

Baja Fresh makes awesome mexi foot. I love it.

Boss´ new car. It´s sweet

My boss Ken and motocross / rally champion Travis Pastrana at his film premier.

"Streetbike Tommy"

Me and Engelsman enjoying some tasty bubbel water.

It´s been real foggy here lately.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sorry for the lagfest

on updating the blog.

I´ve been working loooong hours. I did go to LA on thursday and watch Travis Pastranas new video. More on that later.

Otherwise it was a lot of work, like I mentioned, and a little too much to eat.

Here are some funny clips:

If you haven´t seen the Borat movie by now you suck.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

America votes

So I hope the democrats make a good election today. The bibel belt is a lost cause (just look at the crazy christians in the Borat movie). This country is so divided it´s not even funny. Virginia just passed a law against same sex marriage and if you read this:
You might understand why there are so many abortions here...

Oh and the president wants to make abortions illegal.. and about 100 million americans agree with him... scary.

Then there´s the country´s opinion on stamcell research... Like I said, a diverse country. Stranger the more you learn about it.
Odds are it will be rigged again. If you can rig presidential elections and olympic events, you can rig this election too.

The Pennsylvania ex senator (rep) just gave a speech about how he thanks, more than anyone, god for his years as senator and that god should bless America. As soon as he mentioned god the crowd got all exited, started crying and clapping their hands. I wonder what the reactions would have been if the new swedish leader Fredde Reinfeldt would have thanked god when his party / alliance won the recent swedish election... wow.

But 48% or something are sorry for what happened in the presidential election:

Here are some maps from the 2004 presidential election:

Enough about that.
Today was sunny and really warm, I worked on the comp and had microwave pizza.

And I went to my friend Windy´s 30th birthday this weekend too... I´m almost there.. lame.

Extra Mexico pics. It was awesome there... damn

And yeah, Britney is divorcing Kevin. She seems to think through her life real well. 1 kid, no 2 kids... divorce a month or two later... wow. Can you believe that Kevin has 4! kids... wow again.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nostalgia video from Pierre's vault

Check out these two segment from videos I made in high school. They are from the mid 90's

This is the intro to a video called "Shoot Em Down". People in this video are:
Ingemar Backman, Markus Gustafsson, Erik Johansson, Tjoman, Mange Sjökvist, Jarko, Ylitalo, Lojten, Ösund, Bjugg, Petter Eiksson, Kärran + others.

This is a section from a video called "Kvällens Program". This section has titles so you know who´s skating.


So on tuesday I woke up in Mexico and went for a swim in the ocean and got worked by 2 meter waves that slammed me into the sand.
I landed in San Diego that afternoon and was planning on going to a halloween party with some friends in Carlsbad, but after driving for 2 hours, 8 phonecalls (trying to find a Star Wars Jedi costume) and no tickets to the main event that evening I was over it...
I drove home and felt sorry for myself for a while even considering wearing my wetsuit as a costume...
At ten I started driving to meet up with some finnish friends and Eddie. They were in San Clemente which is about an hour north in southern Orange County. I went as Pierre in a black t-shirt...

I got there and felt great.
Eddie was dressed as Shaun White, Eero was a nun, Paavo was a fat american tourist, Lauri was a punker/Green Day-ish and Iikka was a clown.

The finns started bailing out and before I knew it it was just me and Eddie left.
Since driving wasn´t an option at this stage i just tagged along with Him and ended up his former sponsor / friend Raul´s house. I drank water and puked, played with their chihuahua Madonna and slept a few hours.

The next day I made it to a greesy pizza place and hung out on the beach until making it back to Del Mar. I felt good the next day and went straight to work.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mexico pics

So yeah my friend Lexi had her 25th birthday and had access to this awesome house in Cabo San Lucas for a week.
We had a senorita who made breakfast for us every morning (I usually had apple yogurts though) and made the beds (not so much my bed since I slept outside or on the couch, I love couches).
The pool was sick and the jacuzzi too. The last day the poolguy left the heater on so the pool was about 100 degrees (34 celcius), not nice.

We surfed a little, or I paddled around for about 45 min and didn´t catch a wave. But the ocean was soooo warm it was awsome just to be in the water.

The flight was only 1 hour and 45 minutes from San Diego (although not that cheap) which was pretty cool. And since San Diego´s weather is only about 70 degrees (21 celcius) it felt like the perfect getaway for the weekend. I don´t know how warm it was, but at least 90 degrees (32 celcius) I think, the water was about the same.

Future taco meat
Melissa and Lauri with a huge banana split
I burned of pretty much all the hair on my hand and half of my eye lashes are gone too. it wasn´t that sweet. Seeing a huge ball of fire come at you (and past) it got me pretty shaken up and I started sweating. The opposite of rad.

Seals, or probably sea lions actually
Brian on the beer bong. If they had a smirnoff ice bong I would have done it.
Lauri and me

We played some volleyball at the Sheraton pool, good times. It´s hard in the water.

Mexico from the air

The planes come in real low in San Diego, looks like a plane is gonna crash every time. Must be kind of annoying living there with all the noise. Like a plane every 5 minutes... can get old.
In Sweden you can´t build for miles under the airport and there´s like 5 planes a day... makes sense.