Friday, March 30, 2007

More southern California

So there weren´t any hotels (under 200$ a night) in Burbank where I had the filmtransfers. So I stayed at Hjalle´s in Manhattan Beach. At night it´s only a 25 min drive, compared to 45-80 min during the day.

Remember to check me out on Jay Leno on Kanal 5 in Sweden at 1 in the morning fri/sat. I´m in the front the very first 10 sec, in the black hat and grey striped sweater.

My nack has been ok. Took of the brace last thursday. So I´ve only been using it when I´m driving. Whiplash probably wouldn´t be that sweet right now.

On saturday me and Hjalle went out with 4 finns and some local girls. Leland has been working at some bars in Hollywood, so we stoked to hang with her. If anyone thought Stockholm was hard to get into for 6 dudes in baggy clothes on a saturday you haven´t tried LA...

We left early though because Hjalle and Jussi T were going to Big Bear to snowboard at 6 in the morning.

Sunday was

Monday was kind of the same.

Watched a documentary called "Who Killed The Electric Car". It was pretty good, a little slow at times, but worth watching.

The day after I started to make my way down to Carlsbad and DC. I had to look for some stuff in my storage unit too.
I found half the stuff I expected to find there... so some shit is lost, bummer.

I hung out with Coco the pudel and rested for another two days before I headed back to Park City Utah, where I am at the moment.

I´ve been thinking about coming to Sweden for a week or so to rest but tickets are super expensive... they get cheaper after the 5th, but that´s kinda late.

Hopefully I´ll find something tomorrow. I want to eat some Palt and Frasses burgers. I want to throw sticks to Hekla and maybe play with the owner too.

My friend Renee Renee had a baby, Era, this week too. Concratulations Re Re and Shar!

Dropped by a Star Wars exhibit before I drove down to San Diego, fun.

May the force be with you / Pierre

Saturday, March 24, 2007

La week

So I´ve been transfering some 16mm film / Super 8 film the past 2 days.

Teh doctors also told be to stop using the neckbrace. Well, use it less I guess. The muscles need to move around I guess. My head is still stiff, but it was the doctors orders. No lifting or carrying for at least a month though :(

When I wasn´t doing that I was doing this:

Checked out some blu-ray films at the Sony store. Pretty crisp quality.

Found this sweet Adidas thing in swedish colors. Almost bought it, but xxl is a little too big.

The studio I sit in and transfer footage.

Hjalle wanted to grab some food last night, so we stopped at Jack In The Box. It was in a ghetto area, weird people there. Like this old woman sleeping in a corner at 23.00.
I ate Mc Donalds (angus burger) and Taco Bell ealier that day. Eating for 10$ a day in LA is pretty good, I´m a cheap date.

Went to the WESC store today. They were nice enough to give me some sweet striped shirts.

Found some sweet Air Max sneakers, but they were kinda wild.

Here are some $ 4.500 shoes...

Lots of shoes. This was only a fraction though.

So across the street from where I work they record the Jay Leno show. And I had a few hours to kill so I got in line and got to sit in the front row of the crowd. They make all the people in the front go up and give high 5´s to Jay at the very begining of the show. So look for me in Sweden next friday (it already aired here yesterday). I´m the dude in a black hat and grey / white striped sweater.

My "work" is at the glass house in the background.

Funny mailbox.

This was a rare moment. The three movies I made from 2001-2003 in my hand at the same time. A trilogy box would be nice.


View from Hjalle´s driveway.

Drove around the freeways in Burbank / Hollywood. Look where I ended up.


Beach at Hjalle´s.

A Mercedes McLaren outside of the WESC store. It´s a nice fast car.

This is the mini-ramp at a skate shop called Brooklyn Projects in Hollywood. The people who work there have nice cars...

GPS navigation has changed my life. It helps when you have a broken neck and you´re in LA traffic. But I had Hjalle drive me around all day.

Hjalle´s view this morning. Cloudy and cold...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Neck x-ray

Pretty funny sign at the hospital. Welcome to our hospital, you may not get treatment here. Bye! Ha ha.

If you look right above the arrow you can see my fracture. It´s gonna heal like that I guess... they said it´s not going to be a problem, so I trust them.

Going to LA tomorrow morning for three filmtranfers.. 5 hours on thursday and 8 hours on friday evening... That´s a lot of watching.

Good knight / P W

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy late birthday to me.

So I noticed I haven´t blogged anything about me turning 30 (feb 15)... it might have something to do with me being in denial.

But 30 is the new 20.

Here are some pics from feb 15:

I had some swedes over this week. So me and the swedes plus my filmer Spring Break Jake and DC Mtn Lab handyman Nick took some of the DC sleds for a ride. 4 of them were brand new, so they needed to break in. We drove around for a couple of hours, got stuck a few times, jumped some jumps. It was a good time.

My b-day was on a thursday, so I figured it would be more fun to have a party on the 16th (friday). Here are some pics from the 16th:

We started out at Brighton for some pow. It was really good pow. I told the swedes that Utah had no snow (didn´t snow for four weeks prior to their arrival) but they got lucky and scored some pow. Brighton had maybe 50 cm this day. And I was on a 154 cm board, not smart.

Then I went and bought snacks. beer, alcohol and wine coolers for the party. The swedes found a helium balloon in my closet that said Happy Birthday, pretty funny. It´s still chillin in the ceiling, 6 weeks later. Maybe 15 or 20 people showed up and we later decided to go to Sidebar in Park City. The Roots were playing in Park City too, but tickets were 40$ or something. It was a fun night.

I didn´t have any riders in town to film, so after hearding that Snowbird didn´t open half of their runs on friday I started to sober up and drink water so I could make the 6am wake up call (went to sleep at 3.30). Most of the swedes were game to go, but David wasn´t feeling that great. He thought drinking wine until 3 in the morning would do wonders for his hangover. He also lost Hjalles cell phone in the pow the day before. Right after I told everyone to zip up their pockets.

We made it in the 2nd chair and had an awesome day (only rode until 12.30 or something). David isn´t in the group pic because he was probably puking at the lodge. I found my friends Chris Saydah and Noah Brandon, they are locals here and took us for some sweet runs. One of the best runs was on the next door resort Alta. Alta is a faschist resort that only allows skiing. But we broke the law and got some sweet turns that the stupid skiers don´t even ride.
Here are some pics from feb 17th:

So that was my birthday weekend. Not lame. Can´t wait to turn 40.