Tuesday, December 25, 2007

In Sweden

Been sleeping a lot and eating.

Love it.

Going snowboarding tomorrow. No snow though...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Going back to Sweden

I´m still editing like 48 hours before I need to be at the airport. And I haven´t started moving out :)

Fuck. It will be the worst 48 hours ever, again.

Can´t wait for falukorv and palt.

Oh, and the movie is in stores

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pretty funny

and possibly very pathetic.

Check out this adult who knocks the little kid down:

Here´s another clip of parents fighting in the stands.. wow. I like the part where the coach opens the door and shove his army of 8 year old to take part in the the fight. Good parenting/coaching..

- Hey your 8 year old kid hit my 7 year old!
- Oh yeah, take this.. hahah. Meatheads.

Hampus has a black ass and a new sponsor.

Hampus is his dream car.

Todd using his left arm.
Trying to throw like Rosie O´Donnel.

I don´t want to become a snowboard gossip dude. But these news were too good not to share with the world.

Hampus landed on his ass in Italy and broke his back, completely lame obviously.

He also just signed with my 12-years-fifty friend Todd Richard´s company O-Matic. Completely un lame.

I wish them luck with their partnership (yes it´s allowed for two dudes to join "partnership" in Todd´s home state of Massachusetts). Pretty sure that´s why he keeps a PO box over there.

Now they can share Audi tuning tips with each other on team trips.
Both are pretty good at passing time with "would-you-rather" scenarios. Although Todd have to lay the Rosie O`Donnel ones to rest, getting old.

Good match guys. Stoked for you.

Here´s the press release:

Oh and DC opened a new store in LA today, on Melrose. Very nice.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jätte älg? Varför inte?

Sorry guys. This clip is in swedish. It´s funny.

It´s a giant moose. Well it might become a reality if they get the permission and funding.

I hope it happens.

Berättarrösten är bara för bra. Såg det här klippet för ett tag sen, men det är lika kul än.
Inte trist att älgen heter Stoorn.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I love this shit, wow.

I´m speechless.

Well not really, so I´m gonna go out on a limb and say she voted for Bush.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

NYC for a few days.

The purpose of the trip was to show the DC movie to a couple of sales reps, employees, tv people and magazines.

We rented a little bar in SoHo and had a few cocktails.

Other than that I just walked around the city and couldn´t sleep at night. I guess NYC never sleeps, neither did I.
Well actually, I did sleep for 95% of flight there and back.
And yeah, no hockey (Toronto won 2-6).
And from what I can tell there are a few meatheads in Skellefte AIK who could use their neanderthal-ish urge to fight over here. The swedish Elitserie isn´t the NHL. It´s embarrassing enough to see fights in the NHL (not to mention the audience yelling KICK HIS ASS at the top of their lungs). So to see that kind of behavior (after incident fights) in Sweden is embarrassing.

Left sunny San Diego very early in the morning.

The surf was huge the day I left, 16-20 feet. Here are some pictures from Encinitas.
I could see the waves from the plane.

Weather and tv in the cab. And finally you can pay with visa. I heard that all new cabs in NYC are required to be hybrids, nice.

Went to see the Coen bros new movie. It was good, but kinda dull and long (that´s what she said:)
Corey Webster from Thrashin had the lead roll. Here´s the trailer: www.apple.com/trailers/miramax/nocountryforoldmen/trailer

View from room.

Ladders and stuff.

Expensive parking rates.

Museum Of Modern Art was closed.. at 5 o´clock! What the fuck?

People watching the DC movie.They had awesome deep fried brownies at this place. Not healthy.

Me and local.

Went to see the Lakai movie around the clock after. Well I saw like 4 parts. Very impressive skating.
When I thought Koston had the last part Guy Mariano´s part comes on. But then Marc Johnson ends it.
I like Mariano´s finesse. He had some sweet body varial stuff to grinds and shit. Marc is cool to watch too.

12.30 on friday.. leaving NYC and the Atlantic Ocean.

3.55 friday. Flying into San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. Two oceans in in the same day.. That´s not bad. Way more oceans than Columbus saw in one day.

San Diego´s airport is in the middle of the city. Crazy set up. What´s also pretty nuts is that it takes about the same time to fly from New York to both San Diego and Stockholm.

Why do people need to lean over the belt when they wait for their bags? I never understood that. The world would be such a better place if everyone just took four steps back and chilled out before getting their precious bags.

Editing some stuff for DC as well as trying to figure out where I´m gonna store all my shit.

Here´s the dvd... so many hours and pain and joy in a small package.

And other priceless Patrik Ekwall moment for you swedes

Monday, December 03, 2007

New York hockey tix

Toronto at Rangers.

I´ll scalp tickets, if I make it. Have obligations until
7-ish... game starts at 7...

Good thing it´s cheap to watch sports here...

Saturday, December 01, 2007


DC had a x-mas party last night in SD, it was a fun time. I drank mojitos all night.

Going to New York next week for some screenings and stuff for the DC movie. Looking forward to walking around on Manhattan.

Hur kul är inte det här klippet?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My friend Hampus broke his back...

He was about to jump and tweak at this one contest "Air&Style" in Munich but landed on a rock while riding in Italy... so lame.

I guess he´s on his way back to Sweden now.

He was semi lucky and should be back on his feet in a month.

Hoppas allt är förhållandevis ok Hampa. Jag fed exar över en dubble dubble, animal style från In&Out Burger

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My good friend David has a new book out

You can buy it at Amazon

It´s about penis tricks.

Kind of a strange subject to make a book about but I
bet it´s going to be popular. Their website has A LOT of traffic.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snowboarder Mag is in stores

Well, it´s been out for a few weeks here in the US (should be out in Sweden in a week or so).. anyway.. I have a couple of pages in it where I talk about
things that happened this past season. Pretty average reading really..

My boss has the cover from our NZ trip in september + there´s like posters and 4 other pics
in the magazine.

You should go get a copy.

I know I wrote about this a month or so ago, but the mag wasn´t out then.

Here´s the cover

Here is Eddie talking about the rally car jump. There´s a dumb commercial for like 10 sec before the real clip starts to play.
The embed version didn´t work... so here´s the url link:

Here´s a funny clip of Fredrik & Filip from swedish tv.

Friday, November 23, 2007


So I had turkey and stuff with my euro friends. It was good.

I´m working on some rally clips for my boss. Going ok.

When will I have some time off...?

Need to go for a walk now. It´s sunny...

Depressing...A euro used to be 0.83$, now it´s 1.48$ for a euro... great.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can people please

realize that there are people who don´t have Dell, HP, Compaq and other weird brand computers?

I´ve been trying to see swedish sports over the internet for a few years now and 100% of all the "on demand"
sites are only compatible with pc´s... what the fuck?

90% of the people I know have Apple computers and I´m well aware of that that isn´t a very accurate picture of
the Apple vs pc users. But that´s how it´s been in my world for the past 6 years.

If we landed on the moon 40 years ago I should be able to pay to watch a game online without using a pc or microsoft explorer.

Other things that should be working are:

Credit cards on the toll road in Orange County.
Normal power outlets in cars.
Use of cellphones and wireless internet on planes.
All tv channels online.

When is "beaming" gonna come true? I mean Star Trek had it figured out a while ago.

Last week...

So I was planning on going on vacation and stuff... but no. The dvd needed some attention. So I flew to Seattle and then to Utah to fix it.

Then there was a premier in Orem Utah as well... so I stayed for that.

Crop circles from above (these pics were taken from my Chicago trip actually)

Grand Canyon

These party pics are from the day before my Seattle trip. I went out in San Diego with the three finns. They are fun company. We had a great night with lots of Mojitos and Long Island ice teas.

Notice the creepy dude with the smile who snuck into the photo.. like what the fuck?

We got back to my house (which is 30 min/70$) from San Diego at like 4 in the morning. I hadn´t packed my stuff for my Seattle-Utah trip yet and the shuttle was picking me up at 6.30...

The limo driver knocked on the door at 6.20 so I stood up (I was asleep on the couch) packed my stuff and took off to San Diego again.

I slept the short drive to the airport. And even though I was in good time I missed my flight!

I didn´t have an american i.d on me so they thought I was Al-Quaida... they searched my stuff for almost an hour. And my friend Todd texted me and laughed cause he was on the Seattle flight and said they were almost done boarding and that they´ve been calling my name in the speakers.... I made it to the gate, but they had closed the airplane door 10 sec before I got there... it was now 9 in the morning, next flight was at 6 in the evening.. which would get me to Seattle at 11 at night. I had to be in Salt Lake City around lunch the day after that! Awesome..

I talked my self into getting on the sold out 2.30 flight that afternoon since 6 wasn´t an option.
100$ later of course.
So what to do now? It was 9 in the morning and I was still drunk from the night before and I had slept very little. I didn´t feel like sleeping on the floor my the gate so I took a cab into SD to watch (sleep) a movie. But after going to two theaters in downtown that were closed I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I had some mexi food and lots of water to wake up and went to the modern art museum.. it was also closed. Then I went to the train station to sleep. That lasted 20 sec. Some rent a cop told me to get my feet off the seats.
Arrrghh. Took a cab back to the airport. Went to security, this time it took 2 min to go through. I´m amazed with the inconsistency at airport security. I could write a short book about the things I´ve seen on the other side of the security checkpoint. I for one have had knives, leathermans and other illegal stuff in my carry on luggage.

The security dude who had searched through my bags a few hours prior came up to me and asked why I was back. I looked at him and said I missed my flight by 10 sec and that my friend in Seattle had to find a new best man for his wedding thanks to his lame ass decision to go through my stuff for an hour. He was too dumb to understand what I said.

So it was probably around 11 now. I laid down on the floor right next to the gate and slept until they boarded the plane. It must have looked pretty funny with a dude sleeping for three hours on the floor 20 feet away from the gate. Whatever.

Made it to Seattle. Cruised around the city for a min after I had checked into my hotel (Hotel Max, very recommended). Then I met up with Andy who was re-authoring the dvd for me. We went to get some salsa that you can only buy at Fred Meyer (food store) and then went to his house to oversee the final stages of the authoring. Then went well and he drove me back to my hotel after midnight.

I always check out the local free papers in new cities. This one had my friend Jon Olsson on the cover.. felt pretty strange to see him on there.
This house had a cement skatepark in their front yard!

Seattle / Tacoma airport from above
Slept really good and woke up to Andy calling me with the finished product on his way to my place. We had coffee (Seattle has sooooo many coffee places, I counted over a dozen Starbucks in four blocks) and then he drove me to the airport.

My friend Nick picked me up in SLC and we took the dvd/dlt master to a place who makes the glass master that the replicator then makes copies from.

SLC from above

We went to the Mtn Lab to pick up a car for me. Subaru is lending out some cars to DC for the year, so I drove off in a WRX STI rice rocket. That thing is soooooo fast. I couldn´t even hit the gears correct. It is stupid fast.
No snow at the Lab in mid november.. it was sunny and warm.

For the next few days I hung out with friends and tried to relax. But I wanted to make a teaser for the movie since the one I had worked on (and had leaked to youtube in some mysterious way) never got music clearance. Which was happening according do some people working for the band. They did get back with an offer, but they wanted so much money I was laughing. The music industry is strange.

But I never got into the zone to edit a new one with music we could license on short notice...

Some of the crowd at the premier. It was a smaller premier in the small mormon town of Orem. Still fun to go to.

Me and Nick at a photo art show / sushi bar / cocktail place. It was a great time.

Me and my Utah hostess / personal chef / Wii tennis competitor

My friend Chris had a sick Blunt t-shirt with Ingemar (Backman) on it. That day in late may of 1996 gave him like 10 magazine covers or something. And it was the start for my snowfilming career. This kid Stevie Bell (pro boarder for Forum) wondered why we were so hyped on the t-shirt. We gave him the 10 sec explanation, but he didn´t know who Ingemar was... haha. So sad

Flew back to OC with Eddie (who got a lighter on board for some reason, yeah security is air tight)

We landed in Irvine at like 4 in the afternoon. I then got a ride to some friends in San Clemente who were on their way towards my hood. But one of my finnish friends beat them to it. So I took of with him and his friends. Threw my stuff into my house, went to the bar. They got sick of the bar and wanted to go back up to OC (mellow 1 hour drive one way). So I tagged along. Went to a bar in Newport, went to the finns house, slept, went to a bbq and then got a ride back down to my house. It was one cray improvised day.

Now I´m just hangin in Cardiff. Watched a good movie today "Lars And The Girl".

I miss Sweden.. wish I could go back sooner, but there´s a lot of stuff to do here..

Might go to New York before that too, who knows...

Bye bye.