Monday, June 30, 2008

Vi har en svensk mästare i problemlösning.

Sorry for you english speakers/readers out there. Have to do this in swedish.

Alltså, inte för att peka finger men hur kan det här ha ngt nyhetsvärde?

Maken till viktig artikel har jag inte läst på länge.

Nyhetsvärdet skulle väl vara att det visar (vissa) svenskars inställning till hur samhället ska servera ett jobb åt en på ett silverfat, eller i det här exemplet en subventionerad bussrutt.

Jag kan förstå att hon ev har det knapert, men du kan inte kläcka ur dig:
"– Det är akut med anställningen. Nu kanske någon annan kan ta sig dit i stället."

Vill du ha jobbet eller inte? Beskrev du inte ditt nuvarnade som tillfälligt? Är det här mötet så viktigt kanske du kan sluta lite tidigare, eller kanske tom stanna hemma och gå till Hökarängen (bästa svängen).

Om du inte är redo att promenera 5km för det här viktiga mötet så tror jag inte du vill ha jobbet nog mycket.
Vad är det här för jävla inställning.? Känns tyvärr typisk svensk i alla fall och vad jag kallar ett i-lands problem. Och tydligen så tycker Aftonbladet att vi bör läsa om hennes situation.

- Oj bussarna krånglar så nu kan inte jag få ett jobb för det tar säkert drygt en tim att promenera dit...
Eller har du hört talat om cykel? Tycker det verkar rimligt att kunna styra upp en sån på 24 tim om det nu är det man behöver.

Tror ni våra föräldrar (och framförallt våra mor/far föräldrar) skulle tycka det var, citat: jättejobbigt, när inte bussen gick som den skulle och dom fick promenera en halvmil eller ngt en juli morgon för att träffa en arbetsgivare som du vill ha anställning hos? Än mindre bli intervjuad av tidningen pga det "jättejobbiga" promenaden/situationen.

Vart är improvisationsförmågan? Kan inte tänka mig att hennes arbetsgivare ger henne anställning om dom får läsa den här artikeln.

Nu kanske hon inte söker Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlbergs tjänst eller som produktionsledare på Jonas Åkerlunds nya film, men hur tafatt får man bli?

Jag ville egentligen inte att Andréa S Blomqvist skulle bli något slags offer för mina, vad vissa kan kalla, högervridna åsikter. Men nu blev hon tyvärr ansiktet för många av dom svenskar som verkar tro/tycka att andra ska lösa deras situation.

Nog för att man kan vara solidarisk, men jag har lite svårt att tycka synd om henne för att hennes buss inte går som planerat imorgon.
Fast det är klart jag fattar att busstrejken är ett problem, har bara lite svårt att känna ngt medlidande för den här damen.

Livschoachen Peter Nilsson hade nog haft kul åt hennes "problem".

Ha en trevlig helg så kanske poletten trillar ner.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I guess you can´t say fuck with rent-a-cops around / Happy Danes

Don´t mess with Muska (or Vallely)

And in case you didn´t know Denmark have the happiest people. I can see that.

I find theories about happiness fascinating and recommend grabbing a cup of tea and spend the next 12min watching this. Americans especially, but then you might want to grab a sugar coffee from Starbucks instead of some Earl Grey:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teleporting a trillion trillion atoms.. Why not?

If there was teleportation I would pay a lot to be in Skellefteå right now.

You can only appreciate so many sunny 25 (77 F) degrees days in a row.

I´d like to smell the rain on swedish asphalt, watching Russia play Spain on a big screen at "Stadsfesten" and drink sugar cider on a chilly June evening. That´s what I want right now.

My friend Mathias who lives with me at the moment had falukorv in the freezer. I spotted it and freaked out. Cause you can´t get that sausage in the States. Turns out his mom took it with her when she came to visit last month.

Those slices of falu were incredible. Even better than the bestest of mexican food. And it made me miss sweden even more.

So by now you don´t need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand that I´m homesick. Well home and home.. where is home? Some say it´s where your family is, some say it´s where your work is, some say it´s where your dog is, I say it´s where my toothbrush is. So by those standards I guess we can call my state of mind swedensick (although that does sound kind of negative).

Here are some pics from last few days of skating. Notice the slick feet arrangement in the curb photo, pure precision:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Skateboarding is so cool

This behind the scenes video clip is a piece of art.

For more sexy underwear and hot models go here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Trevlig Midsommar

Just wanted to throw a greeting to my swedish friends who are celebrating midsummer today.

Önskar jag hade kunnat vara i Sverige och spelat kubb (å kanske krocket?) och ätit tunnbröd.

Finns inget som går upp mot en midsommar hemma. Även om regnet kan komma på besök.
Blöt asfalt och nyklippt gräs, den lukten är inte fy skam.

Here are a few more funny clips on what might go down in Sweden today:
Moped Race
Cow Bingo
Dancing "Small Frogs", a very mandatory dance around a pole of birch leaves.
More dancing around the pole.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA Finals / Euro Football

So the Boston Celtics won the NBA title this year.

They won the last game with 39 points!

La Lakers were hurting. Bad.

I´m not a big fan of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. But on the other hand I can´t be happy for bostonians, so I lose either way:)

And although this might not be a big thing back home in Sweden it is here.

And then there´s the Euro Cup in football...
Sweden just lost a game they needed to tie with Russia.. lame.

The other day my friends from Skellefteå made the online newspaper while cheering for Sweden down in Austria

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Skate Awards

Went to see the Transworld Skateboarding Awards last night.

Guy Mariano won.
Best Street
Best Video Part
and Readers Choice
Not bad for a guy named Guy (trying to be funny) who hasn´t had a video part in 10 years or something.
Here´s his latest one. Very awesome.

Check out his first full part here and two other ones here and here.

I got a little starstruck when I spotted Spike Jonze on stage with the Lakai Fully Flared crew.
He usually works on the Girl/Chocolate/Lakai projects to some extent.
Here are some of his work with the companies mentioned.
"Yeah Right" Intro.
"Yeah Right" Invisible Boards.
"Fully Flared" Intro.

Here are some of Spike´s other work for anyone who feel like spending 30 min on youtube.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Football, anniversary and slideshow

So Sweden won over Greece (Greece means pig in swedish) yesterday. That was fun.

Now they´re playing Spain on Saturday, pretty exited about that.

Been hangin at Hjalle´s in LA. Met some friends and even drank wine yesterday (a sweet rioja).

Since I´ve been hooked on MGMT for a few months now and they don´t have a music video for their song "Kids" I made my own yesterday.
I just took as many photos from my iphoto as there were seconds in the song + a few sec of video from their concert last week.

So here are some of my favorite moments to my (current) favorite song "Kids"

iphotos from pierre wikberg on Vimeo.

Oh the anniversary.. It´s been one year since I took the tumor out. And it´s my dad´s birthday.
Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger does NOT have a tumor. If you don´t believe me look here:

Monday, June 09, 2008

The ONLY phone to beat the iphone!

If this version doesn´t have built in ichat someone will have to get beaten. Although it doesn´t look like it has it! At least not built in..
Like how could my T-Mobile Sidekick from 2003 have ichat, and it worked perfect too, but not the iphone or iphone 3g?

If we landed on the moon 40 years ago (some say we didn´t, read about that here and here), why can´t
I have ichat integrated in my iphone?
And still only a 2 mega pixel camera.. and no FM tuner... hmmm, last I checked it was 2008, not 2003.

But even if this awesome piece of technology still
doesn´t have the ichat application or a good camera my question to the world is still..:
Why do "normal" people buy PC´s? I´m serious.., why?
You want to use the internet, you want to organize your music and photos.. maybe make a little movie once in a blue moon.. and you´re looking to buy a Dell, HP? Why?
Cause they are cheaper? Sure it might be cheaper to buy, but it will last you half the time an Apple will. And you will get viruses + it´s ugly.

Read more about this wonderful, beautiful thing here.

For the record, I don´t have an iphone. But pretty sure I´ll get the 3g one cause this time around you don´t have to commit to paying AT&T for 24 months straight.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Red Wings Win!

Amazing game. The 3-1 and 3-2 goals were intense. Stoked for the people in Detroit and anyone in Sweden who still tunes in to hockey in June.

Right after the game I went to LA to meet up with some friends and go to a MGMT concert.
This Level bottle didn´t last too long. Look at the price! For the same amount of one drink at home I get 0.75 liters of vodka here.
Last time I checked the communist liquor stores in Sweden they didn´t even carry this vodka. And they are supposed to have "the greatest selection of alcohol". Sure, they don´t have Level vodka and they don´t have Coors Light and they defiantly don´t have any low carb wine coolers.
Please bury the state liquor stores NOW!

From what I remember I had a fun night. Except the part were this bitch took my hat and threw it in the crowd. I hope she got karma'd.

Recognize her? If so, tell her she´s an idiot.

Decent sized bottles of hangover.

Found this sweet shirt at a vintage t-shirt store. Sucks it was too small. And a bargain at $38.

I walked up and down Melrose/Fairfax in LA yesterday, like a zombie.
Strolled through the DC and Burton store, they were both very impressive.

Oh, just realized it´s Sweden´s national day. But swedes don´t celebrate it, well not yet at least. Maybe in a few years.
I leave the celebrating to the norwegians on May 16/17th and the americans on July 4th.
Nevertheless... here´s a clip of beautiful Sweden:

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hockey & Politics

Detroit Red Wings lost 4-3 last night to the Penguins. They were up 3-2 with 35 sec left of the game, but then it went into sudden death. So after 110 min of playing the Red Wings lost...

Next time they will win.

And Obama will now be the democratic candidate for the american presidential elections.

I could have cared less who they nominated, either would have made a 679 times better leader than W.

Let's just make sure McCain and his evil looking wife aren't moving into the White House.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Pow, Palt and Water

Some pow pics from last weekend in Mammoth. I´m still tripping on that we scored pow last week of May.

After shredding it was time for palt, a swedish dish made out of shredded potatoes and flour (preferably barley flour) which you boil for 45 min. You can put ham inside of the balls or serve it on the side.
Serve with lingon berry jam (available at any Ikea), butter and milk.
The combo of shredding and palt is unbeatable.
Here´s a recipe.

Absolutely the best post shredding food. If you eat more than three you´re very likely to get "paltschwimmen" which is an involuntarily nap.

Been in LA for a good week now. Planned to watch some music, but I didn´t make it to any of these concerts:(
Iron Maiden, The Cure, Modest Mouse, REM (not the biggest fan though), The Police, Ladytron, and Mickey Avalon

But I will attend MGMT at the Billabong fashion show on Wednesday! VERY HAPPY about that!

Other than that I´ve just enjoyed the sun and planning some exiting jobs. I´m stoked to see that Sweden has been having some above average temperatures lately.
Here are some stats from from yesterday in Skellefteå
There´s nothing like summer in Sweden.
But it looks like another summer in southern California for me... unless I win the lottery.

We scored another magazine cover from the September New Zealand shoot. Click on the image to see the tiny type.

Here´s a random list of great waters I´ve been enjoying lately.

Arrowhead Mixed Berry. This one ties for best american sparkling water with the Arrowhead Orange flavor.

Pure Cool has a newcomer (also sparkling).
Mojo Cool, with mint/lime taste.

Metro Mint has a great collection of still waters. I was very skeptical to this chocolatemint flavor. But I was pleasantly surprised. I think it will grow on me.

Please watch this video. Such an inspiration.
Og De Souza ladies and gentlemen: