Thursday, September 24, 2009

Also interesting.

On the subject of photoshopping stuff.

I got this in an email from Transword today and I did giggle a little when I saw the screen grabs.

Yes, we did put a DC logo on the heli in one clip of the NZ/Rally Car section. I thought it would be funny and some people at DC definitely frown upon my idea. Cause they are corporate, think corporate and most importantly think of how other corporates think about them altering a heli for a 2 sec clip in their own video.
I obviously am not corpo and therefor can't think corpo. I just thought it would be fun. Much like the "grape juice" Lauri is drinking in his part in Mtn Lab 1.5, which wasn't grape juice in case anyone thought that. Iikka also drink "milk" in that movie.

Anywho, I like the comeback from Transworld and I see their pov, and I hence a little sarcasm too. But I wouldn't put it in the same category since the "fake DC heli" was used on a DC shoot, in a DC movie which was intended to market DC and like I said I was naive enough to think of it as a joke and not like DC owned a helicopter.

Not like it was a cover of an editorial story :)
And I also did mention in the previous post about this matter that I would totally put a Taco Bell or Chipote logo in a photo if I got some food for it.

Still, point taken.., if we actually "faked' that logo on the heli. As a matter of fact when rented the heli this day we put a huge DC sticker on it. Seems fair enough for a $10,000 rental. Yeah, that's what we did. No After Effects here. Totally.


Anonymous said...

So from what you are saying, i find it amusing that TW doesn't see the difference between an editorial piece and a marketing piece. Hmmmm, no wonder they have no editorial ethics. It all makes sense now.

Henke said...

jag fattar ingenting

Anonymous said...

Hey Pierre. I've also heard something about you photoshopping out a rider in the DC movie, the part where Ken drives the car. Is this true?

Pierre said...

Ha ha. Forgot about that. Fucking Jonas..