Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great time lapse clip from Brad Kremer

My friend Brad (made the past 3-4 Mack Dawg movies) put together this nice clip shot with the Canon 5D Mark ll.


Rorie said...

That's Amazing! I like it a lot..

tobbe said...

tilt-shift linser är ball... gör en hel sherddfilm med tilt-shift pierre :-D

Anonymous said...

hey what's going on with MDP. they like don't have a movie this year? I'm gathering that the B movie is made by mack dawg but they have absolutely nothing on their site??

Pierre Wikberg said...

Since there are no sales in DVD anymore (pirating) MDP called it quits. No fun putting in 1000 days work and half a million dollars into something you lose money on..

Mack Dawg did not make the Burton movie. He hasn´t made movies in like 7 years (he films on occasion).

Brad Kremer and Jaakko Itaaho have made the last 3,4,5-ish movies for MDP.

Brad and Jaakko also did the Burton movie. But Burton took credit for it. Apparently they but "a movie by" or "directed by" Burton, not Brad... among other things.