Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Smena Pics

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just woke up to an earthquake, so sick.

So a 5.4 earthquake hit east of LA an hour ago and woke me up.

I thought there was a dance party upstairs so I checked the earthquake site to see what was up.
But since it was pretty far away I didn´t think it could have made it here, but it did. It was felt all the way to San Diego and Vegas.
They reported 27 aftershocks in the first hour, with the biggest one being 3.6.

But even though this was a 5.4 one, earthquakes are common here. On the site I could read 428 earthquakes in the last week. That´s six quakes a day...

I felt one a few years ago when I was in a building in Burbank/LA. That one was sick cause it felt like I was in a boat, the whole building made a wave like movement and the light flickerd.

Read more about it here and here.

Here´s a sweet clip from a news studio who were in the middle of a quake

Ok, time to go outside, then pack for a LA week.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bought a new camera, again

This time a russian one called "Smena 35".

I bought it on ebay (for 35$) cause I didn´t want to spend 80$ on it. But it had issues from the start and only lasted long enough to blast of a few photos. I totally want another one.. but I´m thinking about the fancier Lomo LC-A+ which is 250$, and then you want the 20mm wide lens for it too. So that´s 400$... hmm. Been spending a lot of chi-ching lately and not making any.. hmm.

Here are a few pics I took one afternoon walking around my block with the short lived Smena.

DC made a site that will be updated throughout the X-Games, check it out here.


Check out EXTREME stunts live online.

I´m pretty sure you´ll be able to find a link for the webcast here later this week.

Last year their live webcasts were pretty good. Enjoy the extremness.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So there´s the comics convention downtown and I made Hjalle make some calls so we could get in.
It was sold out before they opened. Over 150.000 nerds will visit the show.

I for one am only into Star Wars. I hadn´t heard of 80% of the stuff in there. There are so many nerds here, it´t nuts.. walking around in their costumes, looking at old comic books and nerding out.

Check out a Comic-Con clip with a bunch of nerds here.

Here are pics from our afternoon.

I should have gotten one of those 8gb Star Wars USB memory.. I so totally need five of those.
Brought a Yoda doll with me home though, the consumer in me just had to buy something.

Zombies on the streets.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Why can't I get along with guys who play W.O.W and work with PC's?

So I've had computer issues, as well as butting heads with some computer people who wants to make my life miserable.
But today I went to finalize a project that's been shelved for a while cause the computer people finally fixed something that could/should have taken one day, but in their world it had to take two weeks.

Exited to finally get this thing out I learned that the computer people I've been dealing with made my life miserable again. They hadn't done the authentication of the software right, so my application wouldn't start.
And they did not want to fix it since it was 4pm on a Friday. So if I'm lucky they might be down to fix their problem next week. I'm so fucked.
So I wasted all afternoon sitting around for them never to show up.

Oh yeah, for anyone who's running Time Machine on their Mac, you're stoked. Worked so well when I restored my laptop.

I would have rather driven 45 min to go here:

Yes, that's right. It was Star Wars day at Comicon in San Diego! And I missed it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine hundreds, maybe thousands of dorks in Star Wars costumes walking around downtown San Diego?!

Fuck, I would have loved to have some of that in my life. And it was right there, only 45 min away.......pissed!

Looks like I'll go there tomorrow for a few hours since I couldn't buy a costume in time for the "Neptune 500" tomorrow. That's a tandem bike race where you need to dress up and visit 10 bars and have a cocktail at each one. The people around here aren't scared to come up with things to do. The best part is that most of them are over 30 and act like 20. But without the part of actually being 20.

Next week is X-Games in LA, so I'll be up there from Wednesday to Monday, gees. At least I'm staying at my favorite hotel and there will be a lot of fun people there + sweet extreme stunts.
Here's my clip of Jake Brown cheating death, I still feel sick to my stomach when I see it.
Here's a short version.

Then on the 5th or something I'm going to North Carolina to film bmx for a few days.
On the 9th-10th I was offered to go on a car race from San Francisco to LA with my friends Todd and Rooftop....

So today was probably the biggest waste of a day I've had in a long long time, maybe even in a galaxy far far away.

Oh and Star Wars is coming in 3D? How does that work?

I love watching "Jaywalking" on The Tonight Show

This was yesterdays clip, sorry about the out of sync audio.

Fredrik Johansson did a flair on his moto bike. An inverted 540 on a quarter pipe-ish thing last week. First ever I think.
Check out the video here.

Here´s a sweet video from the party capital of Sweden from a humor website called 1000monkeys.
Even though it´s in swedish, it could be very funny and educational for you americans. These dudes have really short shorts, tacky Dolce sunglasses, lotsa hair gel and usually move in groups. They are celled "grillers" or "stekare" in swedish.
In this video (part 3 of a 4 part series) two guys comment on the people´s short shorts and the girls who drink all week for free.
If I had more time I´d totally put subtitles on these. And these clips are 100% genuine, I promise. This is the style of choice.

Here´s another funny clip about how to act like a "griller". The clip is part of a 5 part tutorial on how to act if you want to look cool.

But the "stek" style must be working. It would be awesome to take 20 grillers from sweden on a plane and have them go to beach parties here in California. That´s a reality show for you "Grillers Do America".
Kan Fredrik och Filip snälla göra ett sånt program?!

So if you´re heading to Sweden anytime soon, don´t be surprised if you see (in your opinion) mega waxed hair, short pastel colour shorts (I have a pair here that end right above the knees and my Cali friends make fun of me all the time) and pink Polo shirts that shrunk just a little too much.
Not that Cali dudes doesn´t have a lame style too, just go to The Tavern Pacific Beach or Yogi´s in Cardiff for some fraternity/surf style you won´t find in Europe.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

So ET has been here?

Here´s youtube clip with the "proof"

Here´s an article on Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, telling the world that ET has been here.

Watch out for Diana and her lizard friends
We can only hope Marc Singer will help us again

However awesome it would be if this was real. How the fuck did any other lifeform make it to our little planet Tellus (earth)?
According to this site it would take over 100 years if you travelled at the speed of light (that´s hella fast) to get to solar systems where there might be other lifeforms. Wouldn´t that be cool, to figure out how to travel at the speed of light (which is impossible) bring like 5 couples on a rocket who´s purpose was to make babies and then more babies so that 100 years later there would be someone sane and alive to get out of the rocket on another habitable planet only to be greeted by some bugs. Or maybe evil ewoks who shot the humans dead in 2 sec.

Pretty complex operation to say the least. Can you imagine the drama of living in a rocket for your entire life? Now that would make for some fucked up tv.

For anyone who want to believe in Mulder and Scully here´s a site for you.

ET and a young Drew Barrymore

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So the secret is out..

It´s been a long time in the making, but since I´m not born in the USA I had to try to get recognized in another way.

So please vote for me so we can make kids play in public.

Wish me luck.


Just finished watching the first season of the excellent tv show "Californication".
It´s no Entourage, but it´s still pretty sweet. Highly recommended.

They live in a really sick house in Venice/LA. It´s the home of architect David Hertz. It´s on his site and it´s called the McKinley Residence.

Also got my computer back from service, so I´m exited to be back to editing and sending emails from my crib.

Been listening to this sweet tune by "Band of Horses" a lot. I know it´s like a year old and that Guy Mariano skated to it in the Lakai video. But it´s still awesome, and it makes the drives more pleasant.
Also read that Spike Jonze cried when he saw Guy´s part in the Lakai movie. And to be honest, I think a lot of skaters eyes were watering.

Har fortfarande husrum om någon är sugen på komma på sol/shopping semester i San Diego.