Sunday, August 27, 2006

More NZ

Simon posed with some japanese friends. He´s big in japan.

This is me on some peak in Methven. They overcharged us I think. We did get some shots though.

I fall asleep real easy.

Skatepark in Christchurch. Eddie rode real good, so did everyone else. My new board was lame.

The roads here a rough. You don´t want blingin rims here.

In case you didn´t know NZ is very scenic. Kind of looks like Norway I think.

We were supposed to get in the heli today, but they said high winds, so we´re driving to Wanaka. Long drive.
I´m tired.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

NZ stuff

So the flight went ok, the back is a little stiff though. But the Air New Zealand people are the biggest idiots ever. By far the least service minded people I´ve had to deal with in the last couple of years. It´s pretty safe to say I won´t be flying with them again.

I should have been drunk the whole trip instead of just having a few cocktails.

The NZ people in general though are nice, they talk funny and I´m having some problems understanding them.

The resort we rode yesterday was pretty sweet except the fact that it was the sketchiest lift I´ve ever seen. I only went up twice it would be nice to have your fingers still attached to your hand when you leave.
It was this rope that went real fast that you had to hook a nut-cracker thing onto and hope for the best… Kind of hard to explain, but it sucked. It pretty safe to say that 1-3% of your average Park City / Big Bear board dweebs would get their fingers chopped off if they went here for a day.

Aaron and I found a house that had a hobbit entrance, pretty sweet.

Today we shredded a place called Mt Hutt. It was a blizzard that only Saruman could throw at you. It was a rough day here in Middle Earth. I took my camera out though for a few shots though.

I love NZ architecture. So many sick looking houses. VERY inspiring.

We also skated at one of the many good skateparks here. It was sweet, Eddie landed a bunch of tricks.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hjalles place and New Sealand flight

So instead of driving in traffic I hung out with my friend Hjalmar in LA before heading down to SD. He´s moving out of his pad next week so it was a little messy and Ingemar was staying there as well, so his stuff was also all over the place. Since he plays poker a lot he´s got this weird thing called a PC, looks like a computer, but it doesn´t have an apple on it... I don´t know.., seems to work for gambling.

Hjalmar also uses his laptizzie as a gps/navigation device, it that new school or isn´t it? I don´t know.

I like tacky stuff, but Hjalmar has got me beat I thing. He´s got some classy stuff in his crib. And his landlord thought it was a good idea to put carpet all around his toilet... americans love their carpet, but I know my aim is sometimes slightly of sometimes and I wouldn´t wanna pee on my carpet too much.

I got a sweet snowboard from Simon too, thanks dogbreath.

Oh and now at some sweet lounge (hey Eddie please bring me some vodka!) at the Air New Zealand wing of the LAX airport. I´m with Eddie Wall, Simon Chamberlain, Spring Break Jake, Sean "I´m in business class" Lake, Nate "I´m also in busniess class" and Todd Richards is roaming around the terminal somewhere.

It was pretty sweet to ride a limo to the airport, that don´t happen too often.

I have a bunch of skate videos so I should be good for this 13 hour flight. My back will love it. And PSP and some other gadgets. Damn this is a long flight!

Oh and my fav swede also left today. Safe travels Stina.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Vader's footsteps

So I'm in to LA transfer some film. Went well. I also crusied by the Mann's Chinese Theather in Hollywood because I wanted to see if I could fit in Darth Vaders footprint, I guess that worked out as well. Steven Seagal's hands where bigger than mine though, and faster as you all know. Couldn't find Chuck Norris cement piece, please tell me he's got one.
Look at the nice toilet chair chillin next to my car, Hollywood is a classy place.
Oh and my fav german David Benedek asked me if I knew about this ""
And I did know about that. These are some greedy leaches who are renting my (Robot Food's) videos illegaly and never asked us for permission and aren't giving us a cent for it. They told me to buzz of and called me a terrorist when I told them to take it down from the site... only in America.

If anyone has a dad or someone who's a lawyer I'd be hella greatful if someone had the time to investigate this further... It's in the past to me, but I sure would like to take these guys out of business.

Being the tired driver that I am (I'm boarderline narcoleptic) I stayed in LA after the transfer and I had to do some shit in the morning too I got myself a room at the nicest hotel I've stayed in (in the US) The Standard in downtown LA. It's a sweet place and since I'm really good and customers satisfaction feedback I got to stay here for less than a 100$. Not lame.

Oh well, traffic is gonna be sweet today, not.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Whats a professional snowboarder?

I took these pics at Footlocker.. like why is she on huge posters/billboards next to real athletes? Athletes who practice 60 hours a week and win huge competitions? Sad.

Oh I also heard Teddybears song "Cobra Style" ( / teddybears) at the mall today, pretty wild.
I / Robot Food used that song for the DC Mtn Lab bonus feature in Lame. Good band.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Work and consumed

Pretty normal day. I´ll be on the computer until sunrise, but I did consume a pair of sunglasses (lost identical pair one year ago) that I haggled down from 160 to 70$, not bad eh? I don´t know how that happened, but it did. And now maybe my luck has turned.

There are a bunch of swedes in the area now. I´m gonna try and get a pic with all of em. Ingemar, Hjalmar, Erik, Rehn, Stina and me. Maybe at The Sounds concert on saturday in LA, if I can make it... NZ on monday and LA on thursday/friday... I don´t know if I like driving that much. Friday traffic is gonna be lame.

Back to work...

This blog layout is a joke

How the fuck do you lay shit out here and make it look decent?! I think doesn´t like my web browser or some thing...

Saw the new Will Ferrell movie today, thanks Todd for suggesting it. It was sweet. I love Will Ferrell. Pretty sweet to see the old "Night Hawk" Jack Killian (Gary Cole) as the dad. I watched that show (Midnight Caller) too much in the 90´s.

The dude selling me the ticket, I think his name was P Wilson, was an idiot. Hope he loses his digital camera too.

This last week pics.., sorry for having the pics all out of order. blows a big fat horn

So this last week I did a film transfer (16mm film to videotape) in LA.
Got to see some EXTREME stunts ( or at the X-Games. My boss got a bronze medal in Rally and the rest of the DC athletes did really well.
The nice people at hooked me and my friends with boxes of clothing.
Pinback and Billy Idol played at the Del Mar racetrack (That´s me and Stina + Chrystal and Windy + Nate in the pics).
The sample room at DC also got a visit (the opposite of lame)
Hit up some batting cages (not good for my back) and worked the rest of the time, although my work computer is still at service... lame.
I´m going to NZ soon, so this week will be hectic. I wish there were more hours in the day.

Bad blog start

My digital camera was stolen at the W hotel in Santa Monica, lame... It had 150+ pics and I´m really bummed. Maybe blogging isn´t for me.
Anyway, imagine some sweet pics from the X-Games, drunk swedes, drunk americans, drunk finns, Tara Reid, Pierre holding it down with "Mini-Me" and things of that nature...

Thank you Eddie for the floorspace... good times.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back in SD

So I'm back in California, finally. But I do have a work visa now so that's pretty sweet. Lotsa work ahead and a few trips.

Going to LA tomorrow to see Teddybears ( Pretty cool that they're getting to play in the US. I used a few songs with them in previous videos. Good tunes.
Hopefully there will be a few swedes there. My buddy Hjalmar and some of the WE clothing people.

Going to the (work) computer now.