Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iceland takes gold at X-Games

Here are Halldor´s fs 10 and bs 12, and a perfect 100 score.

Here´s their own edit, taken from their blog

Halldor winns X Games Big Air with Best possible score!!! from on Vimeo.

If you don´t remember last years text judging fiasco you can go here to see how you make a mockery out of the riders.

Stoked for Mikkel, Torstein and Halldor, hope they kill it in slopestyle today as well. They qualified top 3 so I hope they end up top 3 as well.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Shaun´s slam at 0:45 did not look comfortable, at all.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Man's best friend.

This clip was in the comment section of the clip of the record collector (which I hope you watched).

In this short clip director Eliot Rausch makes a emotional portrayal of the bond between Jason Wood and his dog Oden.

I was really taken by it. If you have a pet, or used to have, this will most certainly get your eyes wet-ish.

This is something I never want to film.

The backcountry can be dangerous and since I´ve spent a fair amount of time there I´ve gotten more scared and cautious of the dangers.

Unfortunately there´s a really annoying commercial embedded in the clip.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

15 min about what has happened in the past decade.

Brusti, Steve Gruber, Hampus and a few others talk about what has happened in snowboarding the past decade.
Good watch.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I´m not one to be impressed with green screen rigs and the filming that goes with it. It´s just a cheaper and less creative way to recreate something you could shoot in real life.

However, this clip is pretty impressive. Open up my eyes to what is possible. But I´m old school, screw green screen, compositing and post production.

7.5 min documentary.

This short clip almost made me cry, well maybe not cry but it made me sad.
When someone has so much passion for something and nobody appreciates it...

The day we came closer to world peace.

The Church Of Apple showed us the iPad today.
It´s basically a large iPhone. But it will eliminate owning a desktop computer for many people.

I can see myself at a summer house, by the water. Chillin in a hammock with some Brämhults orange juice and browsing the web or watching last nights hockey recap on my iPad. I might actually have to buy a summer house before I buy an iPad, I need one that much.. haha.

All kidding aside. It´s a great product, spend 8 min on this video and see for yourself.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Merged photos.

This is a bit old, yet great.

A software that merges photos into a virtual reality, I guess..

Love it. Now we just need to let the Microsoft nerd hand it over to Apple so it becomes user friendly.

The good part kicks in after 3:30, enjoy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great filming from French Fred, again.

Fred Mortagne made a new clip for Cliche. Great camera work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is what you do when you´re 40.

You go to Paris:

And you shoot toy guns:

Remembering Craig Kelly.

He passed away 7 years ago, today..
Here are two 3-4 min clips about the GREATEST snowboarder that ever lived.

Wikipedia article on Craig:

My friend Trevor Graves uploaded this photo of Craig today.
It was shot in Riksgränsen, Sweden, in 1989 and has an interesting story behind it (click to enlarge).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marc Johnson talks about his legendary M.O Part

So Shaun White wins the olympics..

As most of you know olympic podium hopeful Kevin Pearce is in a coma after snowboard related fall. Now Danny Davis hurt his back and needs to have back surgery and will miss the olympics.. sucha shame. Not only that he injured himself, obviously, but he was my hope for the olympics.

From what I gathered he might have been playing around at the DC Mtn Lab with his friend Elliot on atw´s when they got hurt.
Elliot was also part of the equation when I broke my neck at the Mtn Lab.

So now the odds of White winning the olympics are prolly about 1.05.

Here´s a clip of Danny from the last half pipe contest:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Last episode out of 2 with Chris Roach.

Very good episode.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Film, skate and art.

This looks interesting.
Rick McCrank acts in a Canadian film, out soon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here´s a two min clip I made of some of my favorite Gino tricks I found on Youtube.
Style for miles.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I wish I could travel by train more often. Full bed, electricity and cell service. Not lame.

I just (yes in this position) edited a tribute clip with Gino Ianucci too. During one of my procrastination sessions this week I got on Youtube to check out the grace that Gino skates with and figured I might as well make a short edit. So I did. Unfortunatly this train doesn't have wifi so I'll post it later.

Getting on the train to Stockholm right now. Been packing and
evaluating what to bring since I'm aiming to stay for a bit. This is
what I ended up with. I wonder when I'll get to move into my own spot
and empty out my Luleå and San Diego storage units..?

Now I have season 4 of Dexter and about 10 new movies to choose from
to cure boredom on my 14 hour trip to Stockholm. Maybe I'll check out
the bistro, it's Saturday night after all.

Hugs and kisses.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Here are some photos, in a 2.5 min video.

While going through all my shit I found those Robot Food movies and decided to check out the bonus features on Lame.
And then I saw that we made 10-ish slide shows from me, Bendek, Zacher etc.. so here´s mine.

Photos I shot in 2003, while filming for Lame.

I'm going through some stuff at my parents house and found these, not

Jamie Lynn.

He had the most style, no contest.

Here´s 7 min of pure greatness.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

In case you haven't heard.

Kevin Pearce was severely injured about a week ago when he hurt himself in the Park City pipe.

Kevin's family has set up a Facebook page where they let us know how he's recovering. 20,000 people have joined in just a few days.

Then ABC News stepped in with a story about how dangerous snowboarding is and how the IOC who in their minds are "the leaders of this sport" need to evaluate how they get less injuries in this dangerous sport. I, obviously, got pretty upset by watching yet another tool on tv talking about snowboarding without having a clue what she's talking about. This wouldn't happen in any other "traditional" sport, trust me.

Not that I expect much else from people working with sports on national tv. Heck ESPN doesn't even know what they are doing with the X-Games and they've owned and operated it for 15 years or something and they STILL don't get it.

The olympics is, in my mind, about the best performances in each sport. This isn't the case in snowboard, for a number of reasons.
Reason 1: The Swedish olympic (or national team who are supposed to find and support the best snowboarders in the country) team for example havn't supported the best riders. I mean in the last olympics they got €2,000,000 or something to get some good riders to the olympics. I could have saved Lexmark or whoever paid for it (hopefully it wasn´t taxpayers) that money since no Swedish person could have gotten top 10 in Torino even if half the people in the contest fell. The best riders from Sweden, like Ingemar, Hampus, Jakob, Chris, Johan etc never got any backing (of relevance) by the Swedish national team to grow as snowboarders. Not that they (well Ingemar could have been a podium contender) were olympic material, but that didn´t stop the Norwegian national team to help the likes of Mikkel, Torstein, Fredrik, Andeas etc to become better riders.

Reason 2: Halfpipe doesn´t show who the best snowboarder is. It´s probably the easiest discipline to judge and pretty interesting for the endemic viewer who doesn´t know/care about what snowboarding is.
Yes, boardercross and slalom are easier to judge, but I don´t consider the slalom people to be snowboarders. They are skiers on a narrow snowboard with ski boots, with skier mentality.
And even if halfpipe did determine who the best snowboarder was the IOC definitely aren´t the best ones to portray it.
Just take the Vancouver halfpipe.. not the best resort / location to have it. The mountain doesn´t like snowboarders and if it rains I bet they will still force the riders to drop in.
Does skiers get that treatment? Eh, no.

Ok, Shaun White is a great snowboarder. Maybe the best. But he´s not on my top 10 list for snowboarders I like to see.
Same with Travis Rice. Some might say he´s the best, but he´s not on my top 10 of riders I like to see come down a mountain.
I´m not saying I´m right because there is no right or wrong. But snowboarders I like watching are, Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Jussi Oksanen, Jake Blauvelt, Devun Walsh, Travis Parker, Hampus Mosesson, JP Solberg and others. They probably can´t physically do what Rice and White does, but imho you can´t categorize snowboarding like you can figure skaters. The IOC and 90% of the people watching the olympics will never get that and that´s ok. But it´s not ok when ABC News put this bitch Christine Brennan on tv to talk about snowboarding. And it´s not ok for the X-Games to crown the gold medalist by having Americans text in their votes before the riders even drop in to do their trick. So basically I´m fucked for even thinking that someone who has a suit job will ever understand my pov, which is a healty pov, cause I know better than them.

Some people created a Facebook group against this ABC News bitch. Feel free to join.

Here are three emails that were sent to her, click to enlarge.

The best failed people of 2009.

This clip is frekkin great. I had to pause like 5 times. Fuck people are such idiots.

It´s cold outside.

That is frost on the inside of our door. -30 outside and +22 inside.

This day it was only -15 and we treated moms cousin and bf from Australia to a bbq. The temperatures where they live never goes below +10.

Aussies on skis. They were a little unstable, but enjoyed the tour behind our house.

Shredding a place called Bygdsiljum around x-mas. This part of Sweden got 1 meter of pow in a weekend. That´s almost as much as the annual snow fall.
Bygdsiljum is a tiny mtn though, around 100 meters I think. We ventured out of bounds and I got caught in a field of rocks. The pow was the fluffiest I´ve been in for years. Lighter than Utah pow. So you went though 70cm right without a problem, which resulted in me hitting my leg pretty hard on a rock. Took a week to recover from, all good now.

This is a street in Skellefteå just hours after it was plowed. Dump of the decade, no contest.

Clip with Hampus and Jakob.

Hampus has his own website where he´ll hopefully post more videos like this one which features him, Jakob and friends. Enjoy:

Preshred Funäsdalen from Holymoses on Vimeo.

Method Mag also posted this flashback video from 2000 featuring a VERY young Shaun White, Romain DeMarchi and Jakob Wilhelmson.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ken is going to the WRC.

He´ll be the first American to race in the WRC and since Subaru aren´t involved with the WRC anymore he´ll be driving a Ford.

Read press release and other things here:

Monday, January 04, 2010

New 2009 highlight clip with Ken Block

I´ve made some highlight clips (2006 and 2007 among others) for Ken before and enjoyed it as well as shooting some of his driving. He´s opened up a lot of doors/eyes for rally in America. Mostly through his viral videos. Using a skate/snow marketing in an industry who wouldn´t know what Facebook is if it hit them in face hasn´t hurt his reputation. Some still argue that he´s not a good driver compared to the WRC people and yes sure Solberg might be a better rally driver but Ken has never claimed to be better than him.
If you know that WRC use a completely different race technique (with recce) compared to the American rally circuit you´d know better than comparing the two. And since Ken has friends / staff in the video / photo / video department and thinks along lines the other rally people don´t he´s created a great outlet for his ideas, online videos.. How you can hate on someone who drifts his car around an airport ate call him a bad driver caise the video is editing I have no idea. I do know that a lot of people are morons, and I guess that´s the answer.

Anywho.. here´s Ken´s 2009 highlights. Made by Josh Martelli at Mad Media, enjoy.

If you haven´t seen Ken on Top Gear, check it out here:

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I watched this documentary the other day.

It´s about 9/11 and it was pretty damn good.

If you have any interest in knowing how complicated and corrupt that terrorist attack was you should watch this.
If you don´t care then move along to Facebook.

Unfortunately I could only find it in 12 parts on Youtube. Here´s the first one.
The events of 9/11 were tragic, but the aftermath even more tragic. It´s really mindblowing how a government can get away with such poor governing. It´s so sad.

If you don´t want to educate yourself by watching the whole (110-120 min) documentary. Here´s a short trailer:

More about the director and the Loose Change film series, go here:

Friday, January 01, 2010

Travis jumped a car 270 feet.

Ken had somewhat of a record with his jump that was 100 feet shorter. Ken did it for a Discovery Channel show called Stunt Junkies (hosted by some major tools).

I could go shoot Ken´s jump due to Discovery Channel but he handed me a little dv tape with a bro cam angle and short interview. I uploaded the clip and it had 1 million views in no time. Now it has almost 15 million + a few million on other uploads.. Youtube power.

Here´s Travis´jump:

I know Ken had plans on doing some bag ass jumps, we´ve tried a few times but been turned town by weather etc. I´m sure he´ll beat Travis´ soon.