Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I´m not down with the with the Bush administration

I was about to apologize for this political post, but I´m not.

If you care about what´s been going on in Iraq (and still happening) and where your tax dollars are being spent as well as the reason for hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, read on. If you don´t care, go back to watching Jerry Springer or Idol now.

Every american with a right to vote should watch this.

I saw it the other day on tv, and I guess it´s a couple of years old. But that doesn´t change the fact that the current administration are unethical, corrupted, lying, greedy un-solidary (don´t know if that´s a real word) pricks.

So get an hour to yourself and watch it. It´s made by the BBC and yes, it could get boring at times, but I still think everyone should watch it.
Wouldn´t hurt if it was on american TV once a day until the elections.

Here in a bigger screen:

Or in the embed version below.

Remember, around 50% of the american population are sorry for electing Bush. So there is hope.
Learn more here:

This picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking
Saddam Hussein´s hand from when american funded Iraq in their war against Iran is pretty scary.
For video click here.

War is not the answer..

Skateboard Museum and skater haters

Went to a museum featuring skateboards the other day. The museum features industrial design such as furniture and electronics but also had a huge room dedicated to skateboards. They also had skateboards in the permanent exhibition that were from that era which was a little weird.

I really liked this plastic desk.

This is the swedish king and queen and our future queen to be, Victoria.

Check out that chair, you can sleep in it, play World of Warcraft, eat, sleep... excellent.

Album covers from the 80´s. That Billy Idol album was the first one I bought, together with a Thomson Twin´s one.
I think I had Europe´s "Final Countdown" already, which I got as a birthday present along with the record player.
My first two cd´s were Dinosaur Jr "Green Mind" and Jane´s Addiction "Ritual De Lo Habitual".
Pretty sure I bought them after watching an Alien Workshop skate video and reading that Ed Templeton likes Jane´s Addiction.
I still have the cd´s somewhere.. saw them in one of my storage units a few years ago.
I remember the cd player I had cost 3000 kroner, which is around $450, and this was in 1990 or something.
Thanks to my dad´s job at the time I had access to a lot of electronic toys, which directly influenced me into becoming a filmmaker.
If I only would have had $4000 to invest in a NTSC (american version) Sony VX-1000 video camera in 1997 I wouldn´t have been filming snowboarding.
98% sure I´d film skating now instead.

Wow, talk about going off on a tangent.. :)

Remember when you actually cared about what graphic a pro had? And that it actually stayed on the shelfs for more than 6 weeks. I do.

Wonder if Chris Gentry tried this one?

I really like this tv. It´s made by AGA, a swedish gas company. Just put a modern lcd screen inside it. Only problem would be to find a squre lcd... screw widescreen.

I heard that 25% of all the worlds cranes are in Dubai, that´s pretty nuts. Someone also told me 25% of the worlds cranes were in China which is pretty nuts too. But isn´t China about times bigger than Dubai?
Still, that´s a lot of cranes.
Here are two on Hisingen.

Been skating at this plaza a lot lately. I think it´s one of the best spots in Sweden. And I just stumbled upon it when I was walking around the city.
If it would have been in SkellefteƄ there would be 100 kids there all the time.
Here´s a pic of the police talking to some old man about who knows what, not even bothering the skaters, that doesn´t happen in "The Land of The Free".
Here are a few clips with skaters fighting with cops and rent-a-cops:
One This one is sick. Fucking cop! He needs to get severely punished. There´s no need for people like him on this planet.
Four This one is pretty disturbing too. Grown ups messing with 13 year old kids.
Six This dude needs to chill the fuck out too.
Seven Wow, look at this stupid ass tool.
Ten hahaha, take a chill pill you dirt hag, hahahahaha. Hahahahahahahaha.
Eleven this dude wants the skater to go to Iraq and fight for "us". Haha, what´s wrong with these people. "Us", who is that? American citizens, Republicans? Who is "us"? I suggest you learn to speak better english than a 12 year old scandinavian before you start telling kinds to go to war for "us". If "us" is USA I suggest you learn the proper english so the teen skaters you hate so much can understand you.
ThirteenAnother cop who needs to go to a siberian prison.
FourteenThis one is just too funny, a bunch of overweight black kids harassing skinny white skaters. Sad, but funny.
FifteenThis cop tells the skaters "we" are at war. Don´t skate close to the courthouse. Haha. Oh lord.
SixteenAnother cop who needs to chill.

I´m ending this mega post about about skaters being harassed with an old man pissed that he can´ride a skateboard and that he killed germans. Wow

As I was trying to google a pic of Chris Gentry on a rollerblade wheeled skateboard I can across this one legged skater, also names Chris Gentry. Wow.
Check his 30 sec clip out here.
And in case you didn´t check out Og De Souza (no legged skater) in a older post of mine, here it is again. Very inspirational.

This post took a few hours to make, but what the hell. It´s raining outside.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Video from Zurich

Here´s a clip of Hampus and Stefan who got 2nd and first.

For some reason the audio is like 5 sec ahead of the video. I blame the french.

Love hearing Brustie commentating, haven´t hung out with him in years (used to work with him and J Hostynek on two movies called Tribal and Transcendence).
Me and Brustie in San Diego 2006..? Wow my head looks huge.

New Entourage today too! Can´t wait.
I´ve been watching the season 5 of 24 too these past days. Got hooked one late night when they were playing reruns at 2am. Then I had to go to the itunes store and buy the rest of them. I love 24.
Can´t wait for season 7.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It´s all about the balloons in Zurich + Look at skateboards being made

It doesn´t get much more euro than this:

Heard my friend Hampus got 2nd, stoked.

Like I said.., can´t wait to see him and the others in Pony Tale. I´ve seen some parts, sick sick.

Here´s a sweet video on how a company called World Industries make their skateboards. It´s about 8 min long and pretty interesting to watch.
W.I has been getting a lot of heat for making their skateboards in Asia. I never understood what the problem was.
The majority of your shit is made in Asia.., why can´t skateboards be made there?
I was about the embed the clip, but the people at Transworld Skateboarding made the clip play automatically on blogs etc. This is very annoying so here´s a link to it:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gino skatin, politics and action horses

Here´s part 8 of Gino Iannucci´s Vbs documentary. Gino is sick.

Here´s a very scary and entertaining clip of Sarah Palin:

And this one... it´s pretty scary. Some weirdo pastor is performing some witchcraft on her and preaching for the finances to get better, in the name of Jesus of course.

Try this poll about the american election. It only takes 5 min and you can do it in swedish and english.
It will let you know where you stand, or what presidential candidate you stand closest to. This is where I ended up.

I´d also like to remind you about Actionhorse´s new movie Pony Tale that will be available for FREE download on October 31st.

It will without a doubt be the best free movie of 2008. I´m even claiming top 5 of ALL 2008 movies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In memory of Johnny Romano

Johnny was a young skater who caught the skateboard industry´s heart with his love for skateboarding.
He had been battling cancer for a few years and became friends with Real Skateboards founder Jim Thiebaud as well as the people over at The Berrics.

Jim wrote about Johnny´s passing on the Deluxe site, where people are also leaving comments.

I bet The Berrics will have something about Johnny´s death in a few hours on their dedicated Johnny Romano site.

There is also a website where you can donate to the Johnny Romano Relief Fund.
I can´t imagine how much it would cost to be in and out of the hospital for as many years as Johnny was. Sometimes you forget how good we have it in Scandinavia were this treatment would be free.

Johnny and his family also have a blog. His brother Joey posted a very moving post today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pics. And I decided to change the blog template...

The new template threw some shit around, like some pics are centered and some are not... should be able to figure it out.. or I'll go back to the old green one..
Feedback is appreciated.

Weird stairs.

This is very skatable when empty. Look for it in
New Deal´s old videos Useless Wodden Toys and 1281.
Found this pic online of a bmxer getting radical in it.




Building, tree and sky. And an airplane if you look real hard.

Leaning tower and sick skatespot. I´m skating there tomorrow.

Here are tourists being tourists on a tourist boat.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New EA SKATE 2 Trailer

I don´t play video games, but figured some of you who read this do.

I heard the first EA SKATE game was good so this one has to be better right?

My question is:
Why do they release a trailer that cost more than a standard skateboard video to make with a song used in the biggest skate video release of 2007 (Fully Flared)?
And why is Danny Way doing a benihana in it?

I for one thought the trailer was crap, but those two things in particular are just so.. not finesseful (and yes, that´s a word).

Those overpriced LA agencies will never get it right. And they wouldn´t see a bad idea if it it them in the groin.

For more EA SKATE and Fully Flareness, check out these three clips and the video game remakes of the parts. Pretty impressive.
Play them simultaneously for extra flare.

Original versions:
Mike Carroll
Guy Mariano
Mike Mo Capaldi

EA SKATE versions:
Mike Carroll
Guy Mariano
Mike Mo Capaldi

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More things seen through a lens

David inside Dr Evil´s hq.

Of course you need to watch the game when you go to the wc.

Palt, good food.

Though photdawgs.



Moss an trees.

Big ring.


Poseidon taking a bubble bath.

Here´s Iittala´s window display in Stockholm. Very creative.