Sunday, February 24, 2008

23 Guinness World Records in one day!

My DC friends Rob & Big broke 23 world records in one day!

I´ve always been a fan of Guinness (not the beer). I´ve collected them for over 20 years and I know quite a few records by heart (I know I´m a nerd).

Some records I remember are:

Longest time spend in a tree.
Longest sleepwalker.
Most siblings born on the same date.
Fastest time solving a Rubik´s cube (blindfolded and with eyes open).
Longest kiss.
Longest kiss in a feature film.
Longest shower.
Longest hole in one, golf.

I could go on and on... but you have fun googeling those.

Then there are the "action sport" ones. The skateboard records have always been kind of a joke and I know I could have broken a few of them. But Rob beat me to it.

I guess I can still beat him at most consecutive ollies. Maybe I should. Would be fun to be in the Guinness book. Better than sitting here editing all weekend:(

I need to contact Guinness.

Here´s a 7 min segment from the episode.

You can also watch the rest of their shows here:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So I´m a year older...

This was the first (or possibly second) time I spent my birthday in Sweden since high school. Usually I´m out filming somewhere.

31... damn I´m old. Can´t believe I´m closer to 40 than 20...

Oh well.

Been procrastinating quite a bit lately. Lotsa things going around in my little brain.

I´m trying to finish these rally car clips for the DC site. Going slow, but I want to finish them asap so I can go back to the states. Just realized that I can´t stay here any longer, unfortunately.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Crazy cop in Baltimore harasses skater.

Been following the debate around this clip for the last few days. It´s all over the local Baltimore media.
As for now the cop is doing paper work and is still getting paid... sad but true.

From what I´ve read almost everyone thinks the cop was way out of line. But there are a few dicks who stand up for the cop.
I can only assume they (obviously generalizing, meaning I believe at least 51% of the people who side with the cop) are christians and/or voted for Bush. Cause they keep saying that the kid needs someone to beat him up cause it´s clear that he´s not raised right since he called the dumb cop "dude" and "man".

The cop obviously deserves no respect. Fucking power tripper.
I´ve seen this happen a lot in the States. Cause that´s where this happens the most. Sure there are power trippers everywhere, but per capita/cop the US wins the gold for most kooks in law enforcement, hands down.

Here´s some reading about it from local papers:

Here´s a video:

Another Florida news channel:

Even CNN had it on their first page (as well as the local press)

What kind of person do you need to be to accuse a 14 year old of having a dad that couldn´t raise him...

When the kid says he doesn´have a father the pig screams at him to shut up. Real classy.

There are too many things that upset me about this pig.

I can only imagine how many times he´s wrestled small 40 kilo kids to ground before and showed off his badge... fucking moron.

Here´s his address. I suggest you send him something.

Officer Rivieri, you sure are a brave one

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Svar på

Sunday, February 10, 2008

äpple på hårdbröd?

The Dick Tricks interview

My friend David answers some questions about his book.

Grattis Therz å Konne!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some good skating from Umeå, Sweden

Just found a clip of my friend Markus Kärnebro on Youtube.

It was a very pleaseant experience to watch.

Now I wanna go skating, or at least film skating.

Here´s some more skating of Markus from the Presens movie (from 2004 I think). Even a few San Diego shots in this one.

He also had a few tricks (towards the end) in this bonus part from my 2005 movie "DC Mtn Lab"