Saturday, February 27, 2010

Part two of the Utah clip.

Here's part two of the Utah clip I made a while back.

I made it as one part, but they cut it up.
FIlmed by me, Anthony Vitale and Per-Hampus Stålhandske.

Here´s the first part, in case you haven´t seen it.


Went to the beach (all 100 meters) to watch the tsunami today at noon.
We didn't see it.. like expected.

Here's an article about it though (we saw these surfers in the water who got fined).

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good article about why the Olympics are lame.

Yes I´m still exited about the hockey games, but that´s because I turn into a Neanderthal like everyone else for 2 hours and I choose not to think about how dumb is it so be a patriot and I also obviously ignore how corrupt the Olympics are, no joy if you dwell on that.
It´s like when you´re here in the US. I can´t enjoy it here if I think about how fucked this country is. I just close my eyes, eat my mexican food, drive a truck, consume toys and live in my little bubble. If you start thinking about being solidaric, compassionate and saving the world from greed you can´t hang out here.
So yeah, that´s why I like the hockey games in the Olympics.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Scotty Lago got in trouble.

Since snowboarders aren´t skiers, but are managed by skiers at the Olympics, things like this will upset people who race gates, or parents and coaches to those who race gates.

Who cares what he does with his medal?
I bet a lot of olympians have done VERY inappropriate things with their medals. And I have no doubt the ones with the weirdest ideas are the ones who appear "proper". Hypocrites.

Story and comments here:

Great interview with Terje about the Olympics.

Leaving Mammoth for Vegas. Me and Eddie travel light.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mavericks surf contest had some surprises.

People lost their cameras, back packs and what not. Some were injured, I think 3-4 broke their arms and legs.

0:50 in you get a good view of one of the waves.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics in the USA.

I might have mentioned this before but the Olympic broadcasting in the US is very lame.
When Phelps won 8 golds and the media here sent the news out live the public went nuts.
They didn´t want to hear what´s happening in China when they are at work.

When Shaun won in 2006 they broadcasted the final half a day after he won. With American flags blowing in the wind (in slow motion I might add, hahaha).
You think Americans opposed to this edited and directed broadcast. No, they think that´s the way it´s supposed to be.

For a Swede the Olympics is live even if it´s 8 hours ahead or 9 hours behind. We set out alarms to watch hockey at 4.30 if we have to.

This year you can watch 3-6 live channels on the Swedish tv website AS WELL as on your iPhone.
Compare lying in your cabin in the boonies or maybe you´re on a bus (which has wifi and 3G obviously) and you can watch 6 channels of live feed on your iPhone to sitting in Los Angeles waiting for NBC to edit the Vonn, White or Jacobellis race to the people at home can watch the patriotic (yes I know the Olympics is all about patriotism, but in the US they take it to another level) version they edited for you.

Here´s some screen grabs from my friend Espen´s FB page.

History of snowboarding.

My friend Trevor Graves has started a project about the history of snowboarding.

Check out this feature wuíth photos of Sanders neon suit, Brushies dreadlock etc.

Check out as well.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shaun the highest paid athlete in the Olympics.

Good for him.

My face on Snowboarder Mag

They asked me a few questions when I swung by their office a week or two ago.

Read it here:

You gotta love Japan.

Japanese boarder Kazu Kokubo didn´t tuck in his shirt when he boarded the plane in Tokyo and was suspended to walk with his countrymen in the opening ceremony. Love it.

It did not help Kokubo's case when he made light of the incident and said the Games were "nothing special" and "just another snowboarding event."

The Japanese ski association wanted to send him back to Japan after he made an public apology, but with a sarcastic undertone.
God I love this.

Read the complete story here:

Jake talks.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My latest creation.

This clip is actually about 8 minutes long but DC decided to cut in up into two pieces from some reason.
Here´s the first part.

Anthony Vitale filmed the first section with Iikka, Lauri and Devun and I filmed Biittners stuff (which was shot at Snowbird and Park City in 4-5 days).

Hope you like it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

7 minutes with NBC tools and the US snowboard team.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The mainstream will never understand what snowboarding means to me.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


You can watch the entire Roadkill movie here:

In case you want to see Hanna Teter in a swimsuit.

Apparently there´s a demand for it.

There are 45 more photos here:

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One run in Åre, Sweden.

Holymoses takes his first run of the day with Jakob Wilhelmson.

Jakob is a pretty decent snowboarder.

First Run Jakob Wilhelmson from Holymoses on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Positive vibes for Kevin Pearce

Dave Seone episode on VBS

I don´t really know Dave all that well. He´s mostly an acquaintance through the older people in the snow industry.
He was pro for a while, then got into filming and welding stuff.
He made Subjekt Haakonsen, which I think is one of the best snowboard films ever done.

He lives at a warehouse which holds Nemo design and I´ve spent some serious time there. I spent the 2002-2004 summers there.

I even got to write an intro of sorts for the episode:

Anywho, here´s 30 min with Dave Seone, one original dude:

My friends Patrik and David just got nominated for an Oscar!

Patrik has had a couple of good years behind him to say the least.

Some critics award at the Cannes film festival in 2007, Sundance appearance in 2009 and Sundance premier event in 2010 together with Spike Jonze and then today... ta da.. Academy Award nomination aka Oscar. Impressive.

The above mentioned are all low budget short films so to get that kind of recognition for a film which total budget is less than one day of shooting for a snowboard movie like First Decent is huge.

David filmed all of the above. Good thing he´s better with the camera than the pliers.

Great work guys, very proud of you.

I hope to see you in LA soon then.

Here´s the trailer:

My friend Patrik and David just got nominated for an Oscar!

I love skateboarding

Mike Vallely might be a little out there in some aspects but he´s done some great things with his Drive tv show. I´ve watched a few of them and I´ve gotten this warm feeling about them. Might sound emo but I can´t describe it in other words.
The Jeremias brothers have done a great job with this show. The filming is top notch and so is the directing and post production.

Here´s a 6 min clip about the show:

Mark has also done a beatiful film about the California surf lifestyle.
Trailer here:

I also noticed that the whole film is on Youtube in three parts.

You tell me.

How a tool like John Brenkus gets to be on tv with a clip like this one? Let alone drive a BMW 7-series to work.

Can you find a more pathetic clip about the evolution of snowboarding online I´ll give you a hug.
And this footage was still shot by talented filmers in the know, but Espn literally killed the footage with their direction, narration and editing. And the worst part is that they love it and will continue to do this.
The end sentence is the best:
The corkscrew has the same shape as the double helix, so maybe Shain was born to do this because it´s in his dna.

I had to tag it like they did "sport science" and "sports science".. really. They will get traffic by using those words?

I´m not against Shaun even if I posted three posts with him. He´s just in the spotlight this week.
X-Games tend to turn up my bloggin frequency.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Apperantly you need to train.

Training to me is like going to the gym with protein drinks so you can get some tan on your tribal tattoos while sporting your new Dolce shades and Ed Hardy hat.

It´s jock, it´s lame.

I do understand that exercise is healthy, duh, but I never liked the attitude of people who practice, practice, practice, practice to become great and make money and get medals. I just can´t relate.

Sure Peter Forsberg practiced A LOT, but he has the talent too, and it shows + hockey is a jock sport to start with.

When the jock mentality hits skate/snowboarding I tend to look the other way. I totally understand why it´s there, I just don´t want anything to do with it. Hell, "our" sport is run by skiers, at least the olympic part of it. But then again I´m not associating myself with an olympic snowboarder, half pipe or slalom (haha, slalom.. ). Some of those olympic boarders, well most slalom ones, think like skiers.. old school skiers. Like racing gates skiers..

I like snowboarding that takes place on powder and to some extent jumps. Urban snowboarding is what it is and I like documenting it but it´s not what gets me psyched to get in the car (or subway here in Stockholm).
Gigi, Nicolas, Parker and others take care of that for me.

So while reading this article ( I couldn´t read the whole thing, so sorry if I missed something) on Bud Keene who´s a coach for the US olympic team or national team or whatever.. I got a little confused. Like.. really.. he just said that..?
I was never one to really understand what he had to do with any American taking a medal at the olympics.. I mean yes I understand that there are team managers, friends, filmers, riders etc who travel with the talent and push the riders to do better but a coach? Like, oh your head is a tiny bit lower on your double cork than it was last week.. try chucking it harder.. like that? And full time? And probably making over 10k a month doing it, hell probably 20k a month.

Here´s a quote from the article:
What did you think of Vito's dance career? Good or bad for his snowboarding? Or is it a just a totally "snowboard" thing to do on an Olympic year?
No, not really. He could have been down in N.Z. learning a new trick instead.

Yes, he said that.
I also think that my job as filmer, editor, driver, team manger, baby sitter, drink buyer and coach has been and is rewarding.
I just don´t totally understand Bud´s point of view, or the people who pay him. Cause I do understand it, just not totally.
In the late 90´s a traveled a fair bit with the Swedish and Norwegian national teams and Petter Levin who coached both of them (I think) was a really good guy to have around, but he was more of a friend and possibly team manager and I never saw him as a coach, in the jock sense of the word / profession.

Here´s another:
Do you do any intelligence snooping on foreign halfpipe comps and athletes?
People have been inspired by Shaun's private training ground last winter, and so have been working to get their own special situations set up. We know about most of those situations, and what was accomplished at each, but I can't help feeling that we don't know about all of them. We'll see.

I wouldn´t use the word "inspired". At least that´s not what I´ve heard. And no I don´t see his "special situation set up" comparable to the DC Mtn Lab if anyone made that connection.

I´d like to give the riders more credit and not involve some coach. But when you´re expected (and yes Shaun you will with 99.5% certainty) win the olympics I can see why it would be good to talk to a mental coach who helps you focus and get in the zone. But I´m certain Torstein Horgmo and Halldor Helgason got their gold medals without a couch telling them what to do and they didn´t even get mercy points (Salt Lake pipe olympics + X-Games big air 2009).

My $0.02.

Would have been great to see Danny Davis take the gold.. but not this time. Hope he and Kevin Pearce makes great recoveries and I´m happy Shaun didn´t hurt himself in that nasty, nasty slam from the X-Games (which made Espn hold the broadcast for 30 min.. completely different post/subject though..).

Don´t get me started on the Swedish "national team" and their $2,000.000 budget for the 2006 olympics... gees. Get me into a meeting with those who are/were sponsoring that sinking ship.

Shaun White on 60 minutes..

For those of you who don´t live in the US and aren´t too familiar with Shaun, check this out. Very mainstream, they even mention that he makes over $10,000.000 / year. That oughta get the mainstream looking.

There´s a slam in there that I´ve never seen before and wouldn´t mind not seeing again.
You also get a glimpse of his crib.

There are also some other related links on that site, below the main video.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Did I forget to mention he´ll win the Olympics in about two weeks?