Friday, October 31, 2008

Watch Actionhorse´s new move here, FOR FREE!

It´s one of me favorite (or maybe THE favorite) movie of this season.

The Utah backcountry section has a sweet ass song, the closing segment makes we want to go ride so bad and there´s terrific shredding throughout the movie.


Pony Tale from Actionhorse Films on Vimeo.

Or direct link here:

Here you can download it in ipod format or to your laptizzie:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two regular families

Here´s a 5 min clip where two families (one democrat, one republican) talk about what they think is best for America.
For people over here in Scandinavia it´s very hard to understand why anyone would choose a rep over dem, especially in 2008.
I wonder if there will be riots if the rep rig another election...

It´s in english, with swedish subtitles:

Friday, October 24, 2008

These Colors Don't Run

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pics from today

Walked around the Botanic Garden today and thought out awesome songs to use in an awesome movie.

My favorite trick in all 2008 snowboard movies.

I´m usually more into things that show creativity and finesse and usually never get to impressed with a 1080 or 1260, but I have to say that JP Solberg´s bs 1080 from the Burton movie "It´s Always Snowing Somewhere" stood out more than any other individual trick I´ve seen in a long time.

So far I´ve counted two MGMT songs in this years snow flicks.
One in this Burton one and in Rice´s movie, that I just saw last night, they used "Kids"... I must say that they seem very mainstream and like annoying radio hits in snow movies.
Oh well..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

4th post today, must be a record.

So just found out that That´s It That´s All was available on itunes. So I bought it, can´t wait to see it.

After this one I´m pretty sure I´ve seen all the major snow movies this year.
None of the tools in the snow industry has been able to show it to me, so thanks to Steve Jobs now I can.

Some of my first 16mm footage

This is a segment with Petter Eriksson from a swedish video called G-Spot Forever that Pascal Struwer
and G-Spot / WESC Co-Founder Pontus Karlsson made.
The Youtube quality is very poor, but still watchable.

I filmed all but 2 tricks and they are all from Skellefteå.
Pretty sure we filmed it in 1997 cause I had just bought my Sony VX-1000. And we filmed all of the 16mm in two days.
Petter´s manual down that long ass hill was first or second try. Way to perform when I was burning film.

I find it interesting that the equipment I used to shoot this is what I shot all the Robot Food and DC movies with.
And if it wasn´t for this stupid Panasonic HVX trend I would´ve prolly filmed the next one with the same old cameras.

Here´s another section with Patrik Karlsson that was also filmed in early 1997 (I didn´t shot the super8).
Funny how you could get a "video part" in three days back then.

Patrik was one of the biggest talents to ever step on a snowboard and he was fully sponsored by Atlantis Snowboards when they started up with him, Ingemar and Daniel on the team.
But it didn´t pan out after Atlantis filed for bankruptcy. Patrik kept skating though and could have made a living at that too, no joke.
He has a few tricks in Afterlame, in the water slide and hanging out by some inline dude in the credits.
Here are two old-ish parts of Patrik skating.


Also found this clip of Ingemar from his rookie video part in MDP´s Melt Down Project.
This segment doesn´t really give it justice cause you have to watch what the other pros were doing to realize how ahead Ingo was.
Dope section nontheless, I think it was filmed in 1996, or 95..?

If anyone has a digital copy of Whitey´s /Kingpin´s movie Substance I would be VERY happy if someone shared it with the world.

Want to make over 10% of your savings?

I´m not talking the stock market, which could be a great place to drop some cash into if you have some reserves.

No I was thinking you should vote for Obama and make the election a little more interesting.

Or you could put your money on McCain and get 550% back if he wins. Who knows, maybe the republicans can rig another election..?

How does these clips has 200-300.000 views on Youtube?

Snakeboard - Ripstick - Twineboard kid

Learn with the Ripstick.

Ripstick slam, with great music.

Ripstick kickflip

According to this is the second coming of the skateboard and a great way to get a well trained butt, abs and calves (Johnny Drama, are you reading this!?).
You get 6 months warranty and no middle man, quick shipping!

The best part is you don´t need to push. All you have to do is jiggle your dumb ass through the streets looking like a complete idiot.

It´s only 100 €, go buy, now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nostalgic Robot Food / Lame Closing Segment

Found this today when I was youtubing:

It was a segment in the movie after the last part, but before the credits. Me and Jess figured we had too many sweet clips to fit into the credits and that yet didn´t fit into the individual parts.

Good times.

I came up with that tune cause I remember getting a really good vibe from an old (1995-ish?) Steve Berra part.

Haven´t seen that part in like ten years (until today) and I remember all the tricks very vividly. When watching old skate videos online nowadays it trips me out that I remember what trick is next in the line, how it´s caught and when the scene cuts.. those vhs tapes sure served their purpose.
Steve Berra always seem to pick pretty sweet tunes for his parts. He also has the best half cab flips in the business, with honorable mention to his bs flips and 360 flips.

One thing I never understood was why did they use a two similar half cab flips in the same part? One with a line and one solo. At the same spot (2:31 & 3:02). I´ll leave it for Patrick O´Dell to figure that out.

Nice Lakai Clip

The Lakai clip only had auto play, so it was kind of annoying having it play all the time.

Here´s a link:

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I´ve joined yet another online thing, flickr.
I´ve spent a fair amount of time one there checking out other peoples pics. I like the fact that you can put tags on them so it´s easy for others to find a picture of a specific thing, or location.

They also have a sick map feature that shows where the picture was taken, just click on "map" on the picture to see where it was shot.

Or you can go the map feature for example to scroll the pics to see where they were taken.. you get the idea...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trångsynt centerpartist

Orkar inte beskriva scenariot. Den som är intresserad av att veta varför Centerpartiet komme rösta nej till ett omfattande skatepark projekt i Stockholm pga att skateboard inte är kärnverksamhet kan läsa om det här:

Pics from yesterday

More listening to Empire Of The Sun and walking around Gothenburg. Seriously, "We Are The People", "Walking On A Dream" and "Half Mast" are such great tunes. I just want to film stuff and edit when I hear these songs.

Anyone have a gig like that for me?

Two other tunes that are on heavy rotation are "Lights Out" and "L.E.S. Artistes" by Santogold.

Sweet skatespot, very un-swedish looking.

Empty fountains with very inviting ledges, but no signs of skating them, how lazy are kids these days?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

For those of you who like rally cars

Here is a 19 min highlight clip of the 2008 season.

Check out Travis hitting a deer at 2min 25sec, sketchy.

Totally insane skating

Click on this link to see a clip from Thrasher Magazine´s "Bust or Bail" event.

I wouldn´t show this to my health insurance guy..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pics from today

Strolled around Slottsskogen for a few hours. I had real sweet tunes (Imogen Heap, Air, Empire Of The Sun, Lykke Li, Parken..) on the ipod and the sun was shining, it was a great afternoon.

I found moose the other day (yes, it was in a zoo environment but I didn´t expect it).
Slottsskogen could be the most underrated urban park. So many trails and cool spots, the only thing better than strolling there by myself today would be with a dog or some other form of breathing organism that enjoys the outdoors.

Flamingo, in case you couldn´t tell.

There´s a ski jump in the park too. I´d like to come back here and shoot some snowboarding. You can shoot a hole segment in this park. No joke.

View from the top of the ski jump inrun.
Trees and grass.


So the skatespot I found a few weeks back that I thought was too good to be true was actually too good to be true :(

Here´s a bmx:er crusing before the skate stoppers got put in. Good I hate skate stoppers.

Good thing this fountain is drained now. I hope it´s sunny tomorrow so I can go clean it out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, and in case you missed the most recent episode of Family Guy

You might not know that the bird is the word..

That was just 1.5 min of Peter and the bird. The actual episode is 10 times better than that.

Onboard Magazine 100th Issue

So Onboard has made 100 issues now. I wasn´t really into Onboard.
I´d look through it when Vincent had pics in there, cause I liked watching them and odds were I was probably in the vicinity when he took them.
I made a movie with Absinthe films that they were producing and they never paid what they owed so yeah, I never really cared all that much about the mag.

So in this 100th issue (in newstands here in Sweden now) they list a bunch of historic things in our young sport of snowboarding.
Like Terje Haakonsen boycotting the olympics in 98, the birth of big air contests in the cities etc as well as list a bunch of things like, "King Of Style", "Most Influential Rider" etc.
These are a few things the panel of 400 (!) professional boarders (old and new) came up with.

Robot Food, a film/movie company I worked with for three movies got awarded 2nd place in "Best Video Soundtrack" and tied 2nd for "Best Snowboard Movie Of All Time" for our first movie "Afterbang".

On the same page they awarded two more more guys hailing from the northern parts of Sweden.
Ingemar Backman got 1st in "Most Momorable Moment In Snowboard History", that´s not a small feat. Congrats Ingo.

Johan Olofsson, from the little mining town of Gällivare, got "Best Rider Section In A Movie". Which also is a great feat.
I was stoked to see us three on the same spread, well I wasn´t there solo but I´ll take some credit for Robot Food:)

Other mentions were Nicolas Muller getting the best style award (and 2nd place in "Section In A Movie") with JP Solberg in 2nd place. JP is currently unsponsored too! I wish I could hire him.

Here are clips associated with the post:

Teaser for Robot Food´s first movie "Afterbang". Those were the days.

Ingemars huge air from 1996:

Johan´s part:

Nicolas part from "Futureproof" (2nd place in "Section In A Movie"). I´m pretty sure this version has a different soundtrack than the original clip.

Here are two more clips with Nicolas.
Nicolas from Fuel TV´s "First Hand" from a few years ago.
Sick 2 min clip from a Burton movie called "For Right Or Wrong". Looks like it was filmed in 1 day in Hemsedal, Norway.
I really like this segment. Hemsedal has awesome spring riding, reminds me a lot about riding in Riksgränsen, Sweden, in May.

I couldn´t find many clips concerning Afterbang, but here are some links:
A short insight look of what we did while filming Afterbang.

The soundtrack.

Travis Parker´s part from Afterbang. One of my favorites.

Time machine anyone?

So the Hong Kong market up 10% today, 8.8% in Stockholm..

Apple stock up 20%, Morgan Stanley up 68% instantly this morning! And ended up up at + 87% today!!!!!!!!!

How´s your saving account with 1.5% interest doing?

Remember, scared money don´t make money.

Who needs a passport?

"I see the United States as a force of good... and as Ronald reagan used to talk about America being the beacon for light and hope for those seeing democratic values and tolerance and freedom... that leadership, that light needed across the world"
-- Sarah Palin. A woman who´s running for vice president of America and got her passport last year, nice.

"The way that I have understood the world is through education, through books, through mediums that have provided me.. a lot of perspective on the world"
-- Sarah Palin

How can you preach this when you haven´t even experienced the lifestyle of other countries?
The fact that Palin doesn´t have a passport speaks volumes about her view of the world and Americas place in it.
And sure only 70 million of Americas 300 million people hold a passport, but I would hold any world leader (or candidate) to a higher standard.

What are the americans who plan to vote for her and McCain thinking? Seriously?

You don´t have to be an upper class american to be able to travel the world.
Clearly her view on an american person with a passport is a spoiled brat who just graduated college on his/her way to "backpack" through Europe.
She just seems bitter and narrow minded. And VERY unfit to have any more responsibility than running a summer camp for christian americans.

Maybe if America invested some of their tax dollars into schools that ANYONE with good grades could attend FOR FREE, parents wouldn´t need to save hundreds of thousands of dollars to pressure their kids to college.
Which open doors to travelling and other positive things.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Creative skating

Found this clip on /
It´s a clip with a skater named Albert Nyberg. I don´t know much about him other than he´s a shop sponsored teenager and the first skater I´ve seen do fs 270 no comply to bs lipslide and fs pop shove it late flip out of a manual.

Here´s the link:

The song is pretty sick too.
Original version
Kleerup Remix, I really like this one.

Other creative skating clips:
Chris Haslam and Daewon Song on a mini-ramp
Chris Haslam and Cooper Wilt - 411 13.2
Chris Haslam - Almost video
Chris Haslam - Momentum Wheels clip
Chris Haslam - Globe Shoes commercial
Chris Haslam - recent Globe podcast
Mark Gonzales - historic montage
Mark Gonzales - Real "Kicked Out of Everywhere"
Mark Gonzales skates in NYC
Mark Gonzales - Real to Reel
Mark Gonzales - Krooked ChroniclesThis is pretty recent part from the Gonz. He´s turning 40 years old next year, in case you were wondering.
Danny Gonzales - TWS The Reason

Travis Barker blogs

Here´s a link to Travis Barker that gives you some insight of how he´s doing in the hospital.

Here´s a news clip from the plane crash:

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Dave Mirra clip on the DC Shoes site

The guys over at DC Films put together this piece of Dave. I thought it looked pretty good.
Dave still got it. 34 years old and doing very well for himself from riding a bmx bike.
I wonder what they would say at the unemployment office if he walked up there after retiring when asked what his experience and last years salary was:)

Direct link to this clip and other DC bmx clips here, seems like the embed version has trouble loading:

Me filming Dave at his warehouse.

Me posing on a DC PK Ripper, boy do I want one of those.

More Dave clips:
An afternoon at his warehouse
Triple whip attempt
Dave silver medal run at this years X-Games
Dave jumping a gap jump with a rally car for the first time
Dave at a contest (Dew Tour)

Mikkel Bang´s board graphic upsetting parents

So my Mikkel´s board graphic from Burton´s "LOVE" series has a theme for their 2009 line, and the theme is girls.

The two teenagers in charge of the board are Mikkel and his team buddy Keegan Valaika.

Apparently some parents in Vermont (and prolly some others) aren´t too thrilled about having their kids possibly getting a glimpse of a semi naked woman on a snowboard on the chairlift.

CNN video link:

Here are two articles about Mikkel and the matter:

I really don´t see what the big deal is. A pic of legs and a buttcheek on a snowboard? Is that really a problem?
It´s not like your kids can´t see skin online or in the gossip magazines that are located 10 inches from their face at the grocery story.
I´d worry about educating the grown ups in the two clips posted below before I´d worry about this.

God bless.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Typical republicans at a McCain/Palin rally

This my friends is scary:

The sad part is that these are the people who need a democrat in office, uneducated, lower middle class and probably without insurance.

And here´s the 2nd part. I´m speechless:

No skate park in Skellefte..

The town I usually cruise too when I´m in Sweden is called Skellefteå. I lived here for like 10 years or something.

Yesterday the city said no to build an "activity park" with a skatepark, basket ball court etc. The whole project cost was a little shy of 500.000 euros. A skatepark alone would prolly cost half that.

Anywho... Right after the city allocated about 25.000.000 euros for sports and the elderly (weird budget, but that was the press release) next year they denied the skaters a park.
2.200.000 euros for a soccer tent/hall, 1.700.000 euros for a horse shed... hmm why can´t they find the will to build a skatepark for 200.000 euros? I don´t get it.

It´s hard to describe how much the city puts into hockey and soccer here. It´s insane. And I´m for it, to a certain extent.
What I´m against is the city´s attitude, especially towards board sports. But that´s just they way it is up there.
Ski hills are for alpine skiers and their gates (no prodigies there) and the sport and recreational budget is for hockey and soccer.
I might also ad that Skellefteå was the wealthiest city in Sweden in 2007 with a surplus of euros.
Article about it here, in swedish.

Here´s a clip from the Tony Hawk Foundation explaining a little bit about the importance of skateboarding and skate parks. Appearances by professional skaters and celebrities Lance Armstrong, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sean Penn and Pharrell.

On the other hand you have the winter olympics gaining popularity with the young due to snowboarding and the can´t wait to get their hands on skateboarding.
Thankfully the skaters are very skeptical towards the Olympics and the corruption, greed and raping of their sport that would come with participating.

But for being such close minded institutions, how can the Olympic Comity and the city of Skellefteå have such different views of skating? Well, we all know that.. The olympics will benefit from it (sponsor money and tv ratings) and Skellefteå will (as they see it, they don´t see the investment) lose a couple hundred thousand euros into poring cement on a deserted meadow.

Here are two good clips of great skate parks/skate plazas.


KETTERING OHIO, paid for by DC Shoes:

The DC one in a really good clip, skip to 1:23 to hear why Rob Dyrdek built it.

On a tangent about Rob, here´s a clip from a few years ago when he lived in San Diego:
Rob in tv commercial from 2003-ish?

Anyway, I need to get back into my pile of papers..

Here are some links, in swedish, about the skate park matter:

Nej till aktivitetsparken -
Skellefteå satsar på äldre och idrott -
Artikel på -

Another clip about Sarah Palin

Comments? I know there are hundred of americans reading this everyday. Statistically 50% of you, or your parents want this woman to be vice president of the USA.
I for one think you have to be an idiot for even considering her as the manager of your local McDonalds, let alone a country.

The United States of America is anything but united. Basically half of the population hates the other half.

I did a super short quiz here that told be I´m a "centrist", but on the left side. It´s pretty funny that I´m on the left side of the political map in the US, but on the right one in Sweden.
So I guess you could say that the swedish right wing is like the left in the US.
Here´s the quiz, takes 45 sec to do:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pics from today

Goat, not filmed from a Red Bull helicopter with a mega gyro cam, that´s followed by another helicopter filming the Red Bull helicopter with another mega gyro cam.
Rock bowls. According to Sarah Palin God made them right after the dinosaurs died 4000 years ago.

Statue of a girl that cheated on her husband (while he was at sea paying for her rent) with a dude from Hisingen.