Friday, September 11, 2009

JP Solberg in Transcendence!

In 2001 I went to Kauai with Justin Hostynek and Patrick Armbruster (of Absinthe Films) to edit Transcendence. A film the three of us had filmed for the 2000/2001 season.

Justin had this vision that went with this Beatles song and me and him shot JP in a bunny suit just weeks before the movie was done. I actually stayed in Mt Hood for one or two days and made JP ride up and down the chairlift and stuff. Super contrived, but he was a sport.

The powder footage in this clip was from JP´s first couple of days of riding powder, so I was mighty impressed with his skills even though I had filmed with him the summer prior in Norway with Daniel Franck (for Daniel´s movie Sensored) and seen how incredibly gifted this 17 year old kid from Bergen was.

I shot all the park stuff which is from Hemsedal in Norway. Some of those shots look kind of weird due to some weird interlacing / frame blending effect in FCP which happened when Justin needed to speed them up to fit the edit.

Justin did a great job editing this clip. Unfortunately the song had to be replaced after the first batch of vhs´s and dvd´s went out due to the ridiculously expensive price we got from The Beatles label / publisher.

Guest riders are, I think: Eero Niemela, Alex Auchu, Keir Dillon, Fredi Kalbermatten and Tommen.

To this day I must say that JP Solberg has the best style on a snowboard. He looks so good while he´s in the air. Hopefully I get to shoot with him in the future.

In case you didn´t read my post about JP doing the best trick out of all people last year, here it is:

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info said...

hey JP thats my snow sk8 your wreckin up at 4:08. now i know! / Vinca