Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The history of snowboarding in 2 minutes

So I guess it would be appropriate to wish everyone a sweet x-mas and stuff. So yeah, merry x-mas.

I for one don't have as much x-mas spirit as most (probably due to the lack of kids in our family).
I like hangin with the fam and eat good food. But I'm not a huge fan of buying gifts. I mean.., yeah I really enjoy giving, especially if you found something that really fits the person.
But it's so contrived.. I'm not a religious person, but it would be interesting to see Jesus point of view on our hectic x-mas consuming..

Another amusing thing.. all the liquor stores in Sweden are closed from 7pm on the 23rd to 10am on the 27th.. haha, seriously. What is this, North Korea?
Can't a 31 year old buy some winecoolers for x-mas? Thought we joined the European Union over 10 years ago...
Found a grocery bag from Switzerland in my bag yesterday, it had a wine company endorsement on it, haha. I can't wait to be able to buy vodka, wine, alco soda etc at my leisure in Sweden. Fuck having to cater to normal business hours.
The best parties are the ones you don't plan and how are those gonna happen when you can't buy booze at the local corner store / gas station?

Monday, December 22, 2008

I want to see this

HD version here:

Third Episode - Jeff Brushie

In this episode you get to see Jeff´s mom go through his old stuff.
I love

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back in Switzerland

So after a few days in Stockholm I´m back in St Moritz. We´ve been riding pow for the last two days and pretty much having the mountain to ourselves.

We did run into the Burton film crew (Brad K, Jaakko I, Blotto, Mads J & Fredi K). The sun isn´t coming out too much, but it´s still good conditions. I´m stoked to be here again (even if it´s just for four days, with Iikka and our canadian friends Devun W and Colin A).

Unfortunately my memory stick for the point and shoot took a shit this afternoon so I can´t upload any pics from today. I hope it can be repaired..

But here are some from yesterday (click to enlarge).

Here´s a great clip on why Mike Carroll & co quit Plan B back in the day and started Girl Skateboards. I love

Monday, December 15, 2008

Electronic Mags

I´ve been using Zinio for subscribing to a few mags since a few months back and I´m very pleased with it.

You get the mags about 1-5 weeks before they hit the newsstands (depending if you live in Cali or some remote country like Sweden f ex).
They are stored online so you can read them from any computer and you can download them to your computer and read them in Zinio Reader (sort of a pdf style).

Snowboard and Skateboard mags are about $1 / issue and others like Dwell are normal rates, like $20 / year.

They drop you an email when your new issue is ready, to me it feels like x-mas every time.

This issue of Dwell has awesome write ups about pre fab houses but they also has this article about a woman photographer named Lisa Robinson.
I got really hooked on her art, here are some pics from her website,

1st part (of 4) of Jeff Brushie clips are now at

I even made it into the clip for a hot second.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back in Stockholm

Flew back from Zurich at 6.30 this morning. Came back pretty drunk around 5 from a last minute impulse party night on the town.
Zurich has a pretty interesting scene.
90% of everyone smokes in the bar, the drinks are even more expensive than in Stockholm and their style is very different, very swiss I guess.. hard to describe.

My plan now is to hang here for a few hours and then go back to Switzerland on Monday morning. Good thing we´re great planners eh?
I pretty much got a job there at 4 in the morning. But it felt like a hassle to stay there compared to getting on a flight an hour later.. And all my gear is borrowed from friends in Stockholm, so that had to be returned anyhow.

My sis was in Italy though.., would have been fun to hang with her for a few days until the others land in Suisse... but oh well.

I left my camera in Zurich too, so I can´t post any awesome pics from St Moritz just yet.

Now it´s pizza time and some party time with my friends from WE.

Here are two great pre party tunes. I love September:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nature Wednesdays with Pierre (two days late)

Skip to 2:10 in this one:

And this one:
39 million viewers can´t be wrong. Amazing 8 minutes.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greg Lutzka can skate

He might not be a favorite of mine, but he sure has skills.

Check him out:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 writes about our recent trip to Funäs Mtn

The article, in swedish, is here:

JP Solberg is now officially on Helly Hansen

I´m stoked for JP and Helly Hansen. I bet they can come up with some good shit together, I know JP can deliver, lets hope HH can do their part.

Keep your eyes open for the guy with the best style in the bizznizz.

JP and Solberg Sr circa 1985, in HH gear.

JP 2008 with loads of HH gear.

Hope your "Life After Burton" will treat you well.

Ha de tjockis / Pierre

World Records?

Here´s Mike Mo doing 360 flips:

And switch 360 flips:

And then I found this dude. Lotsa front foot impossibles..

Have fun beating those.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A few more shots from Arlberg

Me airtime

Eisbär is still awesome here. I mean 60 year old women are rockin that beanie. They can´t wrong.
How that beanie has been around and made someones bank account overflow with cash is one of the worlds greatest mysteries.

Iikka airtime, not a lame hit.

Iikka on bs3 of the track.

Vince airtime.

Finn pose

Monday, December 08, 2008

Alps - Austria - Arlberg

So I flew down with my friends Iikka and Vincent.

We´ve been shredding for three days.. so much pow.

There´s no internet here. Our hotel (which is amazing) doesn´t have internet access for Apple computers, only for PC´s, seriously.. I thought it was 2008.

Anywho.., here are some pics in random order. The hotel across the street had internet, but it´s 8€/hour and with a 60mb download limit.. haha.

So I´m on my third hour now. I can´t believe they have a 60mb limit/hour.
Europe never starts to amaze me.
Nothing is open from 18.00 on Saturday to 10.00 on Monday. People smoke in bars and gas stations (while having beers).
Half the places only takes cash and you have to be naked in the saunas and showers (and they are all unisex).

But the good things make up for the things I consider to be strange.
The pow, the amazing sandwiches, tomato soup, Nutella crepes, the spas (ours has heated waterbeds by the pool, guess who passed out there two nights in a row..:) ,
being able to buy alco-soda and vodka at the gas stations, the scenery.. and did I mention the pow?

Here are the pics.. I would have uploaded a sweet videoclip too, but this upload limit wouldn´t like that.

Funny thing.. I´m actually posting 12 hours I was originally posting this.. my second internet ticket with a 100mb upload limit just reached the limit when I clicked on "publish" :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pierre & Burgers

I´m not a huge fan of burgers, but if I do crave one I´m pretty much only eating at MAX in Sweden or IN&OUT in California.
The swedish mag Transition thought my loyalty/semi-addiction to MAX was newsworthy.
So if you´re in Sweden you could pick up Transition at any decent mag store, turn to page 44, and read up about how I like my burgers made when ordered and some other stuff that´s not really that fascinating.
Click to read (in swedish).

I even got an email today from the PR-Coordinator (marknadsföring) at MAX saying they found my article and wanted to ship me a gift for being such a loyal customer and great ambassador. NO JOKE! The mag has prolly only been in newsstands for a few days.
I´ll obviously let the world know what my gift was. I´m hoping it is a lot of MAX money/vouchers and maybe a sit down with the CEO so I can let him know my plan to revolutionize the semi-fast-food industry in Sweden. I have grand plans.
Anywho.., pretty funny if you ask me.. now if I only could get sponsored by Taco Bell, Chipotle, Baja Fresh, La Salsa or IN&OUT.

Here´s a pic/story, that I posted in March, how MAX was voted 3rd best airport food, in the world! Click to enlarge.