Friday, August 31, 2007


Boy do I wish there was more hours in the day.

There are a lot of things you can wish for, like time travel.

Just wanted to mention this cause I need time. Can you buy it?

My friends know I´ve never tried a drug or smoked tobacco (heck I don´t even drink beer or wine) in my life
but today I just told Jake (after a rough afternoon).

"If you had some weed, I think I´d smoke some".

I´m going on the roof to chill now. 24 hours to departure and my paperwork isn´t close to being done, nor have I packed my shit.

And my upgrade hasn´t gone though yet either (they make 2nd class citizens like myself wait until the day of departure until verifying your seat upgrade). Way to keep the ulcer bleeding United Airlines. You know what, I´m past the ulcer stage. It´s more like an army of rats having ultimate fighting tournament in my belly.


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aug 26

Went to LA a few days ago. Went well until my car broke down. A $300 tow and 250$ in repairs later it´s working again. So happy it didn´t kill me on the freeway.

So I rented a car to go to my work in LA and drove in back down. Need to get my car serviced soon, before anything else happens.

Other than that I´ve been here in Encinitas trying to work and figure life out.

I actually went surfing, or trying to, yesterday for the first time in a year or two. The water was nice, 75 degrees (24 celcius) which is really warm for here. It´s a little stange how it can get that warm in Sweden too. You´d think it would be warmer in the watere here. Usually it´s like 18 celicius here in the water, which is way to cold.
I did´t catch a wave. I want to go in the water more, but for some reason I never make it down there. I mean I´ve been here for 7 weeks or something and it´s only 300 meters to the ocean.

Oh I went to two Lasik (eye surgery) exams too. Pretty sure I´m doing that after I get back from NZ, can´t wait.

Jake at his editing spot. Mine is to the right.

Me and Josh going over cameras for our NZ shoot.

I was having a hard time being creative yesterday, so I worked on something different. Here are some clips from this years X-Games street skating that I shot.

If you want to see it in better quality than youtube pixles click here:

Living room.

Me and Z Dalton on the roof.

Saw Flaming Lips play yesterday. Cool show.

I finally bought a new point and shoot camera. it has 12 mega pix, so it better be awesome. I also bought a few extra to ship to my friends in Sweden.

The roof is nice.

Real hangers, screw the metal wire ones.

Nice Volvo. This would be the hottest thing in Jörn or Malå.

You´d thnk a car named "Chrager" would be faster than my 1992 Cadillac. But no. Slow and looks like crap. What a trade down for a rental car.

Now this I like. Todd took me to a car show in San Diego. The people here really like their cars. I felt out of place. Except I did like the Audi R8.

Wlaked by this house for sale today. It was only 3.5 million dollars.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Been a busy, heavy week.

Trying to edit as much as possible as well as prepare for my NZ trip (sep 2-11).

Still haven´t unpacked my shit.

Lots of bumps in the road now.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

An update on what Tony Hawk, Tony Mag and Danny Way thought about the X-Games big air contest

The blog beloongs to Dave Carnie. One of the funniest writers out there. He used to to a lot of Big Brother Mag writing back in the day. And I see him on Skateboard Mag sometimes nowadays.

“I would go with Jake. The reason they gave it to Bob, and I know this, is because no one has ever done a f/s five. And whenever someone does something that hasn’t been done, they count it for so much more.”
"I’m just saying in the minds of the judges that’s what they were thinking. To me, a 360 ollie over 70 feet? That’s it.”
- Tony Hawk

“The contest is called, Big Air Contest. And Jake went bigger.”
- Danny Way

His (Dave) take on the X-Games is pretty funny:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Moved in, no for real.

I´ve slept 2 nights in my own bed now. 2 nights since december 15. Couch surfing for the past 6 weeks hasn´t been that awesome. But I´m so used to it so it doesn´t really bother me. Just hard to work on the floor.

I´m not sure what to call "my own bed". The 3rd Ikea bed in the last 3 years, or the couch at my parents...

Anyway. I´m almost settled in. Had a maid come by today and clean up before I started unpacking.

Last week I was at the X-Games filming the DC guys. And I also got to see some sick skateboarding.

Street skating was insane and so was the vert. My friend Mathias Ringström got 3rd in vert! That was pretty awesome.

Shaun White won the vert. His run was pretty nuts. He goes like 2 feet higher than the others and does tricks that others can´t come close to.

He´s got a few medals now. Like maybe 8 winter X-Games gold medals. Olympic gold in half pipe and now gold in vert.. I think he has a silver in vert too, form last year or something. Anyway, he will rule the vert ramp for the next 10 years.

My boss, Ken got a silver in Rally and Pastrana got the bronze. For only drivig a course that´s 2 min 30 sec it was a really good set up.
Here´s another sketchy camera angle:

Oh yeah, parking was 40$ per day! That´s pretty nuts. Just to park your car..

They had free Taco Bell at the riders tent! I ate Taco´s for at least 40$ a day to make up for the parking fee.

My boss after he got his silver.

On my back home on sunday I stopped by Hjalle in Manhttan Beach.

He let me reel in this sand shark.

Todd is a little too into video games and cars. He´s got some serious X Box, PS 3, X Box 360 set ups... and 4 cars on his yard. His suck. But his wifes cars are nice. Audi Q7 in black with the huge sun roof is pretty nice.

The storage unit is now empty! Well at least the one in California.

Now thay have Coke with vitamins. Must be good for you then right?

American clothing hangers crack me up. What´s up with these ugly things?
Even when you watch Cribs in MTV they will go into a 12 million dollar home and their clothes will hang on these wires.. weak.

A lot of stores have sanitary wipes for the carts now. I like it. Germs are lame.

So I´ve been busy and I´m almost done with moving in. I´ve also made a new teaser fir the new DC snowboarding video. But we haven´t cleared the music yet so I can´t share it with you yet. But I´m happy with it. Hopefully the music will clear soon so I can share it with the rest of the world.

I also started a youtube account. I have the three Robot Food teasers on there + an interview with Patrik Larsson form Mammas Nya Kille.

I also have about 100 favorites on my youtube profile. They are funny.

Peas / Pierre

Oh, check out some music I like:
then scroll down a bit, my playlist is somewhere on there.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The worst thing I've ever seen in my life

I was at the X-Games filming yesterday...

And this happened.

It was by far the worst thing I've seen in my life...

When he hit the flat bottom I felt so sick, like I was about to throw up. I was pretty sure he died. It might sound dramatic, but that was my thoughts at the time.

I was shocked for a while afterwards. Like walking around in a coma for the next two hours... it was horrible to watch.

The fact that Bob Burnquist (douche) dropped in 5 min later and stole the gold from Jake was THE WORST think he could have done in my eyes. I thought Bob was a cool guy, but that was not good sportsmanship. He was sitting pretty in 2nd and Jake had gold, somthing that would have made Jake's career. But no, Bob had to one up him. 5 min after Jake almost died...
And like that wasn't enough... Bob then layed down and prayed or some shit for like 5 min until he got the official result that he won before he walke dover to see Jake, who was like 100 feet away.

I hope to never ever see competitiveness like that in skate or snowboarding again.

Bob - What were you thinking?

Jake - I'm glad you are alive.

/ Pierre

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I´m now in the house! The crazy bitch left. But she didn´t forget to steal the washer from the place and she also took the tv.

Hopefully she didn´t leave her crackpipe behind somewhere.

It´s midnight and I have to unpack to repack for LA. Leaving in 6 hours, wonderful.

Have a great weekend / Pierre

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Moving in, NOT!

So the guy I´m renting from is a really cool dude, but the bitch that´s in his house is not cool.

I was supposed to move in there like 2 weeks ago, but she was still living there and not paying rent.

He felt super bad for me so he gave me the keys for his condo to stay in for free until the 1st. I guess renters have right here and keep in mind this douche has´t paid rent in a while. So he´s literally out three figures a day.

This is what her day should look like:

Yesterday me and Price got kind of exited that we were moving. That place isn´t horrible by any means, it just isn´t what I signed up for.

I was up until 5.30 and now it´s 8 am and I just got of the ph with the landlord.
Guess what? The bitch still hasn´t moved out.

Moving and getting settled it was todays big mission. I already packed my things and was looking forward to be settled in tonight before going to LA tomorrow morning for the X-games weekend.

But no, I´ll be moving in after the X-Games.

Poor guy lives like three hours away.., he´s coming down to move her stuff out on the street on friday/sat. I feel for the dude.

I have to try and go back to sleep now. My bedroom isn´t very glamorous.
If I had a point and shoot I´d blog some pics. Which reminds me of the cleaning lady at the W hotel in Westwood / LA who stole my Pentax when we went to breakfast last year at the X-Games, 362 days ago. That memorystick was filled with 512 mb of awesomeness.. :(
If there´s karma you know she came home that to a flooded basement.

Luck has to turn soon.

Gotta sleep... PiErRe