Sunday, September 06, 2009

At least Shaun White isn´t that good at street skating.

I mean, he can skate vert and snowboard better than almost anyone but street skating looks to be a little tougher for him :)

Some company called Fast Company who does who knows what (I didn´t bother Googling) did this shoot with Shaun (assuming Red Bull was involved too) in NYC earlier this year.

Check out this video if you care.

And if you cared to get to this part of the post you might also want to read this looooong article about how "LA" and other marketing people are just, well... not quite with it.

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Anonymous said...

yah. i imagine its a LITTLE tougher for him, considering he was jumping benches while it was raining, holding an umbrella, AND trying to take good photos at the same time! :/