Thursday, August 28, 2008

First episode of´s show "Powder & Rails"

They´re doing a series of these. Kind of a documentary about snowboarding and it´s history.

Check it out.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New DC Shoes Commercial

Phil Hamer at DC Films edited a new commercial for DC. He ended up using my shots for almost half the commercial (10 out of 24 to be exact, yes I counted).

Every clip has it´s own video + brief description on the bottom of the page. Go check em out.

Here´s the url for the clip:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics are done

It´s been relaxing to glance at.

Here´s a great clip of a girl who had a bad day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Makes me want to take pictures...

Saw a slideshow of Cole Barash 2008 photos.

Makes me want to stop filming and takes pics instead.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clips from Maloof Money Cup

They are a few weeks old, but I sorta forgot about them...

No this is not a rendering, it´s the street course they built for the 3 day competition.

The skaters rode five sections of the best street course ever built. Here are two of those sections.

The first clip is from the first section of the finals. It´s unedited, so it´s 10 min long. I wanted to keep it unaltered so you, the viewer, could see how amazingly consistent these skaters are.

I wasn´t even going to film this, but my camera eye started twitching when I started to see all the guys warm up, so you´ll have to look past the less than perfect camera work.

Paul Rodriguez won $100.000 + probably another $100.000 from his sponsors.
The Maloof Brothers gave away close to $500.000 to the skaters this day. Add to that a few hundred thousand dollars for building the skate plaza and vert ramp. Such a shame they had to tear it down the day after...

Music in the first clip from the 80´s skate film "Thrashin".

Maloof Money Cup Final - Section 1/5 from pierre on Vimeo.

In the second clip John Lennon´s "Watching the Wheels Go Round & Round"

Maloof Money Cup Final - Section 4/5 from pierre on Vimeo.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding Time

Mari & Markus had their wedding on Saturday.

It was a great time. Great weather, friends, food and spirits (both emotional and cocktails).

Markus is one of my oldest friends and the first of my swedish friends to get married.
They are a great family and I felt blessed to witness their wedding day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

In Sweden

Had a Mojito beach day bbq get-together on Saturday at my house. Went boggie boarding and drank cocktails. Not lame.

Drove around the area Monday and Tuesday to do errands and consume some stuff.

Didn´t sleep much before the trip. Like a few hours in as many days.

As much as travelling sucks I did get a business seat from Denver to Munich. And being bumped up to business class is pretty much the best thing ever, I was very happy about the new seat. How I got it? Semi-long story.. let´s just say it was part luck, part polite.

Been chillin at mom and dad´s for a day now. Sat on a lawn chair today and read house/architecture mags in the sun. Super chill day with great weather and great food. Watched some olympics too. The tennis double between France and Sweden was soooo sick. VERY pleased the french lost.

Tomorrow I´m going to my first wedding, well actually
it´s my third. But kind of my first..
Very exited about that.

Bbq after an all day beach day.

DC´s sample room, filling up.

Moving, again...

Not nice seats.

Very nice seat!

Good food in a good seat. And you get real knives! Makes sense since you can´t bring a pair of tweezers through airport security.

One knife not enough? Here´s three.

So we need electricity on the can while we fly? I have a better suggestion. Put some by the seats so I don´t need to go to the shitter for an hour to charge my computer!

XTREME TV on the plane.

Saw the movie "21" on the plane. Didn´t know to laugh or cry when the intro started.. MGMT tunes and a "Dawson Creek-ish" visual intro.., hmm.

Not a lame way to wake up.

German soil.


Is it ok to brush your teeth if you dropped the brush on the public toilet floor for 2 sec?

Kvarnswamp in LuleƄ.

Siggan, Siri and Mom.

Here´s a sweet clip with pics from Sweden:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

O-Matic Walkthrough

Snowboarder Mag went by Todd and O-Matic and made this clip.
Check out Hampus Mosesson's board and some other things.

More snowboarding videos on

Sweden Time

Packing up here like a maniac.

Been hearing the weather hasn´t been awesome in northern Sweden lately.., lame.
Hope there is some summer left.., it´s only Aug 11th..

I´m going to my good friends Markus & Mari´s wedding on Saturday. They deserve some sunshine on their day.

Here´s the 10 day forecast for San Diego:

And the current radar over LuleƄ, Sweden:

Here are some more pics from the last east coast trip.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

North Carolina

I'm still without a computer, but I go these shot from my fellow DC Shoes photographer Nate Christenson.

There will be more pics in a few days. Tonight will be party night in Greenville, tomorrow I'm driving up to the capital with some friends, then flying from there to San Diego. Loooong day.

Saturday is going away party day at my house. Then Sweden, which I can't wait for.

Me in a foam pit, awesome stuff.


Me+DC PK Ripper+Dave Mirra's warehouse = Not Lame.

Dave doing some sweet slides for me. I'm making art right there.

Thanks Nate for the pics. And don't forget to watch the rally car clips of Ken and Travis in the post below. They took more than half a year to make!

Ok, 2.5 hours of sleep until the 5 hour drive (before the the flight from DC-Las Vegas-San Diego).. yiiikes.


Oh yeag, please watch these clips of Danny Way and Travis Pastrana/Colin McRae from last weeks X-Games. Great pieces. Made my eyes water... Seriously, great clips. I swear.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

DC Rally Clips - 2007 Highlights With Ken & Travis

So they are finally done...

Only took half a year...


Ken Block 2007 Rally Highlights from jonnyonthespot on Vimeo.


Travis Pastrana 2007 Rally Highlights from jonnyonthespot on Vimeo.

More X-Games pics:

Here's a sweet photoshop job from Conne. And yes, people actually wore those hats at the event.

North Carolina is so hot. 100% humidity and 40 degrees in the shade. No joke.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

X-Games 2008 Pics

He escaped!
My facial expression was too weird, added some Ray Ban's.

LA buildings.

Chad Bartie in the bowl.

Big jump.

DC rented the entire hotel. Free booze (headache) and breakfast on the roof are two sweet ingredients for having a great stay.

It was 35 degrees every day, not sweet.

Renee Renee with Danny's silver medal from the mega ramp comp.

Paul Rodriguez got 2nd place in street. That check + the $100.000 one he won a few weeks ago will make him smile for a while.

Some extreme dude with wheels under his shoes.

Chad Kagy 10 min before he won gold on the mega ramp.

White Slipper on huge rims.

That's a food menu.

Lotsa road time in LA.

Moto film angle.

Free Taco Bell in the lounge! Are you kidding me?! I ate there at least twice a day.

3D RED camera set up. Saw some shots of it, looked cool for 30 sec. Then it gets sorta old.

Now I'm off to North Carolina for a few days. Later.