Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gnarly skating from San Fran

The Wallenberg doesn't need an introduction if you've skated for more than 5 years. But here's a little history:

If you want to see some tricks that have gone down there, here are three of them:

This happened yesterday! (skip the first 45 sec):

I can totally do this

Here's where a lot of my So Cal friends were last week

Friday, May 29, 2009

If you like Family Guy

You should try and get a hold of Seth MacFarlane's movie
"Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy".
It's frekkin funny. You need to skip forward few sec on these clips due to commercials etc.

Here are a few clips from it:

Snowboard Revolution

Crazy Ed (creator of the herpes infected website) the Snowboard Revolution linked to my clip I posted the other day:

Save your cherished vhs tapes to dvd before they deteriorate

It´s only $80.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

History of Element

My friend Kirk (he did the amazing ON videos as well as 411 VM and DC´s Groundbreaking) has been working at Element for a while and they are doing a video about Element, here´s the trailer:

When this becomes mainstream, the music industry will start a new chapter

Spotify is a legal GREAT way to enjoy and share music. I´m convinced it will take over the world if they get people to try it.

Now you can enjoy it on the Google phone, amazing. Itunes will die (at least the mp3 will) when this becomes available on the other smartphones.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Todd´s Garage

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just uploaded an old clip

Found this on a hard drive today and wanted to share it with you.

It´s a clip I edited in 2002 when I was living in Stockholm.
The stuff was all shot in 2001-2002, except the Gershon skate clips and the music video clips, they are from 1998.

Hope you like it. It brought back a lot of memories for me.

Stuff I shot in 2001-2002 from pierretube on Vimeo.

Nate Christenson website is up

My friend Nate Christenson shoots a lot of DC athletes.

I´ve been working with him since 2004-ish.

Check out his pics here:

Danny Way, watch out!

Andreas Karlsson might have a world record in "streetsurf" long distance jump!

According to the article it seems like he landed on his tailbone though... but the distributor of these cool skateboard / inline hybrid Robban Johansson is certain that NOBODY else in the WORLD has jumped the record distance (12 streetsurf boards).

They are currently waiting for the two video clips they shot (multiple angle son..) to be reviewed by the Guinness book of world records.

According to the (possible) world record jumper streetsurf shares the technique from snowboarding but you do skateboard tricks with it. Of course there are no bindings, awesomeness or snow involved.

Article here (in swedish):

You can learn about streetsufing in this clip (which was excruciating to watch, the tools, the voice, the music... aaahh)

And after watching that last clip caused me to almost vomit, I found an even possible video.

Oh god. Watching a third video now. What the fuck is up with these people? (granted they are obviously allowed to have a good time)
Why do they have this music. All three clips have the three worst songs I've heard in the past year.

Sure even some of the most skilled skate/snowboarders have had their share of confusing youth (like inlines), but why do people keep coming out with these weird ass board hybrids?
They know it's not going to last (remember snakeboarding?). So is just to make a quick buck? Or do they really believe in the awesomeness of their stupid invention?
I don't dare click on a fourth clip.
Third one, here:

Here are three clips of Danny Way, if for some reason you don't know who he is:
1 - Jumping over the Great Wall in China, short version
2 - Jumping over the Great Wall in China, long version
3 - Short clip / documentary from Spike TV

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Impressive ball trick

Tack PH.

Good, fun skateboarding

From the Fourstar team here:

I really like the vibe in this tour clip. Not too contrived. Actual skateboarding.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is my life

Usually between 11am - 3pm and then again from 8pm to 5am.


Welcome to another summer of Final Cut Pro. Are there summers without editing? I sure haven't seen one since Apple started making laptops which you could edit on (2001 I think).

2001 - Kauai, Hawaii
2002 - Portland, Oregon
2003 - Portland, Oregon
2004 - Portland, Oregon
2005 - Carlsbad, California
2006 - Del Mar, California
2007 - Encinitas, California
2008 - Oceanside, California
2009 - Stockholm, Sweden

1 second is a lot longer than you think..

Especially if you are an Orlando fan:

This was last night.

But Jordan handled his business too:

Grattis till Patrik och David

Läste just att "Slitage" vann ett kritikerpris i Cannes.

Fan va ni Cannes.

First Twitter post

I joined the Twittering business. Let's see how that will affect me.

Join the boredom:

Friday, May 22, 2009

I blame my bad mood on the liquor store

So I´m working late nights and early mornings with this clip...
I was not super amped this evening, but needed to get closer to the end of the tunnel so to speak.

After a short stroll around town I thought.. hmm it´s 18.45.. maybe I should go get some booze or wine coolers (incase I have a great couple of hours behind the computer) before the stupid liquor stores close.

So I hustled to the closest one thinking I was real smart to plan ahead a little.
Guess if it was open... NOT!

My semi good mood that was on the uprise turned to hatred. I got so mad, me a 32 year old, can´t get some wine coolers at 18.45 on a mother fucking Friday! (enter Ari Gold´s voice, skip to 1:13 in this clip)

I couldn´t motivate myself to possibly go out again after I got behind the computer. Stupid fucking closed liquor store.

Since I now was in an apartment with zero alcohol I didn´t want to know what might be going on in the city tonight.
I even went to three stores to see if they had any 3.5% ciders, they didn´t. Just 20 kinds of 3.5% beers.
I asked a clerk (fully knowing he wouldn´t be able to help me) why they didn´t have any ciders over 2.25% and he said they don´t like to carry them because young kids might get drunk if they did. I promptly asked; What about me? What should I drink then?
He looked at me like I was retarded. "Eeehh, beers maybe?" No I don´t drink that shit I said and moped away.

Ok, so it´s like 6 hours later now. I´m editing away here. Trying to make a sweet piece out of no footage under severe deadline threats is always fun, not.

Then my friend Effe calls. Where are you? Come down!
I just heard some loud ass noise in the background.
I respond: Hmmm, maybe... sounds like "Familjen" (which made me jealous they were dancing their butts of to one of my current favorite bands).
My thoughts: OMG! Familjen is playing and I´m 2 kilometers away, sober, behind a computer... WTF!

Seriously. I would pay $1,000 to be buzzed with my friends and see them on a Friday night. But no, I can´t turn back time. Mother fucker!

So as they are boogieing away I´m writing this post. Pissed at myself for not knowing that Familjen were in town. But also pissed at the fucking liquor store that was closed in the middle of the day (yes 18.45 is in the middle of a fucking Friday!)

I´m so pissed. Can´t focus. And I can´t wait for some solidaric communist swedes to reply to my rant about not being able to buy booze when I want. Fucking bring it. I´ve been wanting to mail some anthrax to the liquor store executives for the past 6 hours. Come debate the matter with me if you dare.

I´ve never tried a drug other than alcohol in my life, but with this shit annoying me like a herd of hemorrhoids (assuming that´s fairly annoying) I´m running out of options to get a buzz when I feel like it.

And when I´m in rehab I´ll sue Sweden for making me turn to drugs.

Have a fucking great weekend. God knows (or does he) a weekend like this won´t come back, EVER!

Here´s the brilliant video "Snurrar I Min Skalle" from Familjen.
Mother fucker I am PISSED! And they aren´t touring this summer either, even more pissed now! Arrrghhh!

And no, I´m not an alcoholic. I just want some mother fucking freedom.

Pow riding with Dirksen

Josh Dirksen Interview from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.

Good interview with Gigi

He´s one of my favorite riders, check out this video interview here:

The video is located to the right of the small thumbnails.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More cops who want to hit people

The guy got 20 years for trying to run over a cop (would probably get you 2 months, in Sweden).

My 2 cents:
American cops want to beat people up too often.
Swedish punishment, for offenses like this, is a joke.

Best hole in one ever?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tattouine meets Texas

Bruno the movie

From Sacha Baron Cohen, the man who gave us Ali G and Borat comes a movie with Bruno.

I for one think this clip of Bruno and some American college tools is one of his best works, seriously amazing:

Even Google are into Ida

Like I wrote the other day, Ida is big news. Even Google made an Ida logo.

New Ken Block clip

Well it´s not done yet, but on June 1st it will be.

Here´s the countdown and some blog updates:

Mmmm, food

Here are some things you might want to avoid:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I usually have issues with switching between english and swedish. Especially when travelling for extended periods of time.

But Victoria Silvstedt is the master of not finding swedish words:


Granted the dude was an idiot for endangering others in traffic (and I don´t know what he did before) I still feel that these cops acted very inappropriately.
But I bet millions think it was ok to kick the guy.


As you might know.., some people doubt evolution. I don´t. Never really did.

David Attenborough explains why "Ida", a 47 million year old fossil, is of huge significance.

And here:

Excerpt from the site:
Now, for the first time, an incredibly complete early primate fossil has been discovered which provides us with direct evidence of an intermediate link between the human primate lineage and earlier mammals. Ida is an example of a transitional fossil between primitive primates and the prosimian and anthropoid branches, the latter of which eventually led to humans. It's not correct to describe her as "the missing link" - there are many transitional links in our evolutionary story, but she is the earliest, and one of the most significant links, ever found.

Ingmar Bergman's house on sale..

I'm guessing it will not be cheap... maybe $15,000,000 - ish... maybe more.

Hopefully the Swedish government or some foundation will buy it. I would love to take a trip there and walk around his estate. But odds are some rich dude will buy it and the public will never be able to see the place where Sweden's most successful movie director lived and worked from.

For those of you who doesn't know who Ingmar is, read up here.
Woody Allen said this about him:
  - "probably the greatest film artist, all things considered, since the invention of the motion picture camera"

Check out the auction here:

Peter settles Quahog, Rhode Island

Peter settles Quahog from pierretube on Vimeo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hint to the music and tv industry..

Hire me and I can tell you that you CAN NOT think of music, tv and movie distribution in regions.

If Lost has a season finale at 6pm eastern time you can bet your ass it will be online at some torrent at 9pm eastern for the rest of the world to see...

Same with music and movies. The consumer/viewer will not wait to watch it until you (the suits and tools at Sony, WMG, EMI, Universal etc) feel it fit to be released in say Sweden...

Release it like you do on Hulu, but do it worldwide, maybe be regional ads.. but don´t count on people waiting to see it 4 months later. The www is as global as it gets.

This goes out the dated relic known as the music industry. Collaborate with people/companies like Spotify (the best legal way to share and listen to music that I know of). Even a good itunes consumer like myself is turning to Spotify.. and that´s all the market research you need.

This is the message I got when I wanted to watch the Family Guy season finale before going to bed:

Since I´m in the wrong region you give no choice other than to download it illegally from some torrent.. and thereby missing out on valuable ad space/money.

Sickest analog digital clock ever

I want one!

Wanna know what Benedek has been up to?

Check out a clip David and Boris did for Nike ACG here:

Norway´s national day should be spent in Norway.

They know how to honor a tradition. It´s truly amazing. Everyone (except the tourists) are dressed up. Some in traditional "bunad" that I hear cost from $3,000-$10,000! Fucking rich Norwegians..

National Day Oslo - May 17 2009 from pierretube on Vimeo.

I also went there to watch the DC (Norway) skate video Delta Charlie.
The DC crew in Norway does such a great job with the brand over there, it´s next level. And they´ve done so for years.
The film was good. Good skating, nice creative finesseful editing and filming.
Here´s the trailer for it:

They premiered it at one of the biggest (if not the biggest) theater in Oslo. How they manage to (almost) fill that place with a skate video with only Norwegians in it is a great feat.

Never expect your Visa card to work in Norway just because they say they take Visa.
What they mean to say is that they take norwegian Visa, not yours. It's been like that for over a decade so I'm not counting on it changing anytime soon.
They do have photo ID on their Visa cards though, we could learn from that.

Mads Jonsson had a huge breakfast (or lunch.. or brunch?..) get together at his place on the morning of the 17th. Great food and a lot of cheerful folks.

The Oslo Opera House is a very impressive piece of architecture. Next time I go to Oslo I´ll take some proper photos of it )and not forget the camera when you wake up 20 min before you need to get on the bus..)
Read up on it here:

So inlines are allowed?

Thank you Thomas, Arvid, Ola, Andreas, Mads, Jörn and co for a great day and a half in Oslo.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Travis Parker´s Insane Blade is finally online!

Travis made this when he was in Europe around 2000-2001-ish..
So it´s almost 10 years old!

One of my favorite mini movies ever:

Some pics

Tried out this red scale film in my plastic camera. Interesting results.