Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Colorado / EXTREME games

I was about to head to Finland today to shoot handrails for a week, but I´m a little caught up with some editing etc here. So I sent Jake "Yake" Price instead. I hope they don´t freeze their fingers off. Save travels dudes.

So the partying at Sundance / Park City is mellowing out. Saw some rappers the other day, Talib or something. It was ok.

Got my car towed yesterday, awesome.

Since I have a hard time sitting still I decided to go to Aspen today. Flights / shuttles seemed like an headache so I´m driving with Neir. We´re gonna stop by at Cabelas in southern Utah. That will be awesome.*right*retail_dropdown

If I find my camera today after all the mayhem from the past days I´ll try and get some pics from Colorado.

My friends Rob & Big seems to be doing really good:

Stoked for them.

And DC Shoes are now making snowboards.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New DC snowboarding teaser online at:

Me, Jake Price and Jake Raynor (aka Spring Break Jake) filmed some of the DC dudes at the Mtn Lab the other day. The plan was to make a teaser for this weeks tradeshow in Vegas. We edited for a day and this is what came out.

In case I haven´t mentioned it I´m doing another snowboard video for DC this season. I have a sweet crew to work with and I hope to have a lot of fun making it.

Hopefully I´ll get to see some sweet movies here at Sundance now when the hecticness has mellowed out a little. I guess there is a documentary on Craig Kelly (legendary snowboarder) tonight. But I want to meet up with some buddies from the homeland too...

Had to trade cars with the boss this morning, so I got to drive his Subaru. That thing is waaaay to fast for me. I didn´t know
a Subau had that kind of power.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

In Utah

So I haven´t been been writing anything in a while...

X-mas and stuff in Sweden was awesome. Just awesome.

Now I´m in Park City Utah for the season. I´m working on a snowboard video with DC Shoes again.

Today we had a sweet party at the DC house.

Rob and Big Black was there. This rapper Currency was there, 50 cent´s dj was spinning records, Game was lurking around too.

Marc Echo was doing shakeface with Eddie.

Myspace-Tom was also at the house! (He´s worth 500-1000 million dollars I guess).
He was pretty cool and wanted to learn how to snowboard better.

Then three hours later I bumped into possibly the most well knowed person in the party world.... P Diddy. The best part was when my friend Zach showed his boss Slake a pic of Diddy and Slake didn´t know who he was.

Park City is just party central now when Sundance is going on.

Last week ( or 3 days ago I guess ) I was snowboarding with the DC surf team: Dane Reynolds, Ry Craike and Bruce Irons.
They were riding the DC Mtn Lab and Park City a little bit, but mostly drinking.

We got some bad news the other day as well... Rusty White, a photographer friend of mine passed away a few days ago. I don´t know the details, but his car went of the road as he was driving to Colorado. Rest In Peace Rusty.

Gotta run... hopefully I´ll be able to meet up with my swedish friends in town.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back in the US / Utah

I´ll post some stuff soon. I´ve just been busy enjoying Sweden for the past weeks.

Until next time: