Friday, September 25, 2009

Just watched Absinthe Films "Neverland".

I was so stoked on the first 5 min of the movie. Nicolas Müller´s powder riding is insane, nothing short of insane. You´ll have to see for yourself.

Gigi has some amazing powder shots too. But why use Ingemar Backman´s Dead Kennedy´s song from his legendary Meltdown Project part?
I´ve totally stolen songs and stuff from old skate videos, but from a snowboard part of that magnitude.. hmm I don´t know.
Gigi ended his section with a buttery corked fs 10 like a true skate video ender. But I enjoyed the in town / roof riding more than the aerial acrobatics.

Wolle´s noboarding was sick. I remember Danny Way mentioning to the ex DC snow team manager that he thought it would be cool to ride a snowboard with no binding down cliffs etc. Well now Danny you can.

They also used Air´s "Alpha Beta Gaga" in the credits. A song I used for the credits in Afterlame. But the nice guy I am I contacted Justin to see if they are using that song since I know he likes Air and they had just released an album that summer. Sure enough he said they were using it so me and Jess re-edited the credits to "Float Away" by David Garza.
But when I saw the Absinthe film that year there was no Alpha Beta Gaga in there... Not completely psyched at that moment.
Lesson learned: Use what the fuck you want instead of caring what others might use and growing an ulcer re-editing a section of the movie.
Well here if was, 5 years later.

Tommen, a legendary snowboard troll from Norway made it in the movie for a hot second.

-Great powder riding.
-JP Solberg - bs 1080.

- Cropped top frame. A lot of heads were missing. I´m assuming this happens because the telecine colourist doesn´t pay attention to the framing when they zoom in on the squre-ish 16mm negative when they framed it for the more rectangular-ish hd transfer.
I highly doubt Justin or Brusti would let that slide if they were there supervising the transfers.
- Uneven image quality. Which I think can be sort of cool if used for a purpose.

Neverland trailer here:


Michael said...

Pierre, I'd say Justin claiming that Air song was really a blessing in disguise. I remember the first time I saw Lame and thought "now these are enjoyable credits" and then came Afterlame where the song fits so perfectly. Shit only you mentioning it makes me all melancholic and at the same time stoked about snowboarding.

Brec said...

uh - I thought the bad framing was from the crop on the cinema screen I watched the movie on. that s bad! The music and the riding seems to be 'adjusted' to what people would like to see, hu?

David said...

What about using Jamie Thomas´ "Baba O`Riley"? Wasn´t too psyched on that one either.
I am all with you for stealing songs being totally ok, but there´s a few untouchable ones and that´s one of them. I guess all that i am being bummed about is that it simply shows they don´t have a concious decision behind it.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Thomas is wack anyway

Pierre Wikberg said...

I didn´t know Jamie used it. The skate movies lately have become so predictable and uninspiring so his latest video parts have left no impact on me.