Friday, September 11, 2009

Skating from last year.

Ed, owner of filmed me for a few hours last summer in Encinitas for a clip he wanted to do. That clip never saw the light of day so I made this ego clip of me skating. Don´t mind my look backs at Ed every time I land something.

I love this song. My skills are mediocre, but I gave up learning tricks a long time ago.
The school in Cardiff has some sweet flat ground. I used to go there a lot with the rad-dads Jussi and Todd. They can bring their kids there and we can skate, happy Cali times. Often right after, or before a trip to Chipotle:)

Adding a few skate pics of me and Jussi. Those schoolyards are so fun to skate, perfect flatground and ocean views... not lame.

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