Monday, May 28, 2007

Moved from Park City, drove to Cali...

It´s been a while... again...

So I moved out of my Park City condo. That wasn´t fun. I´ve moved so many times these past years and it´s driving me nuts. Right now I`m homeless, I need a home! Shouldn´t you have a home when you´re 30? I think so.

As I was packing a lot of my Cali friends were hanging out at the music festival Coachella. WE cloting had a party there + about 30 bands I like played, but I was packing.

The drive to San Diego sucked, my body was hurting from sitting for 12 hours.. and I just got of a 24 hour trip from Sweden.

Luckily I got back to the US on the last day when taxes were due. So I went to the IRS and paid up. According to I now paid for a few seconds of the war in Iraq. VERY motivating.
Doesn´t it make a lot of sense that you have to pay taxes, but you can´t vote... I love it.

Provo canyon, very pretty. The redneck family it the pic were not nice. The dude told me I couldn´t take pics of his 5 inbred kids that were 200 feet away. It´s pretty safe to say that he or his wife will never become the president of The United States of America.

Here you go Bush.

Another pic on the road between Park City and Provo.

It´s a strange feeling to just pass Vegas, in like 5 minutes...

I also went to Tahoe (Northstar) to shoot for a week or something, maybe it was 4 days... I don´t know. The weather was nice and we got some stuff done. I had almost the whole DC crew there and it was kind of my first time filming since my neck accident. Tahoe is a beautiful place, I really like it there.
Gunny and his crew were great to us and hopefully I´ll make the resort look good too.

The drive there kind of sucks too. Although I didn´t drive, but I was in the car both ways. It sucked. Could have been a lot longer drive if Spring Break Jake went on the I-80 west to Sacramento... (when we were leaving Reno to go to Utah) that would have been fun though.

We basically shot the whole DC video here. It´s true.

The last day we went to Reno to party, it was fun. I passed out on the limo floor on the way back, not from being drunk though, just tired.

I went to Burbank (LA) for a while to transfer film. It took a long time. I had a lot of footage and I could only work certain evenings. Good thing my friend Hjalle had some time off since it was Cinco De Mayo (a "mexican" holiday that americans came up with). Hampus and Jakob were also in town as well as The Rehn.

Would suck if my car got stolen here.

Film transfer + listening to the 6th game between Canucks and Mighty Ducks.. Duck´s won, lame.

I was hungry for like 5 hours before I found a place to eat at. La Salsa at the food court in a mall, sooo good. I was seriously not functioning before I got this food. It was like 6 in the afternoon and I hadn´t eaten since 6 the eveing before... this tends to happen to me a lot.

Taking a pee with Catalina island in the background.

This is what Catalina looked 2 days later.

On may 5th, we started drinking on the beach (very illegal) but we are such risktakers. Then we went to Venice in a taxi that played ABBA. We played ping pong and watched people hit the pinata. Then we went to a bar and some of us started puking (it was about 9.30 at night now).
After some club hopping we were all in bed at 11 or something and I fell asleep in my car with the door open and with my feet sticking out towards the side mirror. Classic.

Here´s me. In swedish.

I´ll update my last 20 days soon...