Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami video clip.

Here´s a clip of the second wave of water in the Samoan Islands.

Truly tragic. But almost as amusing as the tsunami is a horrible event is the commentary in the video.

God help us, Jesus make us understand, Lord this is your work... you get the point.

Video here:

Todd goes backstage at TWTS to see Louie to the Foxtrot.

Monday, September 28, 2009

My friends go to Mexico, por que?

Hjalmar, Jason Ford (former pro snow shredder) and Rich Van Every (filmmaker/photographer) went to Mexico last weekend.

Richie put up a gallery that you can view here:

Article here:

Cop treating skaters like drug dealers.

Here we go again...

Bergman auction.

I did bid on the Arri package and the Canon 814 but didn't win them..

The two Arri (BL I think) 16mm cameras and a Canon 814 Super8 camera went for $16,000 / $5,000.

The chess board from The Seventh Seal started at $1,400 and went straight to $60,000 in 1 second and finally landed at $144,000.

Here are some other stuff that went under the hammer:

Silvio Berlusconi ladies and gentlemen.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kanye might have been right.

If you haven´t lived under a rock you know that Kanye made a fool out of himself a few weeks age at the VMA´s.

While getting the douce bag award of the event he claimed Beyonce´s video to be one of the best ever. Little did he know that this kid would make it even better.
0:39 is amazing.

New Girl Video - Beauty And The Beast

Just started watching Beauty And The Beast by Girl Films.

In case you didn´t know Girl and Anti-Hero teamed up for a camping tour earlier this year. has a GREAT 10 part series about this tour here:

But Girl also made a short video about the tour. I´m only a few minutes into it but got really stoked when they used this Santa-Cruz-Wheels-Of-Fire-effect. I´ve thought about biting that effect for a long time, but never got around to it. Love it.

Varför Jari (eller jag) i Bear Quartet inte riktigt passar in.

Sorry for the Swedish only post. Hard to translate the contents of the clip. Check the Youtube clip at the bottom for my first 16mm project.

Jari summerar i följande klipp rätt bra hur mitt liv (och säkerligen många andra artister/konstnärer/fotografer etc) fungerat senaste 10 åren.

Jobba mycket under vissa stunder och vara ledig dom andra. Oftast har man inget val pga väder, vind eller andras schema. Men det händer ju att man drar ut på det tills deadlinen kommer krypandes.

Ordet övertid, ob, löningshelg etc har aldrig existrerat. Jag har aldrig heller haft riktig helgstämmning. Det där med after work, fredagsöl eller att vara sjukt peppad på förfest och disco på lördagen har liksom aldrig funnits heller. Något jag helt klart avundas andra.

Kanske därför jag alltid har roligare när jag blir full utan att planera det. Finns inte mycket som slår en spontanfest, om det är tisdag eller lördag kvittar. Sen är det ju inte många i Sverige som blir fulla en tisdag, med undantag för folk i storstäderna kanske.
Behövs det tilläggas att jag inte är speciellt bra på planera in Midsommar och Nyårsfester?

Sen så ändras väl detta om man får familj någon dag.

Jari´s bild av arbetsteknink är väldigt lik min och väldigt olik allt vad Arbetsförmedlingen, fackförbund, A-Kassa etc fungerar. Var bara det jag ville säga.

Se tre delar med Jari här:

Lyssna på BQ here:

Min första musikvideo. Just åt Bear Quartet. Filmad på några timmar i Svartöstan i Luleå i slutet av 1996 tror jag.

Bidding on Ingmar Bergman´s stuff.

I put a bid on Ingmar´s old cameras. Totally exited.

I wouldn´t mind buying some more of his stuff either. Like the two Mercedes´. Or the Charles / Ray Eames chair.

View all the goods from Ingmar´s estate here:

If you have some extra cash you could always buy his home too. Since his wish was to sell it to the highest bidder... I for one wishes the Swedish govt would make a museum out of it. But no sir-e.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Great collection of random photos

I could spend a long time looking at this blog:

Travel Time

Going to Iceland next week, first time, totally exited.

Then New York for a week or so.

After NY.., I don´t know. Probably southern California.

But knowing me I might as well buy an old Lincoln Town Car or Caddy Deville and drive across the country.

Aaah, the nomad, vagabond lifestyle at its best.

Just watched Absinthe Films "Neverland".

I was so stoked on the first 5 min of the movie. Nicolas Müller´s powder riding is insane, nothing short of insane. You´ll have to see for yourself.

Gigi has some amazing powder shots too. But why use Ingemar Backman´s Dead Kennedy´s song from his legendary Meltdown Project part?
I´ve totally stolen songs and stuff from old skate videos, but from a snowboard part of that magnitude.. hmm I don´t know.
Gigi ended his section with a buttery corked fs 10 like a true skate video ender. But I enjoyed the in town / roof riding more than the aerial acrobatics.

Wolle´s noboarding was sick. I remember Danny Way mentioning to the ex DC snow team manager that he thought it would be cool to ride a snowboard with no binding down cliffs etc. Well now Danny you can.

They also used Air´s "Alpha Beta Gaga" in the credits. A song I used for the credits in Afterlame. But the nice guy I am I contacted Justin to see if they are using that song since I know he likes Air and they had just released an album that summer. Sure enough he said they were using it so me and Jess re-edited the credits to "Float Away" by David Garza.
But when I saw the Absinthe film that year there was no Alpha Beta Gaga in there... Not completely psyched at that moment.
Lesson learned: Use what the fuck you want instead of caring what others might use and growing an ulcer re-editing a section of the movie.
Well here if was, 5 years later.

Tommen, a legendary snowboard troll from Norway made it in the movie for a hot second.

-Great powder riding.
-JP Solberg - bs 1080.

- Cropped top frame. A lot of heads were missing. I´m assuming this happens because the telecine colourist doesn´t pay attention to the framing when they zoom in on the squre-ish 16mm negative when they framed it for the more rectangular-ish hd transfer.
I highly doubt Justin or Brusti would let that slide if they were there supervising the transfers.
- Uneven image quality. Which I think can be sort of cool if used for a purpose.

Neverland trailer here:

Ingemar Backman post on TW

I love how people say I blew the shot. Sure I lost the lip, but that shot was the intro for he biggest snowboard film of the year (Stomping Grounds) and has paid my bills and taken me around the world for the past 13 years.

Thanks Gorg.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Also interesting.

On the subject of photoshopping stuff.

I got this in an email from Transword today and I did giggle a little when I saw the screen grabs.

Yes, we did put a DC logo on the heli in one clip of the NZ/Rally Car section. I thought it would be funny and some people at DC definitely frown upon my idea. Cause they are corporate, think corporate and most importantly think of how other corporates think about them altering a heli for a 2 sec clip in their own video.
I obviously am not corpo and therefor can't think corpo. I just thought it would be fun. Much like the "grape juice" Lauri is drinking in his part in Mtn Lab 1.5, which wasn't grape juice in case anyone thought that. Iikka also drink "milk" in that movie.

Anywho, I like the comeback from Transworld and I see their pov, and I hence a little sarcasm too. But I wouldn't put it in the same category since the "fake DC heli" was used on a DC shoot, in a DC movie which was intended to market DC and like I said I was naive enough to think of it as a joke and not like DC owned a helicopter.

Not like it was a cover of an editorial story :)
And I also did mention in the previous post about this matter that I would totally put a Taco Bell or Chipote logo in a photo if I got some food for it.

Still, point taken.., if we actually "faked' that logo on the heli. As a matter of fact when rented the heli this day we put a huge DC sticker on it. Seems fair enough for a $10,000 rental. Yeah, that's what we did. No After Effects here. Totally.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stores that are no more.

I really like photos like these.
There´s a Swedish photographer who did a project (I think for over a decade) where he went and shot abandoned places. Hotels, stores, factories etc. I´ll try and link to his stuff later..

These photos are taken by Brian Ulrich and this project is about stores that are no more, hence the headline.,29307,1884100_1854539,00.html

Check out Brian´s website:
So this dude did a bs 1620. That´s more than anyone else has ever spun. But the grab? Omg that was ugly.
I don´t know if it was a bs 1620 or ss bs 1620. So the grab could be either a nute or a tindy which are big no no´s.

Impressive twirl though.

No embedded version of the video. You have to go here:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great time lapse clip from Brad Kremer

My friend Brad (made the past 3-4 Mack Dawg movies) put together this nice clip shot with the Canon 5D Mark ll.

Louie on Dancing With The Stars!

So stoked to watch Louie on tv last night. I think I had a smile on my lips the entire dance.

It was also a treat to see my friends Todd and Chris in the audience as well. Chris had this very amusing expression on his face, haha check him out at 6:41 :)

The fact that ABC blurred Louie´s O-Matic logo on his snowboard in a 4 sec clip was pretty weak. Fuck corporate America.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Too all you Microsoft users out there.

This is what you are buying.

How Steve Ballmer became a dollar billionare I will never understand. I wouldn´t employ him to fill up my car.
Seriously. This is what your (90% of computer users, but thankfully only 40% of the people who read my blog) hard earned money goes to.