Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bidding on Ingmar Bergman´s stuff.

I put a bid on Ingmar´s old cameras. Totally exited.

I wouldn´t mind buying some more of his stuff either. Like the two Mercedes´. Or the Charles / Ray Eames chair.

View all the goods from Ingmar´s estate here:

If you have some extra cash you could always buy his home too. Since his wish was to sell it to the highest bidder... I for one wishes the Swedish govt would make a museum out of it. But no sir-e.


robbiesell said...

I just saw this being sold down the road from me. You want me to pick it up for you?

Pierre Wikberg said...

No, but would you please pick up this tub?
I´m about to start a "lab" in Reno.

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