Friday, February 20, 2009

Mexican peanut snack butchering

Here´s the intro from the Lakai movie from 2007.

Here´s a letter from a mexican ad agency working on duplicating shots for a Snickers commercial:

And here is the result.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New teaser from Transworld Skate

Looks cool, all goofy skaters. They prolly thought that was a cool concept.
I think it would have been cool if the skaters would be: Jason Lee, Gino Ianucci, Rick Howard, Kenny Andersson, Dennis Busenitz.. those are some great goofy footers.

But since Transworld insists on embedding their videos with auto play I´m not posting it here.

Here´s the link:

Schlager Music

In Sweden people love schlager music. I guess most europeans actually dig it.

It used to plague me once or twice a year (swedish contest and european one), but now there are like 12 contest in Sweden only. Needless to say I´m quite out of the loop but found this german clip from one of their contests.

Obviously his actions were very inappropriate and hers weren´t. But the fact that it happened on german live tv in front of maybe 10 million viewers (I think it had to be more than that, 2 million swedes watch this crap and that´s out of a 9 million pop).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My photos on Flickr

I now have 97 pictures on my Flickr page.

Click here to view a slideshow. I suggest listening to any of there two songs while watching it: Song 1, Song 2.

If you want to see where the pictures were taken you can go here and every picture has a map position on it.

Here´s a second way to view the map feature. Use the white/blue arrows to navigate through the pictures.


You got to love american law officers


I don´t have words to describe this... well maybe I do.

I like when she changed the reason to kick the skater out at 4:35.

It´s fucking unbelievable.
Gregory Lonzie and Sgt Yolanda "supervisor of the evening shift" Spears from Milton´s finest are just to dumb for their own good.
I vote for them to lose their jobs (obviously) because you can´t harass the youth like this without facing the consequences.
Then they should pay a fine to the skater, say 2 monthly salaries each and apologize.
Sterilization sounds like a good punishment too, because we don´t need these people to raise kids.

Oh yeah, the city should apologize too for paying these people to be on the streets.

I would love if they arrested Tony Hawk or Shaun White for dropping in on a ramp at a skate park.

Then we have the classic Officer Riviera incident too.. I hope that toolbag got some real bad karma heading his way.

Video from Fever Ray

You might recognize this since it pretty much sounds exactly like The Knife:

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some pictures from my plastic camera

I really like taking pictures with my russian plastic camera. Here are some recent pictures, in no particular order.

14 great pics from Grant Brittain

Here is Grant´s website:

New Rob episode

Look for Rob, Steve Berra, Ken Block, Renee Renee and others when they slam real hard and Rob jumps Ken´s car over 100 feet.

And here is Pastrana´s new episode, entertaining for sure:

B Ball

Here´s a new clip from Rob´s show:

And here´s the DC commercial from a few years ago:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I´m 32 today

Anything less than 400 comments would be a disappointment...


Thursday, February 12, 2009

That´s what she said

This joke has been flowing around a lot the past two years. I picked it up after some surfers came to visit in Park City in 07.
For periods of time I´ll use this phrase 5-10 times a day. And yes I´m 31 years old (and 362 days).

Here´s the master of "twss", Michael Scott from The Office, 4 min and 30 sec of great comedy:

Here´s a Star Wars version:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You gotta love the priorities of da police

So Michael Phelps smoked marijuana, like 80-90% of american kids do/have tried.
Someone took a picture of it and he got arrested.

But now 8 people who were associated with the incident/picture have been arrested.
Now this is just too funny.
If the american police are going after people who were at a party where someone smoked marijuana they will need to arrest about 10 million kids who go to college, every week.

Makes sense.

Read here, if you care:,2933,490612,00.html

If you think smoking weed in America is a big deal (it is in Sweden), think again.
Check out this 1min 45sec clip where Bill Clinton, Jonathan Edwards, John Kerry and Barack Obama admits to smoking weed.

Appearantly Audi owners wants a red car and thinks skiing is awesome

In case you haven´t seen the best commercial made in San Francisco, here it is:

Sony Bravia 'Balls' from Mark Kirby on Vimeo.

And here´s how they made it:

Sony Bravia_Balls_making of from SK2 on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skating in Kabul/Afghanistan

A 34 year old man named Oliver Percovich (from Oz) has raised over $100,000 ($50,000 from the norwegian embassy!)to make skateboarding accessible to the kids (even girls) in Kabul.

Click here to read the article:

And here´s the video:

More MTV crap

As I was watching the Rob Dyrdek show I saw a link for a cribs episode of Ryan Sheckler.

Link to Cribs:

Ryan also made it to a proactive commercial/banner on Sweden´s biggest fashion blogger Elin Kling´s site.

Who would have thought that a skater would be so popular with the ladies?
I´ve seen it first hand, it´s insane, like you have NO idea.

Here´s how Ryan makes $1,000,000 in one day:

Travis Pastrana´s show premiers on MTV

Now there are two DC athletes on MTV on Sundays.

If you´re not familiar with Travis here are some links:

Theatrical trailer for his documentary 199 Lives.

Rally racing. (I edited this + shot some of it)

His house.

Here are two clips that shows you what they do for fun:

Link to the tv show here (seems to have problems loading sometimes..):

New "Todcast"


Watch Rob Dyrdek´s new show

It´s pretty entertaining.

Link (the embed version doesn´t work):

I´m definitly gonna try and go there when I go to LA.

Alien Workshop / Mind Field

Saw it yesterday.

I liked the general feel of it.

Some sick super8 and film footage. Some things were obscure, some felt sloppy.. (like the fade to black at the end of some parts).

This will probably be one of the last videos made in 4:3. Which I think sucks. There won´t be much room / budget to shoot super8 and 16mm from now on since most people are brainwashed by this HD hype.

I know Greg Hunt worked really hard on this and I´m looking forward to get a proper copy in my hands and view it on a proper tv in a proper aspect ratio (4:3).
I can only imagine how many premiers squeezed the movie to 16:9/fat mode, morons.

Motocross star Jeremy Lusk dies

He crashed during a contest in Costa Rica this weekend.

Truly a sad day, he was only 24..

Read more here:

Here´s the crash.. strong images..

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pretty creative commercial.

I liked certain things with this commercial.

Some things I didn´t get is/was; what´s the commercial for?

I know it´s for a brand named Protest and I´m pretty sure they do snowboard related stuff, but if I (who works within the snowboard industry) doesn´t even know what Protest is/does (and no, I won´t google it to find out) who´s the target market for this commercial?

And I hate the song, almost as much as I hate Håkan Hellström, or One Republic.


This was a VERY popular tune when I was in 4-5th grade. Every school dance played it and my local ski hill, Vallsberget, ran this on their mix tape from 1988-1998.

Go Glenn

Rob Dyrdek´s new tv show

The first episode was yesterday.

Here´s a clip of when Pastrana came to visit:

Thursday, February 05, 2009

New September video

I had high expectations on this video and I was quite disappointed..

The video looked like a lame hybrid of M&J Jacksons´s Scream and Lando Calrissian´s home town.

The tune was quite dull too. I wouldn´t even dance to it if I was drunk at Ambassadeur (crappy nightclub in Stockholm).

Her other tunes ( Sat, La La, Cry) though, omg instant dance legs.


Really good behind the scenes from "My Name is Earl"

If you watch "My Name is Earl" you will enjoy these nine behind the scenes clips from "The Berrics" own annoying italian reporter Giovanni Reda.

The first two episodes are at the top of this page:

The other seven episodes are on this page:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I love this feature

Oh, and new iphone?

Thrasher dude gets fired.

Jake Phelps at Thrasher Mag is a dude with a reputation.
He seems to act somewhat crazy most of the time and he´s not afraid to speak his mind.

Anywho, I guess his hate message to skater Frank Hirata was the final verbal assault from him while being employed by Thrasher.

Frank was a big time pro in the 90´s and did some very impressive shit in his day. He now lives in Venice CA in a semi collective with some mutual friends. I was actually quite starstruck when I saw him there last summer.

As far as Franks´s skatepark drawings/designs go I have no idea. But I guess Phelps had to rant about it and now Thrasher will never be the same.

Here´s the clip:

But then Transworld writes this:

Who knows.. who cares?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

Now this is what I want to see at a film festival!

Not boring movies about rape, war, poverty in Bolivia or Poland.

I want Will Ferrell + time traveling + dinosaurs!

Gothenburg International Film Festival can eat it.

Bud Light commercial

I guess this commercial ran during the Super Bowl, an american event with two teams fighting over a pigskin ball and sometimes kicking in through a giant big "H" (quote from Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America"), last night.

Other than that I watched the turkish and belgian Oscar submissions this week (the turkish was even awarded best director in Cannes) and I must say they were really bad movies.
On a scale from 1-10 I give them both a 3, maybe 4. No 3.

So if you come up to me and say you won the best director award in Cannes I´ll be as impressed as if you made it into a nightclub at Stureplan in Stockholm/Sweden on a Saturday after midnight.