Saturday, September 05, 2009

Girl skate video, not the brand, actuals girls.

I never understood why girls are so much worse than guys at snow/skateboarding and that´s a completely different subject for some other time.

But what I do understand is that girls also likes to skate.
In this clip you´ll see some Swedish girls (beginners) having a good time at a three day camp.
The reason I´m posting this (cause some might think it´s pretty left field for being a Pierre post) is because I really liked the clip. Sure the staged shots might be a little much, but the filmer is very good at what he does and I´m assuming that he´s sorta new to the industry. The production value/feel of the clip is pretty high, for what this is. The motion graphics are great too.
Another reason why I´m posting this is that I really enjoy watching beginners skate. It´s so pure. Takes me back to how it was for me those first weeks of pushing around.

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