Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sickest penalty shot ever?

In his 7th national team game Sweden tied Switzerland (exhibition game), Linus Omark (born 1987) does this:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tall Screen

I´m not a big fan of the widescreen format while filming snow/skateboarding. I think the 4:3 format works better in our industry. And especially when most widescreen tv´s in the past 7 or so years (I tried buying a 32-40 inch 4:3 tv in Sweden in 2002 and all they had then, and since are 16:9) weren´t suited for HD anyway.
I´ve been so bummed on people stretching a 4:3 image to 16:9 without understanding that it´s completely wrong.
Don´t they see that the news anchor is shorter and fat in their new wall mounted tv?
Doesn´t the people who run the sport bars think it´s weird when the soccer field is way longer than before?

Well I don´t need to ask that because I know the answer.

Like how they made all my 4:3 footage into some fat stretch mode in this clip:
Why?! WHY?!

Wonder what photograhers would say if magazines and/or online media started altering their photos to other stretched/squeezed versions. Pretty sure it wouldn´t go over so well. But when it´s video nobody cares.

And when HD started creeping into our little industry I was probably the last person to get a new camera. Sure the image is better (higher quality) but since 90% of the people who watch what we´re doing can´t set up their tv´s anyway, why am I bothering with getting a HD camera... The Panasonic one is so not my thing. So un-user friendly.
Even the Sony one I´m using now is limiting me in a lot of ways to capture the stuff I want, but was a much better option than the Panasonic one.

It´s mostly the improv and point and shoot stuff I was able to capture with my Sony VX, Super 8, Arri and A-Cam that I can´t get with this new technique + the look of course.
And in these times a lot of it will go online in some crappy flash encoding anyway..
Plus why film widescreen when most of our stuff is vertically based?
You can´t (well you usually don´t) cut of the talents head when filming. So you "get stuck" with all this shit on the side of your composition that you don´t know what to do with.

Like if you shot pole vaulting for a living, would you want to shoot 100% of your shots in panoramic widescreen format?
No you wouldn´t.

When I see vertically mounted tv screens in stores, airports etc I always thought; that would be a better format to shoot skating/snowboarding in than widescreen.
And now, someone did it. Even if it is a simple clip, Ty did beat me to it.

My tallest two cinemaphotographer friends Linus and David have also thought about this vertical format.
They are calling it "Leptoscope", based on the word "leptosome" which is a person with a slender, tall and frail body.

Here´s the clip:

Funny South Park spoof

First watch this:

Then this:
South ParkWed 10pm / 9c
Who Is Mysterion?
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Spike Jonze movie

There´s been a lot of talk about the new Spike Jonze movie this week.

I didn´t like that trailer at all (showed most of the movie and no talking..)

But I bet it will be a sick movie. Apparently the studio had pre screenings of it and was on their way to reshoot it cause it seemed to scary for little kids.
Thankfully Spike didn´t have to compromise on his vision.

Here´s the trailer:

More on "Where The Wild Things Are".

What's wrong with people..?


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The St Moritz clip from December on Transworld

You can see a the clip from our three day trip to St Moritz on the Transworld site:

They also have a 27 picture slideshow by Colin Adair on the site.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New clip from Ty Evans - Lakai intro

Sweet clip. Can´t beat the look of film. Screw HD video.


This is/was a groundbreaking clip when it came out two years ago. People loved the crisp HD video look.
And it´s more or less become the standard within the snowboard industry.

I miss film.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Bastian Salabanzi clip


Extreme Sleddin

Or Actionpulka as we might say in swedish:

Look at the flip at 3:38

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saw a movie


It was pretty good. Very James Bond-Die Hard-Bourne-ish.

If only they would have skipped the last three minutes.

Here´s the trailer:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Total computer evening.

I´m not going out tonight.. this will be one of the first Saturdays in a long long time where I´m staying out of the clubs.

In my mega bloggin frenzy I came across this clip of Travis Parker.
This part was a treat to work on. The motion graphics on Jussi´s name are pretty embarrassing, but shit happens.

Travis was down to use the song and I felt it was a good fit. The song was also the closing credits of one of my favorite 80´s movies, Real Genius.
Stacy Peralta actually has a role in that movie. He plays an astronaut in the very beginning.

Miss filming with you TP.

Some pics

Someone broke into my car and stole the gps/dvd. But they can´t even use it since they left the gps discs and the gps brain.
Hope they get hiv.

I got pulled over by cops cause my registration sticker was out of date. Little did he know that I had all the permits to drive it to the DMV and to the smog place.
I got out of it, but he wasn´t too happy with me being swedish and having done all the right things.
Pretty sure it helped that we were two swedish guys driving my dirty Cadillac with a cardboard seat (glass all over the seat).

I love mexican food (the franchise kind), with extra coriander.

Leaving Hjalle´s place in LA.

In&Out Burger, not bad.

LA traffic.

At Big Bear.

Christian slashing

Scenic drive down from Big Bear to LA.

At a LA Kings vs Vancouver Canucks game. Canucks lost 3-2, lame.
It´s pretty interesting to see a NHL game. It´s close to silent when there´s a good play. People do cheer a little when there´s a goal but the crowd goes absolutely nuts when there´s a fight. Meatheads.

LA in the mirror.

Got pulled over by cops again. He wasn´t too happy when all my papers were in order and his computer wasn´t.

Road trip set up, on my way to Vegas.

Bag explosion in Vegas.

Scenic drive from Nevada to Utah.

Wal Mart trucking center, somewhere in Utah.


My gear, hence why I drove and didn´t fly.

DC house. I spent some serious time here. Good to be back, even for a short while.

The park, sorta melting fast..

Breakfast spot.

Me and Jonas Carlson playing at the house.

House gates.

Jonas at the top of the park.

Me shreddin.

Talib concert in Park City.

Our parking break on one of the trucks wasn´t doin so hot, so we slid into a car at a parking lot.

Salt Lake City mountains.

Until next time / Pierre

Kid on drugs

I know this is old, but I´m sure some of you haven´t seen it.

And then we have the Darth (Chad) Vader version, also funny.

I like

For some reason I came across this kids cartoon, "Harold & the Purple Crayon".

It might seem odd that I like this. But it´s so clever and the narration is spot on. Like an old Disney movie.

Anyway, I´m sure most of you will think it´s corny and lame. But I don´t.

Another clever cartoon with a crayon in "Linus".

Later hater.

Insane game of skate

Donavan (barely shop sponsored) VS Koston (possibly best skater alive).


Friday, March 20, 2009

Torstein buried in an avalanche. In the trees.

Looks like a very unlikely place for it to slide, but it did and Andreas dug him up.

Very pleased with the outcome. Be safe out there.

I actually rode with the two Fjord Lords the other day. Very impressed with their skill, as always.

Here´s the clip:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Need a new car horn?

Seriously funny.
Everything from running the stop sign at 1:53 to the "whoo-hooo".

There are a few remixes of this clip too, here is one.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the Guy Mariano series on vbs.tv

Here are the teasers for the show.

Teaser 1
Teaser 2

Stupid IP address

So the hockey team from my hometown are playing the first semi final today after winning the 7th game (3rd longest in swedish play off history).

And it´s pretty much impossible to see them online, especially if you´re in the US.

This is what I got at the pay per view site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boss clip

Here´s a clip of my boss Ken Block.

I´m assuming most of you know who he is / what he does. But if not, here´s a clip about his life.
And NO, I DID NOT edit this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 09, 2009

I never want to witness this

Untitled from Greg weaver on Vimeo.

I don´t know the story behind the clip, but I have a feeling it had some serious consequences... :(

Please be safe out there / Pierre

Last pics from Alp trip

Transworld also has two galleries online from the trip.

Switzerland gallery
Austia gallery