Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ok, so I havent blogged in a month...

It´s been a busy month... went to Sweden. Flew back to Park City, drove to Lake Tahoe and tomorrow I´m driving all my stuff to my San Diego storage unit.

Here are some pics from my Sweden trip:

Chillin at Kales house in San Diego the day before my flight. The route (might have metioned it earlier) was not fun.
Salt Lake City - Phoenix - San Diego - sleep at Kales (and shop electronics for the family) - San Diego - Washington DC - Munich - Stockholm - Skelleftea - Lulea via Taxi.

More relaxing at Kales.

I hate this. I just wanna fast forward 20 hours and be home.

This is the best part about flying. Lots of legroom and people who smell like sausage. Add kids who scream for 5 hours and a 1.5 hour delay and you have a party.

I´m not a big fan of airports that allow smoking. Here´s a sweet smoking area in the airport in Munich.

United Airlines thought it would be a good idea to sit in Washington DC for an extra 90 minutes before taking off. That resulted in me missing the flight from Munich to Stockholm. And there weren´t any flight from Stockholm to any of the three airports in northern Sweden that day. So I was told to stay in Munich for 22 hours before I could go home. Just what I needed. But the experienced traveller I am I figured out some loop holes and made it to my parents that evening. I think the poor girls name was Regina Velt, she was on the phone for a solid two hours trying to figure my route out.

After standing at the Lufthansa counter for 2.5 hours I barely made the flight to Stockholm. Good thing I forgot my 500 GB hard drive at the security checkpoint (I figured that out in Stockholm 3 hours later). After 20 phonecalls to people who doesn´t speak any english I found it! My friend David from Muinch was kind enought to swing by the lost and found office and Fed Ex it to Park City. Danke.

Sweet scandinavian skies.

I forgot how much I like SAS. Look at my food plate. Although all airlines do suck from time to time, this one SAS flight was pretty awesome.

Baileys, Tony Hawk video game and swedish speaking people around me. I felt great.

Why is this bimbo in the papers. This is the first thing I read when I get on the plane to Stockholm.
Can´t someone stop this woman? We don´t need to know anything about this so called person.

Denmark to the left, Sweden to the right.

I couldn´t get a flight to Lulea that day, but I managed to get one to Skelleftea and I also talked my way into a taxi to Lulea. It was only 230 euros. I brought Stina along too, so that was nice.

Raindeer jerky, are you kidding me! The best ever. If there´s one thing raindeers are good for it´s eating them. Not walking on our highways like the lapplanders make then do. I hate raindeers. Almost killed me a few years ago and the fucking lapplander (owner) tried to scam the government for a few extra bucks claiming the raindeers had some reflecting vest on them! I almost died and this dude wants to make another 1000 €.
Anyway, got a little sidetracked there...

This is how you make coffee. Quite the contrast from my Starbucks cups.

Hekla getting in her cage for another road trip.

View of eastern Skelleftea.

Hanna, Anna, me and Stina before going out on easter saturday.

This place has a sweet view. Would be sweet to have a pad there.

Had this thing that grew under my ear when I had the neckbrace on.. the public doctor said it was an infection and that there was no stress. Good thing I have private health insurance (yes, you need that un Sweden if you don´t mind waiting three months for treatment). The second doctor was more concered and within one day that had put all kinds of needles and stuff into my "thing". After x-rays they knew it was a tumor :(
I had to leave for work in Lake Tahoe, which the doctor didn´t think was sucha great idea, but what are you gonna do?
After a week in the US the results came back and they showed that it was a "good" tumor. They kind of knew that from the
x-rays too, but it still felt good to know. So I need to take it out pretty soon, within a few weeks preferably.
After 30 I guess you just start falling apart... broken neck and a tumor within one month of turning 30... lame.

I´ll post some more in a few days. Got to pack a bunch now, looooong drive tomorrow. Damn, I want to go outside. It´s like 25 celcius outside. and I´m on the comp.. and packing...

Oh just got invited to a bbq in SLC, a great excuse not to pack...

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