Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cabo is awesome

It´s like 89 in the water (32 celcius). And I´m having an awesome time. it´s sooo hot.

Didn´t bring me cables to download from the camera.

But this is where we went swimming in snorkling yesterday.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last minute Mexico trip

I was very indecisive today about possibly going to meet up with some friends in Cabo Mexico.

I´m been thinking about going home to Sweden for a while, but it´s soooo far away. Not to mention that it´s 40 degrees celsius warmer in Cabo compared to Luleå.
I would love to see Juliana Hatfield play in Umeå on the 4th though. I´ve tried to see her all over the US. I missed her when I lived in Connecticut (she played 3 blocks from my apartment). Missed her when she played in both Boston and New York. JustJust missed her in Portland Oregon a few years ago.... And now I´m here and she´s playing in Umeå!
It would be nice to be in Umeå right now, but it´s too much of a mission and a 2 hour flight is a lot shorter than a 20 hour one.

Hade hellre frusit i skogen med Heklis och matte än sola och surfa i Mexico, men man kan inte göra allt man vill.. har jag hört. Lycka till på tentan Stina. Eller du har nog skrivit den när du läser det här, så jag hoppas den gick bra :)

Below are a couple of pics from the house my friends have and the weather outlook Cabo.

Gotta pack now. I´ll blog again after Halloween when I get back. Monday or something...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Skate contest on www.youtube.com

I filmed some stuff on sunday. I couldn´t figureout how to make a real podcast or put it up on my website (stupid webhosting company).

So here they are in crappy youtube format.

Del Mar friday, skate contest and Beastie Boys

Me and some friends went out in Del Mar this last friday. It was pretty heavy. I think we drank 7 pitchers of margaritas for dinner and then at least 5 more drinks. I was very reluctant to the shots. Someone thought it would be a good idea to do straight vodka shots at 1.30 in the morning. But I know better than that.
I walked home and drank 2 liters of water which me feel ok on saturday.

Saturday I worked a few hours and then drove up to Etnies in Orange County to see some skating at this contest they have called Gooft VS Regular and to watch Beastie Boys. I drove by In and Out burger (the american version of the swedish MAX burger) and it was very tasty.
The skating was awesome and there was this pimp there called The Bishop... he was weird and had this fat bodyguard+an entourage of 5 others.

Marius and Lexi went on the red carpet and then Lexi gave me a wristband so I could get up on stage to snap a few pics. It´s pretty cool that they are playing at Etnies and some were wearing DC shoes and clothing.
Nicolas Muller and a bunch of scandinavian snowboarders were also there.

Then I drove down south and got some more In and Out burger.

On sunday Hjalle joined me for the skate finals. it was such amazing skateboarding. I filmed some and I´ll post it online when I´ve edited it.

And on my way down I stopped by In and Out agian... haha.
Grabbed a few extra burgers for my friends and then we watched Lucky Number Slevin. Good film.

Monday was all work and so is tuesday.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Last weekend (15-16th)

On sunday me, Lexi, Marius and Renee Renee (aka ReRe and a dozen other names) went to Magic Mountain for some roller coaster action.

The line to the new ride Tatsu was 3 hours, so we weren´t feeling that too much. So we did all the others except "X" which was closed.

After we had done all the rides except Tatsu we lurked around to see if we could cut the line. And before I knew what was going on Re Re and Marius jumped a fence. Impressive. They said the ride was awesome. I stood and watched.

Re Re thought it would be a good idea to try out this river ride he saw from Tatsu. So we did it. I came out of it 95% dry (others were 15% dry) and was on my way out of there when Re Re and Marius thought it would be cool to do it another time and after a few minutes of negotiating I was on the stupid ride again. I did not come out dry. I´m such an idiot. All I had to do was watch them get soaked again. But I fell for the pressure.

My plan for that evening was to go see the band "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah". But ticketmaster (an evil empire that sell tickets for outrageous fees) didn´t want to let me take my friend Kale´s two tickets without him present, or without his credit card number. That hassle in combination of being hung over and having my organs fly around all day on the roller coasters made me want to go rest at the hotel.
We had some really good greek food (after a clothing change) and I was so slow and dumb I could barely hold a conversation.
Me and Hjalmar, who had been to the Fuse TV awards all sunday, were ready to rest and we did. He only had like 15+ cocktails the day before, good boy.

Monday was getting back to work day. But before I did that I had to go shopping because I felt so sorry for myslef for having my car towed. So I got a bunch of over priced sweaters and t-shirts.
And then my friend Erin called me up and wanted a ride back south. So I picked her up and met some other friends at her photo shoot before we drove south.
I dropped her of at the finnish apartment (lotsa finns here) in San Clemente and made back home to get on my computer for a while before passing out with my head on the keyboard.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last weekend (13-14th)

DEF LEPPARD (and almost JOURNEY) Last friday

I was bummed this entire weekend because I left my camera in Del Mar, but I managed with my cell phone and I borrowed Hjalmar´s camera. I later found my camera in the passanger seat on monday... I´m smart like that.
I left Del Mar at 4.15 in the afternoon on friday to make it to Hollywood by 7.30. Alexis and Marius (well first only Marius) decided to join. I was fairly exited about the concert. I mean it´s Journey and Def Leppard! I love those two bands. Any time I hear "Don´t Stop Believing" I go nuts. It´s my best, and possibly only karaoke song. But fridays and driving in souther California isn´t that sweet. Last time I drove the 100 miles / 160 km to Hollywood it took 6 hours and this friday it took... yeah, 5.5 hours.
So I met up with Lexi and Marius at 9.45 and we made it just in time for Def Leppard. They started with 4 new songs or something which was kinda lame. But the hits came after a while. The venue, Hollywood Bowl, was awesome. Huge auditorium with the hollywood sign in the background.
After the concert I drove south towards Manhattan Beach to stay at Hjalmar´s. But I texted Bobby on my way down and he told me to drop by a bar in Venice, so I did.
It was a cool bar where I met some swedes (this one girl Fay spoke perfect swedish since she had a mom from Luleå who married an american fellow). The nice people who work at WE Clothing / WESC were at the club too. Pretty random that they were there. Small world sometimes.

After the bar I was looking forward to go to Hjalle´s. But someone else thought I should pay 260$ + cab fare to go get my car that got towed while I was in the bar.
I had trouble finding th eno parking sign when I noticed my car, and 10 others, were gone. But there was a sign. It was soooooooooooooo lame. And I had to pay extra for like 4 things they came up with. Such pricks. I have pics on my phone but I couldn´t figure out a way to get them to my computer right now. 260$! That hurt... I finally got to Hjalle´s at 3.30 in the morning or something.


I went to Burbank in the morning to work (transfer 16mm film to videotape). That took all day. I then headed towards Bevery Hills where Hjalmar had a spare bed in his hotel room.

Me and Hjalle at his hotel room in Bevery Hills. The hotel was pretty nice. Suge Knight (infamous record label dude and all around bad guy) stays at this hotel. He is confined with one of thoses electric foot braces, so he wanted to hang out at this hotel. I didn´t see him. But if I would´ve I would have peed my pants I think.

There are no 13th floors in the US. Is it like that in Sweden too? I don´t know. Haven´t stayed in too many hotels that have 13 floors in Sweden I guess.

Fuse TV had this award / party at Hjalmars hotel where the booze was free. I like free cocktails.

I left Hjalle at the hotel to meet up with a few others in Hollywood. This was the line to the club... it was pretty lame and took 8 phonecalls and some luck to get through. Hint, if you´re in LA on a weekend and don´t have hookups you´re not gonna be drinking at a "hip" club. Kind of like Stockholm.

This car was outside the club. It´s a Maybach and it´s very expensive. Maybe $400.000 or something like that. But they kind of blend in here with the Rolls´s and Aston Martins.

Aria (left) had the hook ups for this bar, thanks Aria. Alexis and Melissa also smiles for the european photographer. I don´t know if that´s Marius´smile. But he´s surrounded by chicas. I know that.

Me and Marius screaming something. We had a good time. But stayed a little conservative due to the roller coaster plans for sunday.

Friday, October 20, 2006

oct 20. LA again / Burton film premier

So I went to LA for like the 4th time in a week yesterday. Luckily I got a ride with my buddies Jason and Kale.
We took a toll road to eliminate some traffic and we only had 4.75$ all togheter so we were hoping that the toll would be less than that. We barely made it. Would have been a 50$ fine if it was 5$... lucky us.
Ingemar actually drove my car through there a month ago without paying, so I got a fine... Ingo will pay it though. He just claimed he didn´t see the toll... maybe he was sleeping.

Jason treated us to amazing sushi (yes it was even better than Taco Bell) and then we met up with Hjalmar and sat down to watch this Burton / Hollywood film.

I liked some parts of it. Nicolas Muller was really good on camera, both talking and riding. Jeremy Jones was also really good. He had a few parts here and there and had some funny stuff coming out of his mouth.
Mads Jonsson had a cool section about his huge hip air from Hemdedal.

There was too much olympic drama though. They should have cut out a third or something. Way to much pipe drama and pipe isn´t that rad to watch I think. It´s cool to see alley oops and big airs, but people are just spinning nowadays (thanks judges). Looks so forced and dumb.
Heikki still had the best 1/2 pipe run in the Salt Lake olympics and didn´t even podium. Scandal.

Some Burton dudes where there too. Downing, JJ, Jussi, Terje, Nicolas, Keir etc.

Try and get a copy, it´s well worth a watch, maybe two.

Oh and I ran out of gas on the freeway.. hehe. My car doesn´t like being low on gas and going downhill, it stops. Luckily the next gas station didn´t require to drive downhill.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ladytron / oct 19th

So yeah.. haven´t blogged in a while, or a few days. I´m getting pics from this weekend soon so I won´t mention the weekend...

Yesterday my friends Marius and Alexis came down to see Ladytron play. It was a good show. Here´s a video:

This morning Marius took one of my Star Wars ships for a ride. And then we went surfing, or they bailed to LA and I swollowed a lot of water.

Going to a snowfilm premier in LA now, later.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday and random talk about babies and bikes...

I got a new G5 computer today, feels good. Haven´t started it up yet.
Wanted to surf today, the waves were like 0.5 to 1 meter, perfect for me.

Been exercising lately, I promise. Need to get rid of kilo or five. And also taking care of my back. It´s a little strange since my back has major issues. Like clicking and popping in almost every exercise. But I´m not in pain as long as I don´t run. Pretty depressing when a 60 year old passes me when I´m on my walks though.

And my friends Jonas and Amanda has a baby this week too. His name is "Noah".
That makes four in like a month. Three within 15 days or something! I hope the parents are ok with me putting their kids on the internet... My boss´s wife choosed a name for their daughter that I suggested, that´s pretty cool. Her name is "Lia"
Here they are.

Been trying to get tickets and organize a crew to go see Journey and Def Leppard in LA tomorrow. But nobody wants to go. Maybe two will join, but I´ll try and go solo otherwise. I love those two bands.

Working in LA on saturday (film transfer). Going to Magic Mtn (rollercoasters) on Sunday I hope. Looks kind of like this:

And then another concert on sunday (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). Here´s a link to one of their songs:

Who knows if this is what happens this weekend, but this is the plan.

I can´t really remember what else I did this week. Sat in front of the computer, trying to make magic.
Oh yeah.., I did get my social security number (personnummer typ). Paid all the DMV (vägvärket) fees and stuff. Let me tell you again how dumb these institutions are. When I went there a week or two ago I was missing a paper. My dad located it in Sweden, sent it over. My lawyers also said I needed this paper. So I got it yesterday, went to the social security office and waited in line for an hour or two (people are crazy in there) and then they told me I didn´t need that paper. They didn´t even look at it. After sending me out of there last time (it´s a 1 hour drive+1 hour waiting minimum each time)... awesome.

Can´t wait to pay taxes for the war. Check out www.costofwar.com and get depressed. A years worth of my taxes pays for the war for about 10 seconds... sweet. Makes you motivated.

I went to test some bikes today... thought I was leaving with a bike, but it didn´t feel right. I have the red one at home (Sweden) but I only used it for like 30 minutes and I kind of want the silver one... but it´s the same bike... hmmmm.
The black one is more comfortable for longer rides though, has narrow tires etc, but not super narrow... But it was 470$... hmmm.

I want a bike though. And until I find a cool bmx one with a cool 1980´s look I need a bike. It´s been too long without one.

I should stop typing now. Later.