Thursday, November 05, 2009

Poor Specimen movie premier in LA

I got news about this surf movie that was premiering in Hollywood the
other day so I wanted to check it out and I must say it was the worst
movie premier I've been to (with the Afterbang premier in Helsinki in
2002 coming in at a close second place).

We were given Skull Candy headphones and a reciever at the door. The
plan was to play the soundtrack in everyones headphones... So when
the movie started (at a bar) they turned off the music and the 400-ish
people in attendence put their Skull Candy headphones on, it was quite
the sight. I wish I would have brought my camera to document how
fucking stupid the situation was.
It was funeral quiet, at 10.30 pm at a bar in Hollywood... Nice
atmosphere for a movie premier, not.

If this would have been at a skate or snowboard premier it wouldn't
take 5 minutes before the crowd would have started yelling TURN ON THE

Then to the movie..
Well I was to annoyed with the headphone / quiet bar thing to really
give the movie a chance, but I thought it had some moments that were
ok. But for the most part it was pretty lame.
You never knew who was surfing, which is kind of annoying.
And why is it ok to use airs that obviously weren't landed? For those
of you who's never seen a surf movie:
They use shots where the surfer lands on the wave for a 1/10 of a
second. Not just once or something, all the time. Why this is accepted
I have no clue.
And there were so many mediocre airs that were used, like 70% of them
could have been deleted.
Why would a rider want to use 6 shots of him doing an alley oop air
when 5 are sketchy and one was really good? Unbelievable... And I'm
talking were similar waves, not like they were linked with some turns
in a longer clip. No, single shots of crappy airs, over and over.

There were some sick tricks here and there. But one trick that caught
my eye was a bs 540 shove it. When he landed it nobody in the bar
raised their voice... wtf?

Oh well. Good thing I'm not making surf movies because it seems like
my vision would be very different from the one the surf industry wants.


Johannes said...

ha ha, I want to hear about the Afterbang premiere in helsinki? Why did it suck so bad:)

caroline said...

I heard that too from a friend. What a weird idea to make you listen to a movie with headphones.