Saturday, November 21, 2009

Battle At The Berrics final!

In & Out Burger truck and a lot of skate celebs (Dyrdek, Bod Boyle, Howard, Mariano, Thiebaud, Jason Lee, PJ Ladd, Duffy, McKay, Agah... ) showed up to watch the final at BATB #2.

I shot it with a friends Panasonic HVX and I was so hesitant to borrow it cause I hate that camera, a lot... and after tonight I hate it even more.. Thanks Carlino for lending it to me, but please say no next time.
I had to format/delete the first half of the contest due to a P2 card not working out so hot. Missed a lot of tricks and lost flow in the "storytelling"... super lame.

But oh well.. wished it would have gone better, but that camera man... I´m telling you.. it´s like a really bad pc computer. To me at least. Everyone else seems to love it.

Who won you say? You´ll have to check tomorrow.

Thanks to WESC for getting me on the list and filming permit. And thanks to Steve and Eric for making The Berrics sucha phenomenon. It felt really awesome to see the place and the people roaming around there.


Mikey. said...

I agree with you 100% on that camera..

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