Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Video clip from the gun range.

Ian was pretty confident. Eero was quiet (and I think a little nervous), Iikka wants to go back there tomorrow and shoot the Uzi ($10 extra) and I was straight up sweating.
Of course the target you're aiming at are illustrations of the human torso.. is a circle that dull?

The fact that Iikka can go back there tomorrow and have a loaded Uzi in his hands with no drug/alcohol check or any other form of check up is just flat out scary.
After we left the place Iikka said:
- How can I go back to playing shuffle board or something after this? Nothing compares to this, it´s all downhill from here.

But this is what Ian does when he´s not helping scared Scandinavians to load 9mm guns. Shooting guns isn´t that scary in comparison imo.

Apparently you can wear a loaded gun in some states, Arizona for example.
They even have a gun check at the bars so you can't access your gun while at the actual bar, only when you leave.. true story.
This gun loving mom from Pennsylvania unfortunately died way too young.

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Konrad said...

ghetto bird klockrent! :)