Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did we really land on the moon 40 years ago?

I find that very hard to believe when I can't get a receipt from T-Mobile after paying my cell phone bill.

After calling in for 17 minutes I accept the terms and they can charge my Visa over the phone.

Then I ask where I can view / get a receipt of my payment (because the fucking government need to see this when I claim I paid $119 to use my phone).
- We can send a text message with your confirmation number.
- Sure, but for what?
- For your records.
- I just need a receipt, so I can prove to the government that I'm deducting my income with $119 for cell phone usage. Surely I can't be the first one to ask for a receipt.
- I will talk to my supervisor if we can give you a receipt.
After 2-3 minutes..
- Yes you can contact our customer relations and they can probably help you.
Do you want their address?
- Address??!! Like address as in me mailing a letter from Sweden (come tax time) to get a receipt?
- Aha, yes. Mailing a letter to them is the only way you can receive a receipt as proof of payment.
Do you want the address Sir?
- No, I do not want the address.

Hung up.

Really?! This is what the world has come to? Me wasting 20 min on the phone with a person who has the brain capacity of a straw (and speaks very limited english) just to find out I can' get a receipt...?

So for my 2009 taxes I'll be missing some receipts and if the government denies my deductions I'll just go back to the gun range in Oceanside.

This is only one of a dozen stupid hassles with T-Mobile. They truly are very very very very very very very very very bad at what they are supposed to do...; connect my calls.


not an american said...

sorry but sounds to me like a typical american want something but the opposite person is not allowed to do it and has to ask the supervisor...your reaction is going for a gun shot. cliche?!

Pierre Wikberg said...

Could I have been insinuating that having access to a gun as easy as going bowling probably isn´t such a good idea?

not an american said...

just came in my the post before there is a little critic to guns ok. But I didn't want to start a gun discussion.
I like your blog and especially the pics..keep on writing!

Kale said...

hahah. You should try at&t. I find them 10 times worse to deal with.

Pierre Wikberg said...

10 times worse? Not possible.

dylan72986 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with T-Mobile. While admittedly unsolicited, I thought I'd add a tip for reducing your T-Mobile costs that you may find quite effective. While it may not resolve your issues with their customer service, at least cutting your bills provides some form of compensation. We often tend to think of wireless costs as fixed, but you can tinker with your plan to optimize its features to best suit your usage and often generate significant savings in the process. I know this firsthand because I work in the consumer advocacy division of the company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, (and I'll add that 22 percent equates to over $450 per year for the average user). Put simply, Validas guards against frivolous and unnecessary charges that over-inflate a cell bill.

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Good luck on cutting the T-Mobile costs, especially in light of this unforgiving economy.

Consumer Advocacy,

Paul said...

so don't fucking use them

Pierre Wikberg said...

Sparse options if you want to avoid contracts, text internationally and use an iphone.

Big Black said...

Why did you put so much energy into this? Is it worth getting so stressed over? I've been tax audited in and missing a coupe receipts is mellow especially when you have Credit Card statements that show itemized every transaction. CTFO

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