Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This clip is from a Sarah Palin book signing in Ohio.

I have too many thought going through my head after watching this and I´m not going to write about them here.

I say; stop what you are doing and spend the next 8 minutes watching this. It´s pretty important and scary to say the least.

This is why I love Youtube. A guy can go interview some people for 1 hour, edit it and post it on Youtube for 600,000 people to watch in one week. Powerful stuff.
Makes me want to be a journalist.


Anonymous said...

And this has what to do with skateboarding? 2000 stupid people(urban blacks)stood in line in Detroit waiting for'Obama money from "his stash" Retards are every where in the World. But the fact you call out these people shows your lib bias. Prove me wrong post this clip.

Peter Lundstrom said...

Wow. My favourites are 'Compromise is for people who are wrong' and 'We need to get the polar bears of the endangered list so we can drill there'. Wow. This can't be for real, surely.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Why does this need to be related to skateboarding?

It´s related to humans and the state of America, that´s why I posted it.

I listened to the clip you linked. Didn´t see anything wrong in it. Just poor people applying to get some money. Money they need to better their lives. Not the money bank ceo´s need to buy a second summer house.

austin said...

fucking christ all mighty were screwed