Friday, November 20, 2009

Some photos from the Diana Mini.

It´s a really fun camera. Small and it takes normal 35mm film.
I always like to shoot photos in pairs, or series and with this camera you always shoot two things on one frame..

There are no settings, except some focusing options, just point and shoot. Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Read more about it here:

Iikka on the boardwalk between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.

This is one of my favorite houses in the Manhattan Beach area.

Iikka at the skatepark in Del Mar / Carmel Valley.

Todd doing grinds at Del Mar / Carmel Valley.

Todd and radar detector.

Todd and Reef at a renaissance fair in Escondido. People dress up in ancient gear and play war and stuff, for a whole weekend. Funny scene.

Cam and Reef play in the garage while dad plays some race car video game.

Hjalle outside his house.

Erin in Hermosa Beach.

Erin on the Hermosa pier.

Venice pier bird.

Venice pier bird #2.

Venice skatepark.

Venice skatepark, again.

Venice houses.


The canals in Venice.

The house from season 1&2 of Californication.
Check out the video of the house here:

Random garage by LAX.

Hangover day in Laguna Beach, nice.


greybreaks said...

nice photos. like the boardwalk and venice skatepark sets.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what film did you shoot these with? Amazing pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Cool.. do you use flashlight?

margarito said...

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phie said...

That's awesome. I used to live in SoCal for a year and those photos bring back memories of good times, especially Hermosa, Venice and Laguna.
Second, I never saw anyone in the US taking analog pictures. It's a HUGE thing in Europe right now and I just bought a Diana mini. All in all, I really enjoyed this post I guess :)