Monday, November 23, 2009

Just landed in New York.

I was deadly sick last week (seriously) in a strep throat infection/virus. It was so painful and I had to lay in bed for days.
During this time my favorite, FAVORITE band Röyksopp played in LA and I missed it.. I was truly bummed.

So after I got somewhat situated in the apartment here in NYC I Googled what was going on.. and WHAM!! Röyksopp are playing tonight AND tomorrow! Guess who´s going both nights?

Sucks to go by myself, but what are you gonna do. Maybe I´ll be able to round up some friends by tomorrow..

Now just a quick run to the Smirnoff Ice store.. soon Norwegian electro tunes, not lame.

This photo is from when they played in Gothenburg/ Sweden this summer.

Then later tonight.. new Hank Moody episode. Wow, what have I done to deserve this?