Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ken drives with Solberg and Galli in Germany.

I really liked this clip.
The rally world is pretty conservative and has always been based on what car and driver can finish in the #1 position.
Ken on the other hand brings an element of interaction and to a degree some rockstardom to the sport. His Youtube videos has reached out to so many people. Nobody is arguing that he´s better then Solberg or Loeb. But he´s a very skilled driver and his marketing ideas with posters, viral video clips and spectacular photo shoots brings an element to rally that that industry has never seen. And some might say, well that´s cool Ken thinks he´s the man and stuff, but I´ve seen the people at the rallies and X-games.. they love talking to him, his pit crew, seeing him and Pastrana to some of these motorheads is like meeting Tiger Woods or Justin Timberlake and I doubt Solberg or Loeb get the same awe from their fans. Since they are more, or only, focused on winning and not so much about spreading the rally lifestyle to the people.
I mean how many rally fans have Loeb posters, Loeb sweaters, Loeb shoes, Loeb beanies or Loeb clips stacked up in their email inbox? Not as many as Ken and Pastrana´s fans...


Here´s a clip with Galli, Solberg and Ken.. hanging out and putting on a show for the Germans. And yes, this is wouldn´t have happened without Ken entering the rally world.

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