Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skated this huge skatepark today, but we were pretty shaky from shooting guns and the no water-30 degree celsius weather didn't help either.
I felt pretty bad not even trying to appreciate a park that's better than pretty much any park in Sweden.. but shooting guns and July heat will do that to you.

So we headed to DC to skate the warehouse (where they have this sick bench) or the nearby Black Box park.

But I was a little intimidated to skate at DC when Josh Kalis was there working on his muscle car 20 feet from the marble bench.. so we left.

DC are also putting in a new vert ramp into their warehouse. Looks like the ceiling is a little to close though. Pretty sure it´s around 10 feet to the ceiling from the coping.

We never made it to Black Box either since Iikka fell in the parking lot after this heated session.

Hopefully tomorrow. After Iikka gets done shooting with the Uzi.

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