Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Röyksopp in New York City!

The day started out on by the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoon I landed by the Atlantic Ocean. This went by way faster than Lewis and Clark got back.
Three hours after I got into the apartment in NYC I was 10 blocks away watching my favorite band, Röyksopp.
Considering I missed them in LA last Wednesday (due to one of the possibly worst cases of strep throat) I was very stoked.

If I hadn't Googled what was going on in the city I would have probably chillin on the bed, browsing the web, watching Californication.. If I would have realized that I missed Röyksopp again I would have almost jumped of a bridge, especially since they were playing 1.5 km away..

I went by myself, couldn´t find friends who would join me on such short notice.
So going by myself and sober wasn't really how I'd picture my next Röyksopp (saw them in Gothenburg/Sweden in August) concert, but better that than nothing. If I would have been drunk with friends I might have exploded with stoke.

Ever since I saw the video for 'Eple" I was hooked on this band. I used the "Remind Me" remix for a movie called "Lame" in 2003.
And ever since then they've been on most of my playlist.

The concert was sick. Small-ish venue with decent audio.
They played one unreleased song, but the rest were hits. I had high expectations on seeing Robyn come up on stage to sing like she did in LA last week, but no... the singer who sang all Robyn's and Karin's songs was Norwegian and she did a good job.

Instead of giving a full review of the concert I made this 11 minute clip of the concert.
So if you like Röyksopp and have 11 minutes to spare, here you go. Audio sucks and stuff.. but you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

pretty rad, what cam did you use to shoot this?

Pierre Wikberg said...