Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I´m not down with the with the Bush administration

I was about to apologize for this political post, but I´m not.

If you care about what´s been going on in Iraq (and still happening) and where your tax dollars are being spent as well as the reason for hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, read on. If you don´t care, go back to watching Jerry Springer or Idol now.

Every american with a right to vote should watch this.

I saw it the other day on tv, and I guess it´s a couple of years old. But that doesn´t change the fact that the current administration are unethical, corrupted, lying, greedy un-solidary (don´t know if that´s a real word) pricks.

So get an hour to yourself and watch it. It´s made by the BBC and yes, it could get boring at times, but I still think everyone should watch it.
Wouldn´t hurt if it was on american TV once a day until the elections.

Here in a bigger screen:

Or in the embed version below.

Remember, around 50% of the american population are sorry for electing Bush. So there is hope.
Learn more here:

This picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking
Saddam Hussein´s hand from when american funded Iraq in their war against Iran is pretty scary.
For video click here.

War is not the answer..


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