Friday, September 26, 2008

Gino skatin, politics and action horses

Here´s part 8 of Gino Iannucci´s Vbs documentary. Gino is sick.

Here´s a very scary and entertaining clip of Sarah Palin:

And this one... it´s pretty scary. Some weirdo pastor is performing some witchcraft on her and preaching for the finances to get better, in the name of Jesus of course.

Try this poll about the american election. It only takes 5 min and you can do it in swedish and english.
It will let you know where you stand, or what presidential candidate you stand closest to. This is where I ended up.

I´d also like to remind you about Actionhorse´s new movie Pony Tale that will be available for FREE download on October 31st.

It will without a doubt be the best free movie of 2008. I´m even claiming top 5 of ALL 2008 movies.


Anonymous said...

That youtube video of the pastor looks fake like the audio was edited in. Palin still has no place in the government.

Rorie said...

Like the new blog, its good to change it up here and there. keep it fresh.